"Brave is one of my favorite movies, because of how it makes me feel connected to MY culture. I see a lot of confessions about how under-appreciated non-white races are (which is true), but I think Nordic and other European cultures don’t get their share, even if their skin color is represented. The music and landscape in Brave inspires me to learn about my Scottish roots!"

Bilbo is the kind of person that bottles his pain inside.

He was witness of Fili´s final moment and while the others started reacting (with rage, tears) he just looks back at where Fili was, almost not wanting to believe what he saw.

After Thorin´s passing we see him with Gandalf, almost immobile, looking ahead, and then he tries this little smile. Later on, while trying to speak about Thorin with Balin, his eyes start to water and he prefers to walk
away before he could say more. And finally, after he arrives at Bag End and he´s forced to talk about Thorin, he quickly gets inside. The only chance he allowed himself to show his grief, was while being by Thorin´s side. Even though he knew the dwarf´s soul was not there anymore, his only presence was all it took so he could show his feelings.

The most heartbreaking part is that Bilbo will have to endure many years like this, on his own. Not being able to reveal his sorrow to nobody else.

Can people please stop linking the Taliban with Muslims?

I can’t believe people are reblogging the news of 141 people, including 126 children being killed in Peshawar and saying “and then they say they are a peaceful race”.
Islam is not a race, it’s a religion and almost all those who were killed were Muslim. They weren’t killed because they were going to school, they were killed because their parents are currently involved in the Operation Zarb e Azb which is an all out military, naval and airforce attack on Taliban bases, to eradicate their presence from Pakistan.
So not only are the brave soldiers of Pakistan paying for our safety and your safety with their own lives, but with the lives of their children as well.
The least you could do to not disrespect their memory would be to not put them in the same category as the people who took their lives.

It would be really kind of you to reblog so Islamophobic/racist people can know. Salute to the armed forces and major respect, we can never thank them enough. It’s a tribute to the Pakistani Forces on Tumblr.
#PeshawarAttack #NeverForgive #NeverForget

Fun fact: Growing up, this movie terrified me. Now that I’m older, I’m so bizarrely fascinated by how dark this movie is that it’s on my list of movies I watch at Christmas (also on this list: Love Actually and Opus & Bill: A Wish For Wings That Work).