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queenvsbarton asked:

Imagine Bucky's arm being set to "warm up" whenever his heartbeat rises so whenever he's around Steve and/or Nat it whirs really loudly.

"I’m just saying, it’s not so much a bug as just a really interesting side-effect of your sophisticated neural interfacing. The temp regulation is hooked up to the same centre that regulates your -“



"Can we do this in English?"

"Right." Stark swipes aside his incredibly detailed circuitry map and pats Bucky on the shoulder. "Simple version: boy meets girl, boy meets boy, whatever, I don’t judge. Boy gets flustered. Boy’s core temperature rises. Boy’s arm temperature rises to keep up, causing it to spontaneously compose its very own cybernetic love ballad. You, my friend, have a crush. Two crushes, actually. Lucky you."

Bucky splutters. “That’s not -“

"That’s a scientific term, by the way," Stark presses on loudly. "Want me to show you? Because I totally have diagrams. JARVIS, wanna bring up the -"

"No," says Bucky quickly. "No more diagrams. Just…no." 

"But I’ve been saving them for ages," Stark says crossly.

anonymous asked:

imagine the karasuno volleyball team as the karasuno SOCCER TEAM. asahi is the ace striker/power forward, daichi and tanaka play wing strikers, suga and tobio play middle back, and nishinoya is in goal. hinata wants to be the ACE SCORER and is know for his incredibly fast dribbling. (bonus: tsukki is a defender and likes to kick people when the refs aren't looking)

Tsukishima and Tanaka are both firm believers of “everything goes as long as the ref doesn’t see it”

Renan Ozturk on Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar

The days spent ascending Hkakabo Razi have been some of the most challenging of my life. The mountain was incredibly beautiful, complex, and wholly underestimated. We pushed as hard as humanly possibly, but ultimately turned back shy of the summit without the safety margins and resources to take the necessary few days we would have needed. Winds howled, I broke my wrist (and don’t even remember how), and we had an adventure unlike any other.


A friend contacted me on Facebook with this message regarding a missing person.

"Hi, I know this is a lot to ask of you, but you have a large audience of people that watch your videos.. I’m just asking if you could help spread some information Jay Ralko, has recently gone missing. We are absolutely desperate. If you could please post about this somewhere or make a video or something to spread the word.. that would mean the world to us. Jay is a brother, a fantastic friend, we are all incredibly worried over his dissappearance and the police and detectives currently have no leads. There is a page with more information here- (x)

Please Help Find Jay Ralko He was last seen leaving his house on december 10th in Warren MI, told his room mate he would be right back, but never returned. He is 22 years old, 5 feet tall. 120 lbs. Drives a grey ford escape. Chrome pipe running boards. Rain deflectors on his windows. If anyone has seen him, they need to call 313-399-6565 or the warren police at 586-574-4700”

Please reblog and help Jay get home safe.


Sweet bubbas <3 

Mum is a professional photographer and she took some incredible photos. She’s going to edit them and send to me. I can’t wait.

Until then I’m just gonna post pictures off my phone :)

beware-the-ice asked:

....What is your favorite Anders headcanon?

OH goodness… that is such a hard question, like asking what my favorite movie of all time is. Hmm… ok, probably going to be a headcanon that Hawke brings out the playfulness/youth in Anders. I like to picture Hawke doing things to amuse either himself, Anders or both of them… like that reblog about the tickling? Or even simpler things like joking around, being incredibly spontaneous and romantic, trying to catch Anders off guard in a good way.

Say… surprising Anders with a ‘bouquet’ of his favorite healing herbs to be funny. Publicly flirting with Anders in an outrageously obvious manner, and even if Anders tells him to shush or that Hawke is being ridiculous he secretly adores the attention. Maybe Hawke having listened to the rare stories Anders will tell him of his past and remembers what his favorite dessert was while he was in the circle or with the wardens and surprising him one night with it. Or just pranking a Templar together, because on a bad day, Hawke knows that it can still make Anders smile. Or on the really bad days Hawke just sweeps him up into his arms, demands his attention and drags Anders into a bubble bath to wash his hair and sort of just physically worship Anders.

All of these things just make Anders feel young again, appreciated, just a little more free than he was earlier that day. Maybe it pulls Anders back to a day when he felt more comfortable in his own skin, when he felt like he was worth something… because if anything, when playing Dragon Age 2 it’s easy to see how little Anders thinks of himself.    

Also, I think shipping has complicated some swathes of people’s views of healthy, nuanced emotionally healthy relationships. Lots of people don’t realise that Barry and Iris are incredibly emotionally compatible and always lovingly help and inspire each other and that in real life this is far more solid footing for a relationship than having such similar interests you’re the same or having such opposing outlooks you’re opposites.


If you want some cool merch with your ticket (or just cool merch if you can’t go!) then you  have one more day to get it all!!


Thank you so much to everyone who’s already donated, we’ve already exceeded our original goal which is incredible so thank you all!! But the more we bring in now the more fun events and cool stuff we can do at the con itself! 

Now unfortunately alienfirst and I have been having a somewhat hectic winter so we don’t have finalized art for all the swag yet…but her postcard designs are looking rad already and mine are posted for preview as well. 

I will also be designing a TENDO CHOI COFFEE MUG which is now officially a go for full color!! Which means it will probably be in a style like 


And it may even come with snappy text like


(this isn’t at all what it will look like but back when we thought we could only have b/w it was a rough idea but now we can do MORE) 

Anyway here are just some ideas of what you could purchase from the indiegogo campaign TODAY, the last day! Thank you again!! 

i’m a little drunk and a little emotional
but honestly I really just wanna thank you guys for always being so sweet and supportive of everything I do on here
I think I’ve probably gotten like 3 or 4 mean messages on here since I started out of the fucking thousands of incredibly sweet ones and it means so much to me, dude
cause people can be so hateful sometimes and you guys aren’t, you’ve all helped me in so many ways with being confident
like I was never a shy girl but I was always scared to show certain parts of me because people love to judge and call girls sluts and whores for shit like loving their bodies and not being afraid to show them or loving sex and not being afraid to talk about it and I used to think I was a horrible person for all those things and I would cry a lot because I didn’t like who I was/am
but now I fucking realize that people can be so accepting of it all like even the ones who don’t agree with my lifestyle choices have still told me to do me and the ones who don’t like it can fuck off really bc I like me and I’m happy with everything I am and everything I do and no one can take that away from me. I don’t need to hide shit from anyone
you guys are all so lovely I appreciate the fuck out of all of you
ily guys so much
I don’t know if this is v well written or if I said everything the way I wanted to but yeah the point of it is
thank you
all of you
you guys are awesome