I used to watch pokemon when I was younger, and it was the one with Ash, Brock and misty : ) Good times ! I wanted to draw her in a more anime style ! it was fun adding her pokemons in this piece as well :D and It was great experimenting with water effects too.

PSD,Video process, High res of this piece and others will be made available through ►https://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=1579592&rf=371321◄ for bi-weekly support : )

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Jamaica is about to decriminalize marijuana

(RawStory) The island nation most closely associated with marijuana in the popular mind is about to decriminalize it. The Jamaican cabinet Monday approved a bill that would do just that, as well as allow for the creation of medical marijuana and hemp industries.

The bill, the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act of 2015, goes to the Senate tomorrow and will be debated there next Friday.

It would decriminalize the possession of up to two ounces of ganja; allow its use for religious, medical, scientific, and therapeutic purposes; prohibit smoking it in public places; and provide for the granting of licenses for the development of a legal hemp and medical marijuana industry.



Born in Córdoba (Spain) in 1969. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Seville in 1993.

I fully dedicated to artistic creation, primarily painting and engraving.

My biggest influences are the symbolism and Renaissance painting, but both aesthetically and conceptually amuses me merge with the comic and film both make me enjoy. In the compositions I seek an update on universal symbols of mythology or classical literature, from my contemporary vision.

As for the way I like to look much the development of the work, giving the highest priority to the composition. Technically delivery of a detailed drawing which will gradually adding color based glazes, tempera and acrylic first and then oil with alkídica resin. While I like the detail, I seek not photorealism, I prefer painting painting look, so I usually put my characters on flat bottoms with symbolic elements drawn and written or gold leaf. Thanks Arteehee

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So he ate, and their eyes were opened.
In a flash they knew they were nude.
Their ignorant innocence vanished.
Taste began shaping the crude.

This was no Fall, but Creation,
For although the Terrible Voice
Condemned them to sweat and to labour,
They had conquered the power of choice.

My first tattoo is from Eden by Canadian poet and constitutional lawyer F.R. Scott in Eric Gill’s Golden Cockerel font.

Sometimes the best choices are the hardest ones to make and look calamitous to both decider and observer. Coming at a period in my life when I faced choices at work and at home that threatened to change everything about my life irrevocably, the idea that you can through a seeming Fall find not just a new world, but the road back to Paradise itself, gave me the courage to take a step into a new and better future.

Every hardship is like being in prison. People feel imprisoned by ill-health, marital discord, financial insecurity, family disputes and other problems. To anyone who feels imprisoned by life’s problems I would say: be content with what you already have and never lose hope of things getting better. Be happy with your share because this is a quality of someone who truly loves Allah. When the Companion Muadh ibn Jabal (ra) was undergoing the pangs and agonies of death, he cried out, “O Allah! Bear witness that I love You, so do with me whatsoever You wish!”

[Trigger Warning]

In the last year Ive gone from hating myself and contemplating suicide to being absolutely in love with myself. I no longer put my worth in the opinion of how fuckable I am to men. Learn your worth gorgeous ladies and never let anyone else define how you feel about you, especially gross fuckboys or fedora personality assholes. <3



For the first time since it’s creation, a Kingdom Hearts game will be developed on an engine that has not been developed in-house at Square Enix. This caused a little worry amongst fans, as people took it as a sign that development onKingdom Hearts 3might not be going smoothly.

Youtube user Elseware-Experience created this Virtual Tour of Paris and uploaded it on January 26th 2015. The tour was developed in Unreal Engine 4, and it is really gorgeous.

While it’s highly likely Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be as refined as this since it is a tech demo, it is comforting to know that the game is being developed in the same engine. And with the Kingdom Shader providing a unique Disney look per world, who knows what Square Enix will be capable of achieving?

This Tech Demo of a Room Was Created in Unreal Engine 4 - Same Engine at KH3