So I spent the last couple of hours cleaning out my closet. I fit the dress again! No trouble zipping up either and I feel so slim! And again, I was admiring my round bootay ;) The sleeveless shirt is my new one I got. I love it. Felt bad ass wearing it :) The box is overflowing with clothes to give away. Either stuff that is super big on me or stuff that I won’t wear.. the thrift store in town is going to love me when I drop this off. Hubby still has to go through his part. Off to make supper!


So I found that headcanon post and some reblogs of it, and I was trying to find someone I could reblog it from back to my new blog, so that way I can keep all the notes and comments attached, right? The problem is Tumblr’s inexplicable boner for having people reblog as links. Particularly since the last major update that broke so much of Xkit, there’s a whole bunch of reblogging-as-links happening, and of course that’s no good for me because the link goes back to keyofnik which means it goes nowhere.

Following me so far?

Well what I’ve been doing to restore my posts is to first try finding a cached version in Google. I’m successful probably 7 or 8 times out of 10, which is great. Then I check the notes as well as I can, hoping for someone who’s reblogged with a comment, so I can click THAT link, and load up a version of the post that now has access to ALL notes. I then try to find someone with a reblog I can track down, often using Tumblr’s largely undocumented ability to show you someone’s posts by date, which can be fairly successful if they were one of the first reblogs, so I can usually search their blog close to the post date. Then I have a straight reblog version that I can backdate and reblog, making the post look as much like it did when I first made it. Sounds like a pain, and kind of is, but I was getting pretty fast at it.

But then this headcanon post, and I was going to ask Hubby’s opinion about reblogging it with the linked stuff at the top which is COMPLETELY USELESS because it goes nowhere, or just recreating the post altogether. And he says, “Can you reblog it from your old blog?”

Well of course not, right? That blog isn’t there anymore. But then I notice the reblog button (courtesy of Xkit at the top) and I wonder what happens when I click on it.



All the searching, all the trying to narrow down the best post to reblog, all of that crap I can forget about. All I need is a copy of the post in Google cache, and I am GOLDEN.

I’m so excited. I mean it’s still going to take me a long time to get everything back, but anything I can do to make the process suck less, I will gratefully do.


I may have to cry about this.

I definitely have to go give Hubby the biggest hug in the history of hugs.


Cuck hubby had to sit outside in his mask and collar while i fucked but i still allowed him at the end to sort out his cleaning duty

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i wanna know how you and your gorgeous hubby first met! <3 love you, boo :)

AWWWW you ship ussss! hahaha

Danm are you ready? 

We first met when we were 13 yos in high school. I had a crush on him since  day 1! We lived near and we used to get the same bus home from school but I cant say we were friends cuz I was always so nervous around him!

 When we were 15 yo we went to a party. Suddenly we were in a corner, alone and he kissed me! I was so shocked bc it was very unsuspected, he just went for it and boom!

 But unfortunately, after the party we went to our summer vacations and I went to another state to spent time with my family for 3 months. When school returned, we didnt talk much. I was too shy and I guess he was too, so I thought he was not interested in me at all. 

 After a couple months I started dating another guy. Before our graduation (almost 2 y after the first kiss) I broke up with this other guy and went to med school. I dated a few random guys (nothing serious) and after almost 2 years, during a medical student meeting (sort of) we met again! He was in med school too, I was like … WHAT, YOU? HERE? HOW? HELLO!… I gave him my phone number, he called me and now we are here, a home, a puppy and thinking about kids! Life is funny <3

(thank you for asking my sweet friend)

During the preview for next week, family all goes “WHAAAAAAAT?  They burned Dalton down?  WHO?  WHY?”

And then my hubby looks at me and says “Can I delete this ep off the DVR?”

Yup.  Kill it.

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Hi! I love Steve & Tony but due to various reasons, it's been a while since I've been able to read the comics. Is there any place to get a summary of the latest as pertains to the superhusbands / would you consider doing so? Has anything happened after Steve found out about the incursions? Where are the hubbies at rn, in the comics?

everybodyilovedies’ superhusbands supercanons are exactly what you’re looking for. i’d consider doing one of my own but they’ve pretty much got all the bases covered in those. also i don’t know if i’d be able to recap them without making really bad jokes everywhere because my way of dealing with pain is laughter.

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Cousins, close relatives, and even wives referring to their hubbys would call a man “brother”. Brother was a term of endearment, similar to how we call our spiritual community “brothers and sisters”. More people need to understand that when reading!


My best friend and I always get asked if we’re actually brothers because we always call each other “brother.” hahaha.

Hubby bought me a pint of ice cream on Valentine’s Day because I said I wanted some.  I didn’t get to eat it because I had to house sit last week, and he ended up eating it while I was gone.  I was sad he did but I bought a half gallon of my favorite, cookies & cream.  I got two servings of it - half of a small coffee mug each time - and apparently he finished off the damn carton on Wednesday with a huge bowl AND DIDN’T TELL ME. So I got super excited to get some tonight and IT WASN’T THERE.


I’ve told him he’s in the dog house until he buys me some more.  And while I am halfway joking, I am also very serious.

Do not mess with a woman’s ice cream when she’s still on her period.  EVER.

Just sittin here supporting my friends at a smash tournament in south carolina. Galaxy print tights to represent hubbys rosalina ~

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So I'm in sort of a dilemma here. I'm not going to name names but I've been "seeing" a lad that attends Eton College. He's just as posh & stuck up as these gentlemen that you're talking about. Anyways, I just found out that I am 4 months pregnant & being an immigrant from Uganda I fear that the father of my child is going to disown me. Nobody knows about our relationship b/c he says I won't fit in with his crowd. What should I do? I really want to have this child but I can't have it alone, help

Seriously if he disowns you for being pregnant, then he isn’t man enough to have you and you deserve so much better. Good riddance to him. But with that being said, I don’t know what to tell you. It is your life and your body. Having a child alone in this world is a huge challenge. I know I have my hubby in my life and I’ve never been pregnant and alone but I’ve always felt it was a blessing to be able to carry life created by one who I love. I guess you have to ask yourself what is best for you and your baby. I know it’s scary but it may be a good idea to tell him to see what he does. If he does in fact leave you because of your pregnancy, then he truly is a piece of shit who should have the shit beat out of him. I already dislike the guy because he’s technically hiding you from his friends and family and that’s a bad sign. I wish you all the best and pray for guidance in your time of need. I hope everything works out for you. xo