A set without words because what I love most in this scene is its aesthetics…

But this images are also a good cue to talk about some interesting character developments in this episode and their consequences…

In 3x01 Danny meets Doris and it really is not love at first sight…

I have my own headcanon about Doris and Danny and as things are at the end of S4 I think it makes sense.

Doris acts like she doesn’t know anything about Danny (if he’s married, has children…) but I don’t believe her at all. We know she was in contact with Joe and certainly he told her a lot about Steve and this means she knows about Danny because Joe knows about the importance of Danny in Steve’s life since 2x01…

And I also think Doris gave herself away the moment she arrives and asks Danny to call her mom since his son doesn’t want to… I mean… why does she say such a thing if she doesn’t know how close Danny and Steve are?

Then when in the car Danny hits her hard telling at least Chin hasn’t children asking ‘where’s mommy’ I think it’s even more clear to Doris not only how much Steve means to Danny but also that there’s no way for her to use him for her purposes. She kinds of strikes back with the relationship thing, but again, why going so personal with his son work partner she claims not to know at all?

I can’t tell if Doris doesn’t like the idea of Steve and Danny being possibly more than partners and friends because of prejudice against homosexual relationships or just because she knows being the smart, loving and loyal to a fault man he is, Danny will cause her troubles.

And here we are back to this scene where she flies away leaving Steve there alone and just a moment later we see the gray Camaro arriving, bringing Danny and the truth about what happened between Doris and Wo Fat….


What do you get up for?

#AOLPrompt Day 29 #MASCULINITY #AlexOLoughlin

#AOLPrompt Day 29 #MASCULINITY #AlexOLoughlin

Masculinity. The word itself has a pretty vague meaning… “qualities or characteristics of being male”.

Yep, pretty sure he’s male.

Not all men are masculine though.  So I guess what I’m looking for here, is what is your definition of masculinity?

When I think of masculinity, I think of it in several ways.

There is obviously ….”The look”.   I once heard someone describe Alex as being  “just on…

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