From Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram account:

At DISNEY STUDIOS signing contracts to play the male lead in their next big classic animated musical, #MOANA. Just had an amazing 2hr presentation and it’s easy to see why they’re the greatest story tellers in the world. Im excited. And in the background my homies Fred & Wasabi from #BigHERO6 are jumpin’ for joy joy cause they heard I’m gonna sing in the movie. #WeTrulyKnowWhereWereGoing #WhenWeUnderstandWhereWereFrom #NeverForgetHome #MOANA

It was reported back in December that Dwayne was in talks to play the demi-god Maui. Moana is scheduled to be released November 23, 2016.


It’s time for the spring anime season! This season contains a wide variety of great series, so be sure to check some of them out! For the complete list of upcoming series, specials, movies, and air dates, go here! Also feel free to view the captions for my personal thoughts for the upcoming season.

Turbo the Andean bear strikes a pose. Fact: Andean bears have only 13 pairs of ribs, one less than other bears. Photo by Craig Chaddock                                                                                                                                                                            


Oh hey guys, time to reveal the next song I plan on animating in entirety.

I hope you are all excited.


Smith’s Litter Frog - Leptobrachium smithi

The Smith’s Litter Frog, Leptobrachium smithi (Megophryidae) is sometimes referred to as Vampire frogs because the iris are divided into two parts, the upper third is bright scarlet or yellow whereas the lower part is dark brown or black. Just look at the third picture, a couple of these frogs in amplexus.

This species is known from Thailand and the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, as well as through Myanmar to Assam, India.

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Photo credits: [Top: ©Lachland Gilding | Locality: Lawachara NP, Bangladesh, 2014] - [Middle: ©Norhayati Ahmad | Locality: not indicated, 2010] - [Bottom: ©Max Jackson | Locality: Bangladesh, 2014]