the era of mr. x was honestly the scariest time to be in the fandom props to everyone who stayed sane through that

Merlin Rewatch: The Beginning of the End (1x08)

They preach peace but conspire against me. We cannot appear weak.
Showing mercy can be a sign of strength. 

Multifandom Inspired Asks || Send With ☺︎
  • Arrow:What would you fight for?
  • Doctor Who:If you could go anywhere in time or space where or when?
  • Game of Thrones:Riches, Ambition, Honor, Family, Warriors, or Pride?
  • Harry Potter:What's your Hogwarts House?
  • How To Get Away With Murder:If you could commit murder and get away with it completely clean and free, would you?
  • LOTR/The Hobbit:If a potentially insane Wizard asked you to go on an adventure would you?
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:In a world of spies, heroes, and miracles what would you be? Spy, Hero, or Inhuman?
  • Once Upon a Time:What's your favorite fairytale character? (not just ouat)
  • Orphan Black:Do you have an identical twin? If not, would you want an identical twin?
  • Pretty Little Liars:Are you keeping a big secret from anyone you care about?
  • Revenge:Are you a vengeful person? Do you hold grudges?
  • Star Trek:Do you believe in aliens?
  • Supernatural:In the world of SPN would you be a hunter, demon, angel, or other supernatural creature?
  • Teen Wolf:Have you ever dealt with any anger issues or other emotional distresses? If so how did you learn to cope?
  • The 100:Have you ever committed a crime that resulted in serious punishment?
  • The Flash:If you suddenly developed powers in a freak accident, what would your abilities be?
  • The Hunger Games:Would you survive the Arena? If so how?
  • The Vampire Diaries/The Originals:Vampires, werewolves, witches, hunters or humans?
  • The Walking Dead:How would you react to a zombie apocalypse?
  • someone:iggy gimme ya freestyle
  • iggy:aight
  • iggy:...
  • iggy:
  • According to all known laws
  • of aviation,
  • there is no way a bee
  • should be able to fly.
  • Its wings are too small to get
  • its fat little body off the ground.
  • The bee, of course, flies anyway
  • because bees don't care
  • what humans think is impossible.
  • Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
  • Yellow, black. Yellow, black.