Supporting Clemence

People need to keep sending encouraging and supportive messages to @swiftiebatch Hopefully when she’s back from hospital she will see that she has a network of support and that she can rely on us. Supporting fellow fans is, to me, the most important part of being a Swiftie.

I’d like to think that every one of my followers will send a message or show their support by reblogging.

Hey guys!

Clemence aka swiftiebatch had a terrible night yesterday. She harmed herself and is at the hospital now. She will stay there until monday.

Thanks to everyone who messaged her and tried to help. She can’t reply to each and every message and she asked me to tell you guys that she loves you and that she’s alright now.


22nd European Athletics Championships: Congratulations to our French medalists!


Antoinette Nana Djimou • Heptathlon • Gold

Renaud Lavillenie • Pole Vault • Gold

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde • 110m Hurdles • Bronze

Kevin Menaldo • Pole Vault • Bronze

Clémence Calvin • 10000m • Silver

Laila Traby • 10000m • Bronze

Eloyse Lesueur • Long Jump • Gold

Myriam Soumaré • 200m • Bronze • 100m • Silver

Yoann Kowal • 3000m Steeple Chase • Gold

Kevin Mayer • Decathlon • Silver

Benjamin Compaoré • Triple Jump • Gold

Cindy Billaud • 100m Hurdles • Silver

Christophe Lemaître • 100m & 200m • Silver

Yohann Diniz • 50km Race Walk • Gold

Christelle Daunay • Marathon • Gold

Melina Robert-Michon • Discus Throw • Silver

Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad • 1500m • Gold

Kafétien Gomis • Long Jump • Bronze

Agnes Raharolahy, Floria Guei, Marie Gayot, Muriel Hurtis • 4x400m Relay • Gold

Christophe Lemaitre, Teddy Tinmar, Pierre Vincent, Ben Bassaw • 4x100m Relay • Bronze

Ayodele Ikuesan, Céline Distel-Bonnet, Myriam Soumaré, Stella Akakpo • 4x100m Relay • Silver

Amnesty Program

On August 19, 1974, President Ford announced plans for an earned amnesty program in an address at the 75th annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

During the first week of his administration, Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger had suggested that doing something about the some fifty thousand Vietnam War draft evaders and deserters would be a way to hasten the healing process. Former Secretary of Defense Mel Laird and the President’s three sons agreed. Ford asked his staff to coordinate with the relevant agencies to put together a conditional amnesty program.

“I stated my strong conviction that unconditional blanket amnesty for anyone who illegally evaded or fled military service is wrong,” he said. “But all, in a sense, are casualties, still abroad or absent without leave from the real America. I want them to come home if they want to work their way back…In my judgment, these young Americans should have a second chance to contribute their fair share to the rebuilding of peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

About a month later President Ford signed an executive order establishing the Presidential Clemency Board, which administered the earned amnesty program over the next year. Many of the applicants completed alternative service assignments before receiving their pardons.

-from the Ford Library