• me:I can't decide which character is my favourite
  • character 1:*is perfect in every single way and has more talents than humanly possible*
  • me:ugh
  • character 2:*favourite because of dark past and ultra hot/cute plus loads of development*
  • me:yeah but he's EVERYONE'S favourite
  • character 3:*weaker than rest and cries loads but doesn't give up and ends up putting his best foot foward*
  • me:daw I think we might have a winner!
  • character 4:*detestable, murderous scum who has no redeeming qualities what so ever*
  • me:you're my favourite

Otafest 2015 2/3

I’m posting my pics now because ITS EITHER LATE OR NEVER WITH ME! :’D

I’m seperating my pics into THREE posts because I don’t have the heart to exclude a single one! If you recognize anyone please let me know so I can credit them!

Gravity Falls: Mabel Pines! // Bill Cipher //  Dipper Pines!

Haikyuu! Group:(I hope you all don’t mind if I credit you here!)

Suga! // Daichi! // Hinata! // Noya! // Kiyoko! // Yamaguchi! // Kageyama on the right! // Tsukki! // Kuroo! // Kenma!


Come to think of it, I had a thought once, when my outraged sister pushed me out the fourth storey window. I thought, ‘Oh, the ground is falling from the sky’, but in reality, I was the one who was actually falling… In other words, our perception of the sky falling is a mistake ­­which must surely mean that we’re the ones falling towards the heavens! What a magnificent discovery! But wait! They say that the earth is round. If that is true, and we are rising towards the sky along with the ground under our feet, what happens to the people on the other side of the planet? If they go up to the sky like everyone else, that must mean the earth is expanding. Which means that even this warehouse will expand!

If there’s more space, I have more room to put stuff in: therefore, it is a beneficial occurrence. In other words, the fact that the sky is falling is a happy story! …How sad… Oh, let me tell you a sad story! How tragic! The sky is not falling!