Quand les community manager célèbrent le StarWarsDay

Que la force soit avec vous ! En ce 4 mai, la force a touché les cms des marques qui rendent hommage à l’univers Star Wars :




Cultura ( via le blog http://piwee.net/)












Retrouvez la force des créas dans notre sélection de prints inspirés par Star Wars ! 

MD LOGISTIC est un acteur reconnu dans le domaine de la Logistique Publicitaire et du Marketing Direct, et base sa stratégie sur l’expérience de ses dirigeants.
ElIe accompagne ses clients dans la réussite de leurs campagnes promotionnelles en garantissant qualité et respect des délais.


Now that we know the new avengers headquarters is based out in a remote and foresty part of upstate NY, all these new fic writing possibilities are making me salivate. 

Clint hiding up in the trees and everyone grudgingly taking turns going outside and trying to figure out where the hell he is before he ends up missing dinner again.

Tony goes through with his idea and builds a little hobby farm for Pepper, complete with chickens and goats.

Darcy constantly complaining about the mosquitoes and claiming that the air is too fresh for her dilapidated city lungs.

Loki in a plaid shirt reluctantly helping Thor chop fire wood (he decides it’s best to not tell anyone that he’s actually imagining each block of wood to be one of the avengers’ faces as he’s smashing an axe into it). 


So there is going to be a meetup at Anime Expo this year for fans of Seduce Me

Who will be there?

  • Michaela Laws - The Creator and Diana
  • Christopher Escalante - The Composer and Erik

  • Alejandro Saab - Sam

  • (MAYBE?!) Ethan Nakashima - Assistant Programmer and Matthew

When? Friday (June 3rd) afternoon/evening! 

Where? Outside the convention hall! (We will post more details as the date gets closer)

Even if you can’t go to the con itself, we would be SO happy to meet you and give free hugs! =D

Spread the word!

(A one shot for broadtennant)

Rose had just had a very, very, long day and she all she wanted was to open her dorm room’s door, take the three steps to her bed, do a very satisfying faceplant, and not get up for several hours, days, weeks - she wasn’t picky. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a slight flaw in her plan, namely that there was already someone face down in her bed. She froze for a second, the chucks hanging off the end of her bed definitely didn’t belong to her roommate Donna, but then her ears caught a slight sound of whimpering and she realized the person was crying.

Fishing her Biology textbook out and letting her bag drop to the ground, she crept around to the side of the bed, making sure to give it a wide berth, the book held up in case the intruder turned out to be an axe murderer, albeit a sobbing axe murderer. He wasn’t an axe murderer, at least she was fairly certain axe murderers didn’t wear pin-striped suits or have arses that were quite that pleasing or had hair that looked silky smooth and…she snatched her hand back from where it was descending to determine the texture of that hair.

Her movement across the floor had done nothing to disturb the prostrate man and neither did her clearing her throat or dropping the textbook on her desk. In fact, he only seemed to cry harder. Casting one last glance at the door and vainly wishing Donna would appear and tell her how to handle sobbing strangers, Rose stepped closer to the bed and poked at the stranger’s shoulder. The resulting howl had her scurrying backwards to safety, but it also brought a torrent of words of which she understood about one in ten, just enough to piece together that his heart had recently been broken by some lady named Reinette and “you were right, you were so right!” Rose didn’t know who was right, but presuming it wasn’t her, finally cleared her throat again and spoke.

The quiet, “erm, hi! My name is Rose” brought his head up, chocolate brown eyes widening at her in confusion and slowly-dawning horror. He looked ready to bolt, but she stepped forward, patting his arm and inviting him to stay and tell her the story again, but this time more slowly and intelligibly. When Donna swung open the door forty-five minutes later, Rose and the Doctor - as he insisted all his friends called him - were seated side by side on Rose’s bed, the kettle was whistling merrily for tea, and the two were roaring with laughter at something neither of them could explain. She threw up her hands and declared she was hoping to get through all four years without inflicting Rose with her “skinny strip of nothing” brother and Rose said nothing and just grinned and by the time he left for the weekend, bound for his own university, it was clear she did not regret meeting the Doctor one little bit.

justageekwithoutglasses asked:

Ever since Jason Rothenberg revealed that Monroe had been killed in five different scripts for 2x16, I can't help but wonder what happened to her in those drafts. I was wondering if you'd be able to shed some light on the topic.

It’s true, Monroe has had nine lives. And we’re only in Season 3.

The story of each episode is constantly evolving and changing as we go through prep and into production. It’s amazing how often things we are certain of will alter by the time we film. A character might have an axe buried in their forehead in one draft only to be the one swinging the axe in the very next draft. Unfortunately, all early drafts are lost to the world. What you see on screen is our very best, and we stand by that.

And trust me, all of us at The 100 couldn’t be more thrilled that Monroe is still breathing! 


I have spent the past several hours flipping out because due to negligence on the parts of the university and the Department of Veterans Affairs I have had my income TOTALLY AND UTTERLY AXED. As of right now I have no income and it will be that way for the foreseeable future until things get sorted. The VA is notoriously slow, and this isn’t the first time they’ve fucked me over. They do not care if my bank accounts are bone dry. They do not care that I will actually starve and be unable to pay rent or pay for my medications which I need to survive.

Seriously this is my current money situation:

And I am actually good with my money. I’m not a dipshit student who blows it on booze and expensive clothes and nights out then wonders where it all went. All I can regularly afford is just enough to scrape by. Rent, bills, food, meds, transport, etc. with the occasional takeaway. That is the extent of “luxury” in my life. All of the money I got for my birthday in March went towards paying debt.

Before I was sitting just above the poverty line if I was actually paid in full, which I haven’t been lately. With that, I have been forced well below the poverty line. To make matters worse I cannot apply for benefits due to my immigrant status. I am a full time uni student and there is no was I can juggle both work and a job. I risk failure and the last thing I want to do is flunk out. For the next two weeks I have to dedicate myself to nothing but my coursework because my final hand in date being on the 19th of this month. That demands 100% of my focus as I simply cannot fail and have all of my work be for nothing. 

With that in mind I can’t do commissions for completion right at this moment in time, but after hand in I will have nothing but free time to focus on this. All I can ask right now is a pay it forward donation type thing, then I will note you down and draw when I actually can. The commission rates above are given as a loose idea of what goes where in terms of cost. I will draw basically anything but people. Can be clean, can be porn, anthros, can be ferals, can be monsters, can be whatever animal you darn well please. I will draw it. Even if you want to just donate out of the kindness of your heart I will still draw you something. 

Please, please, please reblog this or let someone know because I am stuck in this situation where I can’t get help from my parents, I can’t get welfare, I can’t rely on my partner (they’re stuck in the same no income boat lmao), I can’t turn to my uni for financial aid. I can’t go anywhere. I don’t get to go home, I am 5,000 miles away from there and my parents can’t afford to help me. Trust me, I have tried. I cannot work either. Even if there was work to be had and I didn’t have legal immigration related hoops to jump through I am *actually* mentally ill to a severe degree which cranks that shit up to maximum difficulty.

My PayPal is a.asynchronous@gmail.com and any help I can get is greatly appreciated. You don’t have to hit the £10 mark to get anything out of me. I’ll still gladly do goofy little doodles or something Seriously I just need help.

Auntie Nat.

Because, of course, when Clint Barton is sent off to take out the scary Russian assassin, he adopts her instead. 

“If you hit me in the face with that axe one more time, you will never be godmother to my children!”