Stilinski Twins: Studia AU (+ Sterek)

➸ in which Lydia accidentally walked in on Stiles and Derek being busy —- not that she’s ever questioned Stiles’ affinity for beardy grumpy werewolves. But the real issue that has been bugging her is the other twin. He’s a nerd, probably takes his distasteful beanie with him to bed (or takes a shower wearing it, but she wouldn’t think about him being wet.) and, worst of all, he’s never been one of the boys chasing after her, never asked her on a date or tried to make a move on her. Instead, he’s ridiculously rude and solves integrals and equations as fast as her and Lydia Martin can’t have that. But of course, it’s just a minor bother, really. or is it?

kind of requested by anon (◡‿◡✿)

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