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apparently harry had a private appointment at Topshop while he was shopping yesterday and we all know we loves to wear topshop ;)

Oh did he now? Buying clothes for/with the hubby. Can’t wait to see Louis’ new wardrobe :)

They are SOOOOO an old married couple I s2g

"Kurt I’ve told you 1000X not to charge it every night"


Homewrecker; Part 4

Summary: While helping your best friend plan her wedding, your attention is drawn more and more to her hubby to be. The choice is simple; give in to lust or be true to your friend?

Character: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3353
Warnings: Smut, mild language, a best friend named Stephanie (OC), an old boyfriend named Keith (OC)

A/N: Just a warning beforehand; this part really sucks. At least, I really think it sucks. But still, I do hope there’s still someone out there who likes it, lol. I’m just glad I got to finish it! x

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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Naya Rivera / Santana Lopez Fangirl Gratitude Project

Hey fangirls! I’ve been thinking about the statement Naya made on The View a few weeks ago, that her hubby has encouraged her to stay off social media because it is so toxic. While I adore Ryan for looking out for our girl, and god knows social media can be vile, it also means that our love and gratitude for Naya / Santana is being missed too.

 As Glee wraps up and we say goodbye to Santana and Brittana (heart eyes & sobbing forever), I know many of us want to let Naya know how much we have appreciated everything she has done.

So I came up with an idea! What if we flood Naya’s public snail mail with tonnes of Thank You cards? I love the idea and I have my card all ready to go! I wrote a little note of appreciation and included my social media handle. Plus, I wanted to add something special. Since Naya is a new wife and loves to cook, I decided to share with her a couple secret family recipes - for her eyes only! Who knows, maybe she’ll give them a try! 

Here’s what my card looks like:

As far as I can tell from searching online, this is the fan mail address to use:

Naya Rivera
c/o Lexicon Public Relations
1901 Avenue of the Stars, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067

I think this is a super fun idea and I hope you will join in! Think of all the good wishes and great recipes we can send to Naya!

I also encourage everyone to send cards to any of the other actors (Heather, Dianna - hint, hint) who have meant so much to you over the past 6 years. Heck, for any show and any actor/actress that has touched your heart, send some love! Social media is a hateful place at times, so let’s put good vibes out there instead.

Oh hey! Take the idea one step further! Send a thank you card to the everyday folks in your world who mean so much. You will totally make someone’s day! It’s inexpensive and priceless at the same time! P.S. - No, I don’t work for a greeting card company! ;)

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.  - William Arthur Ward

It's too late to make evil!Katrina happen

It’s early September. I’m getting amped that my favorite show, Sleepy Hollow, is coming back. I seriously cannot wait! I mean come on: Abbie is trapped in Purgatory, Ichabod is in a pine box and once again separated from his witchy-wife, Frank is imprisoned to save his daughter, Henry Parish is the freaking Horseman of War and Jenny…Jenny…is she even alive?!

I had so many ideas, hopes and dreams as to what was going to go down in season 2. One of those ideas circled around Katrina. Now that she was free from Purgatory and at the mercy of the Headless Horseman – in the 21st century, mind you - what would she do? I looked at it two ways:

1.      Katrina would come out, guns blazing and magic the hell out of everyone and everything to get her hubby back and to help save Abbie so that they could stop the impending apocalypse. Or

2.      The entire “switching places with Abbie and then being captured by the Horseman of Death” thing was all a ruse and it turned out that Katrina was evil all along; switching places with Abbie to keep the Witnesses apart and therefore bring hell and destruction to the world.

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So went to visit hubby rockyares while he making boss moves over at Verdant Entertainment *knocking on the door coming in as he responds swaying my hips  seductively with each walk feeling his eyes gazing forward  mine never taking his eyes of mine as he ends his phone call on the other end…walking up to him kissing his lips softly as he*… sorry guys to be continued *kisses*

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Gosh is it just me or Ray will be Felicity's +one on Diggle/Lyla wedding??? :( I like him, but... hmmm...

it could be, we don’t know yet so let’s not rush to conclusions :)

if it means I get oliver on jealous hubby mode on BRING IT

but real talk if I had a man like that in my life I would invite him as a plus one i mean imagine grabbing those broad shoulders to dance… mmhmm

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I'll take Terraqua pretty please. :)


who’s the cuddler: terra. he secretly loves hugs n cuddles and all that.. He’s just a big teddy bear

who makes the bed: terra cause he’s a good hubby

who wakes up first: aqua, but terra tends to follow shortly after her

who has the weird taste in music: both of them prefer hard rock songs to train to (and listen to outside of training) and that’s not very weird sO

who is more protective: tehyre both very protective of each other and they will absolutely smash anyone who tries to hurt the other

who sings in the shower: terra. loudly. and he’s tone deaf. help aqua.

who cries during movies: they both do. secretly, they’re just big saps. god bless

who spends the most while out shopping: they don’t really do much shopping outside of getting new clothes for training and food, but terra tends to get the most expensive shit. goddamn it terra,

who kisses more roughly: terra. i don’t have much more to say about that

who is more dominate: aqua. again i don’t have much more to say im sorry

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 terraqua is a+ mAn


Lounging around in our pj’s watching the drama block of t.v. Maury and Bill Cunningham as me and hubby rockyares get our popcorn *snuggles close up in my hubby arms* p.s. the pic above the fireplace i made xD