• radio host:yo iggy gimme a freestyle
  • iggy:aight aight u ready for this?
  • iggy:ok yo listen
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O amor não é temporário, é para sempre. O amor é o ar para que a alma possa viver.
—  A história de Chris Medina

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry for the stupid question but, okay I had to ask. Can imagination or dreams be another dimension? If not, what are the "conditions" for a dimension being considered one? Thank you, and i'm sorry if my question sounds like a 4 year old.

Well this one’s out of my league a bit. I don’t know if there’s any science being funded to study a relationship between dreams and other dimensions.

A dimension is something like forward and up, two separate dimensions of space or time which is a temporal dimension. There’s people doing research to find out things like whether or not there are other worlds existing on separate timelines though

< This is an atheist:

This is not the evil spawn of Satan that your Judea-Christian mythology has warned you about. In fact, he views himself as a fragile and corporeally temporal being that has only his lifetime to enjoy, and be positively productive. To procreate, and ensure the survival of his species To have, love and nurture his offspring, and encourage the same of others children. To observe and learn all he can about his life, and the lives of others. To define logically the nature of the world he lives in, and to further the hopes for mankind to explore as far into the cosmos as possible, doing everything in his power to make this possible, and to remember and take all we have become…Our arts, our history, and everything that makes us human along with us when we journey into the far reaches of space. He views all others of his kind in the same circumstance as he does himself. He harbors no misconceptions of an afterlife that might cause him to justify the ending of another life in the name of his ‘god’ or his ‘prophets’. He even respects the beliefs of those who choose to accept the dogma and doctrines of mythological religions, though he can’t himself deny evidence otherwise.

Is this really the beast you’re so afraid of?



A partir de las 12:00 HRS.


Combatamos las selfies. Volvamos a la vieja tradición del retrato de mediados de 1800, póngase sus mejores galas y prepárense para posar para una extraña. Deje que el azar y la selección de técnicas y materiales corran a cargo de Silvana. Quédese quietecito en una sillita y sirva de modelo mientras ella se dedica a contemplar y fijar toda su belleza y su rareza sobre el papel. Su retrato y el de muchos otros colgará en una exposición temporal en Bélgica 204.  Buena oportunidad de enamorarse de las imágenes y llevarlas a casa por una suma razonable. Traiga a sus seres amados, a los que no quiere olvidar nunca, traiga sus recuerdos, sus pasiones, venga y siéntese frente a Silvana y deje que ella lo haga formar parte del “nomeolvides”.

the week between xmas and new years are such a weirdly liminal few days. no one works or does anything, there’s no purpose for them. its like the temporal equivalent of the bit between ur vagina and butthole. the gooch of the year

tag temporal misinformation posts

i know new years is coming and it seems like fun to reblog posts like

"happy 2 years anniversary since the world ended in 2012"

"reblog if you’re ending 2011 single"

"i can’t believe it’s almost 2017 already"

but please remember these types of posts can be extremely upsetting and harmful to people with reality issues, so either tag them with misinformation or don’t reblog them at all, please

A volte bisogna staccare, bisogna spegnere il telefono, allontanarsi dal mondo, rimanere soli davanti ad una finestra. Fuori il temporale, dentro l’uragano. Via i pensieri. Ci si abbandona a noi stessi.
—  Bloodontheskin