Hey guys! Here’s the video of my mom’s ballet students performing choreography to “Uptown Funk” for Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama’s “GimmeFive” challenge!! The challenge is designed to have kids be more active by taking part in fun activities such as dance! Please reblog this post as much as possible!!! It would make my mom (and her hard-working students) ecstatic if Ellen saw this. They took choreography used on the Ellen show and “ballet-ified it :D Thanks guys!!! Go go go!!!



The Layover

Directed by: William H. Macy
Starring: Lea Michele and Kate Upton
A Bron Studios / Unified Pictures co-production

When their plane is rerouted due to a hurricane warning, two single female best friends find themselves competing for the same guy during an extended layover in St. Louis.

High school English teacher Kate and best friend, party-girl Meg decide to go on a vacation to Fort Lauderdale (the cheapest spring break destination) as both of their lives are falling apart. Just when things start looking up, and Ryan, the “hottest man they’ve ever seen” takes the middle seat on the plane between them, they are rerouted to a less than thrilling airport hotel in St. Louis due to a hurricane. Kate and Meg’s friendship devolves into a competition to see which one of them can win the affection of Ryan, while stranded in the mid-west. After the charms of St. Louis wear thin, and desperate for some fun and sun, Kate, Meg and Ryan convince one of their new friends to drive them to Fort Lauderdale, where the battle to copulate with Ryan only intensifies.

But baby, I’m just passing time ×

(written by Grace)

I love feel good movies, because thats exactly what they do, right? By the end of the movie you have felt probably every emotion and you are left questioning every choice with an open and lighter outlook. Give these movies a chance, some you may know and some you may have never heard of, which just makes it more exciting! So grab some snacks and find a comfy spot on the sofa and get watching!

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