I’m still getting used to this new art program (the learning curve is HARD Y’ALL) but here’s some Minako/Rei for ladyloveandjustice! I swear, it was going to be incredibly smoochy, but then next thing you know I started drawing the first anime versions of them and this happened. 

"Marche y chupe"

Alguien dijo una vez que para dispersar a las masas que protestan uno tenía que poner buena atención a los vendedores de alimentos y bebidas. Será que mi cerebro se enfoca en la gastronomía pero aquí hay puestos por doquier: esquites, chamoyadas, tlayudas, tamales, tacos y en este casó un bar móvil. Increíble como la gastronomía es la médula de nuestra sociedad, inclusive en tiempos de protesta.


"March and drink"

Someone said once that in order to break a huge mass of people in protest, one should pay close attention to the food and drink vendors. Without these the masses can’t fuel themselves to keep up. Perhaps it’s my delusional brain that is fascinated by the interaction between human and food, but my eyes can’t lie: esquites, chamoyadas, tlayudas, tamales, tacos and yes, even a fucking improvised bar. It’s incredible how far gastronomy is engrained in Mexican culture… Even in times of protest #salud #df (at Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México)

I like how asian americans make up an incredibly small portion of the us population and yet has had so much success only to be completely ridiculed in media. I guess as a minority youre either a useless immigrant or a joke 😒


I left off right around here, my last post being basically a screaming I LIVE A TANI APPRECIATION LIFE and that’s still really, really true.  She does such an amazing job with this character, she absolutely nails everything about him and has such style and god I COULD JUST GO ON FOREVER.

But one of the other things I really like about Tuxedo Mask’s song is that there are constant lines about the importance of girls’ emotions, that they’re valuable and special and worthwhile.

It’s not just that they’re so fragile they need to be protected, but instead that they’re so incredibly worthwhile that anyone who tries to get in their way will be mowed the hell on down, anyone who tries to take away from girls’ determination, they’ll have yet another obstacle to get through with him.  He’s a character who is made entirely around the idea of what a perfect man is to a female, this is all about what a girl wants from him, rather than putting the emphasis of the story on his character.

Mamoru is an important character on his own, he’s legitimately amazing and wonderful.  But ultimately his role (on a meta storytelling level) is to be a supporting character to Usagi’s emotions, that’s his primary role and I think this song is a lovely extension of that.  Plus, it’s just really, really cool, ahhhhhh.

Four might seem like a boring title, if not an outright cliché at this point, for a new One Direction album. In fact, it’s actually an incredibly bold name, because it draws attention to the fact that most groups in their spot would be smart to avoid at all costs: This is, remarkably enough, the fourth One Direction album. Simply put, boy bands don’t make it to their fourth albums: They either break up first (‘N Sync), take so long that the moment’s passed by their return (Backstreet Boys), or try an awkward new direction that fast-tracks them towards irrelevance (New Kids on the Block). If you get to your fourth album as a boy band, it’s probably because nobody heard your first record (Jonas Brothers), because the formula for these things is basically inflexible: You get one album as the hot new thing, one album as world-conquering superstars, one album as popular-but-uncomfortably-maturing adults trying to prove you’re “more than just a boy band,” and then you’re out.

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My boyfriend's friend goes to FSU and his roommate was the first target. The gunman shot him from behind but luckily the kid had on a backpack with books he had just checked out from the library in it which saved his life! He posted pictures of his backpack and books with a bullet hole and a photo of the bullet itself. He heard the gunshots but he didn't even know he had been shot at until 3 hours later. Crazy.

yeah i’ve seen that all over the internet thats so incredible

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If you’re an artist, go to art shows. Go to local galleries, support friends who are showing at big venues and tiny venues and the living rooms of houses. Pay cover fees and drink wine and make connections. You’ll be happier as an artist, you’ll get incredibly inspired by other people’s work, and you’ll have a great opportunity to meet other artists that you may not have met otherwise. And you’re supporting people like yourself who just want to create and have people see it.

The Bit where I tell you how much I adore you

So I’m going to admit, I was a little bit hesitant to make an Elsa blog. There were already so many, I had never RPed on Tumblr in the indie scene, and I had a bit of a slow start. But honestly, my time on this account has been more positive than I ever could have hoped. I’ve made some stellar friendships, written some incredible threads, and just had the greatest time on this blog. And now, here we are, six months later and with more followers than I ever thought I deserved and I’m honestly just so freaking happy.

All of you. Every. Single. One of you has made this experience so positive for me, and I won’t lie, making this list is causing me a bit of anxiety because I know I’m going to miss people. Whether we’re mutuals on not, whether we talk a lot of just sorta stare at each other from a distance, whether we write all the threads or just send each other memes, whether you’ve been here from the start or just joined me recently, I am so grateful for all of you.


Precious lovelies 

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i am so incredibly bored of everything and everyone around me i want someone new and exciting to come into my life and change the way i look at things i just feel like i’m going in no particular direction and it’s killing me honestly

why is his cape all chewed and literally nothing else is wrong anywhere

i bet that thing from the incredibles happened, with the airplane engine
that thing