Confession: The Dragon Age games have a real tendency to surprise me whenever I do a new playthrough. During my first couple of DA2 playthroughs I was extremely against the idea of a Merrill romance, as it just seemed wrong to me. However, once I finally gave her romance a go I felt in love with both it and her. Now she’s always my canon DA2 LI. Similarly, I hated Sera in my first Inquisition playthrough for being anti-elf, then I did a Qunari playthrough, fell in love with her and romanced her.

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Hello! I am from a B2C company selling dresses, tees, shirts, jeans, coats, sweaters etc. I wonder if i could invite u to join our Tumblr Blogger Plan. What you need do is just to pick our stuff and post them on your blog, cash or chic clothes is up to you as your payment, we can discuss about more specific details like cooperation method and payment rate via email if u r interested.


Hello investors, Cave Johnson here! 

As most of you already know we’ve had some trouble gaining government funding recently due to those mushroom-headed scientists over at Black Mesa taking all the military contracts. It’s been an all out legal war with no clear victor.

Recently those cunning devils have resorted to sending us spyware infested travelling salesbots in an attempt to gain access to our mainframe, like this one here. Not to worry, Cave can take care of this. 

*Target locked*


Heh, love those turrets. So anyway investors just be on the look out for strange looking robots making you promising offers on cheap merchandise. 

Cave Johnson, we’re done here. 

Caroline can you help me get rid of this thing? There’s robot blood all over the floor now…

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since janis is #1, who would be #2 in your opinion?

swedish bae

cum part time vampire

and posterchild of michael kors

plus honorary member of the polar bear expedition team

benjamin eidem :)

(also, have a pic of janis and benji)

Rumors of Helsa happening in Frozen 2

Others: I. Will. Fucking. Hate. Disney. If they pull this shit…


Seriously. This ship can actually work. And I am so damn happy Chris and Jenn seem to be opening their hearts to it :)

They are going to tell a great story here (if they do; please do it) I feel it in my bones!

every 2 minutes a woman in the United States is raped and if that doesn’t terrify you, it should. no matter what gender you identify with.

wow iris was not nearly hard enough on joe&barry >:( at least kick their balls in or sth they’ve been shit 2 u since this started!!

also wow @ barry trying to turn it all around on her, not being sure of ur feelings is not the same as deliberately and consistently lying for over a year don’t even go there

@flash writers this is not heroic or sympathetic behaviour >:|

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Sorry if you've already answered this, but what's your nationality? You're sooo gorgeous in an exotic looking way, but I can't tell if it's your heritage or because you're an actual angel. You're just too beautiful. (sorry if this is creepy lol)

God kicked me out of Heaven cause I was a bad angel, I was otw 2 Hell but I got lost


This post is about a well-designed message as much as it is about well-designed objects. Whitney Plantation is the first, and so far, only U.S. museum focused solely on the subject of American Slavery.

Many bronze statues can be found throughout the museum’s exhibits, including one entitled “Field of Angels.” An article from TheAdvocate.com describes it as “… a quiet circular courtyard listing the names of 2,200 slave babies in St. John Parish who died before their third birthdays.”

Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit the museum in person, many of the pictures that I have seen of its various bronze statues are quite moving. On their own, the statues are wonderful works of art. But in the context of this particular museum setting, they also carry a very important, and emotionally haunting message that few other works of art can ever match.

Learn more about the museum here:  www.whitneyplantation.com

Here’s a recent article about the museum from the New York Times:  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/01/magazine/building-the-first-slave-museum-in-america.html?_r=0

Another article from TheAdvocate.com:  http://theadvocate.com/news/10475371-123/no-lawyer-transforms-whitney-plantation

And here’s an Imgur photo album posted by the museum founder’s son:  http://imgur.com/a/haFbU

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What's your ultimate goals, as a marathon runner? Short term and long term?

Short term: Finishing my first one
Long term: Running all seven of the world major marathons one of which in the 2:30:00′s


Boy 2, who also happens to be a huge fan/collector of guns found these for his girlfriend. How cute and clever!