I remember the first time I ever properly felt “girl hate” towards someone and I immediately had the thought “it is definitely in everyone’s best interests for me to stop feeling like this” so I stopped and made friends with the girl instead

Perks of being raised by feminist parents I guess

Ugh so recently a couple mods on pw have been drawing Ebola chan and like. Just my opinion but you’re a mod. This is a child’s app. If you draw something offensive and you get multiple comments saying to delete it then just delete it. A lot of kids are scared of Ebola and you’re not helping by drawing this Kawaii version of it. Also there is literally a rule that states if you draw something people find offensive it can be deleted. I’m just so done with some of the mods on pw because they promote these rules and then they don’t even follow them?? Like after that don’t post offensive material rule came out, If I post gore and lots of people find it offensive I DELETE IT. Like it’s not rocket science.

Just. God I dislike when people tell others to follow a rule and don’t even follow it. If many people ask you to delete something because they find it offensive then just delete it. Simple as that.

انا لا اتابع النساء,تزعجني متابعة الرجال  „„,وانا تزعجني مثل هذه العبارات 

طيب كل انسان له حدود اكيد لكن خليها بقلبلك بلا ما تكتبها في موقع اجتماعي 

يضم كل المجتمع بمختلف اطيافه …… الاهم ان تلتزم بها عمليا وليس ان تكتبها