Good artists under the control of bad fans do bad things…

So, this is based on avannak's dreadful drabble about what would have happened if Stoick didn’t get there in time… a.k.a. the dead!Hiccup AU, something I did my best to avoid until now.

Just FYI, the filename for this drawing is “deadhiccupauFUCKINGHELL.jpg”

Hiccup’s stupid peg leg is caught up in the strap of his stupid boot why did I even think about that detail I can’t


Do you like scary movies?


I do. And around this time of the year I tend to watch a LOT of ‘em, along with scary/spooky-silly/Halloween-themed episodes from various TV shows. The occasional scary game is not unheard of, either.

This year I’m gonna do a thing: I intend to watch or play [at least] one scary movie/episode/game for every day of the month this October. Then I’ll post about it; not a full-blown review or anything, but my general reactions/impressions (most of these will be things I’ve seen many times before :P). Maybe some images? Maybe short comics? Maybe audio? Not sure yet, I’m playing this by ear! :D


I’ll be tagging this as (wait for it)… #Spooktobertacular

because shut up, it’s an awesome name. But yes, I’ll but doing a “Read More” cut for all of these entries, as they will SURELY contain spoilers (so beware!). I should also mention I have QUITE an extensive and varied list (my annual favorites, among others), so no need to recommend anything~ ;P

If you, too, wish to participate in Spooktobertacular (oh god that name is going to kill me, it hurts to even look at it), HAVE AT IT! Watch your own favorites, or watch what I watch (a day later than I do, since I won’t post in advance, lol)!

Now, the real question is whether I can make myself watch Arachnophobia or the IT miniseries after years upon years of avoiding them and truly face my fears. 8I



Look what came in the mail today!!!! =D

I’ve set my eyes on that beautiful Moleskine for a while, and I’m such a weak person so I knew it’s just a matter of time until I buy it (it’s worth every penny, the paper is so smooth and amazing to work with!)

The poster was definitely a surprise tho! XD

In other news - I am happy to announce that I’m finally FREE (as in - finally finished the damn school paper), so now I have less than a month of freedom before college starts again...for the final year *shudders*