(to use as gift wraps)

I love saying no to customers. I understand it’s my job to create a pleasant and fulfilling an experience for them, and I am always as polite as I can be, but even so, I love saying no to them. I love the hurt, confused, disappointed looks on their face when I deny their ridiculous requests, it’s such a thrill for me, because they’re always saying no to me.

Customers say no to basic pleasantries like “hello,” “please,” and “thank you.”

Customers say no to treating service workers as equals, as they throw their money, items, and bags on the counter instead of handing them over.

Customers say no to our attempts to be nice, answering our sincere “How are you today?” with silence or a blunt question.

Customers say no to seeing us as anything other than a Google search on legs, saying the thing they’re looking for instead of, y’know, asking in the form of a question.

Customers say no to treating us in a way that makes us feel like actual people. Customers say no to our status as fellow human beings. Customers say no to making our job and our lives anything other than complete hell.

And except in the most extreme of cases, there’s nothing we can actually do. It’s a weird power situation, where as employees of the store, we hold power over the customers getting their items, checking out, etc, but as service workers, we’re expected to sit on a lower social rung than the customer who is ~always right~ even though they are usually not. We’re caught in this contradiction and the only we can do is grin and bear it

except in those few precious opportunities when we can actually say no back.

Please tell me you hate colourful wrapping paper too

With the Christmas holidays so close by I can’t help but see wrapping paper being sold everywhere.And, obviously, a present is not about the packaging. But if you’re like me you’d want to make it as pretty as possible.

And I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t like the extremely colourful and glossy wrapping paper. Although I can see how it can be entertaining to the kids, it just doesn’t do it for me. And plus, something like that just doesn’t feel right if you’re looking to give it to someone you have business relations with.

 Itstead I propose this. 

Brown, matte packaging. It’s extremely classy, yet with string, maybe a plain red or green bow it still indicates it’s Christmas and gives you a warm feeling. Perfect for any occasion, especially one where you need to show class.

xander zhou fall 2013

One of my favorite things that I inherited from my dad is the ability to hear when the mail/UPS comes. I can be anywhere in the house or with the tv on or doing whatever and I’ll sense the truck down the street.

Why can’t there be like a professional mailtruck sensing job? Screw internet tracking. I can give you a two minute heads up before your mail arrives.


Floral patterns I made for a live brief with Marks and Spencer’s. The brief was to design a pattern for a female recipient that could be used across a range of wrap products including gift bags, wrapping paper and tags! I made some mock ups of gift bags with my patterns on them too!

oneshallstand asked:

Optimus was quite relieved that she had enjoyed the gift. "You are very welcome, love. I wanted to share all that i have read with you, and I knew you enjoyed literature. I felt that this was the most perfect and appropriate gift to give."

"Mmm, yes, it is perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything better… Which reminds me, I have something for you as well." She pulled away only so that she could retrieve the data pad from her subspace. All her wrapping had been used on others gifts, and she silently chastised herself for that already. Holding the ornate pad in front of her her optics averted to glance down at the protective sheathing of sorts.

The cover was embellished with ancient etchings and rich, gleaming stones, binding thick and marked along the spine with grand symbols. A small wave of her digit across the surface and at once, a great flash of light spilled from the binding and filled with holographic pages. Thousands and thousands of them; all accessible with a light swipe of the digit.

"It’s called ‘The Archipeligrech’. It’s full of stories dating all the way back to the reign of Queen Ma’ab. Ah…That’s about 15,000 vorns ago on a friend of mine’s alternate Cybertron. It’s full of lovely art, as well. Incredibly rare. I have been told that only a few libraries had ever housed such a work…” She paused for a moment, keeping her optics low still as she held the data pad to him. “I know it may not compare with what you have given me… but, I hope that you like it…”

delayedcorruption asked:

He isn't one for wrapping gifts. Instead, the items lay on Calpernia's desk with a note propped against them. The first item looked to be a storage tin. Next to it, a fire rune glowed softly; giving off heat. "Got Maddox to put this together. I mean the rune, not the other thing. The tin's got that tea stuff you're always drinking. Mint, right? -S"

     Her first assumption, upon spying a foreign
object sitting on her desk, is that it’s yet another
problem being dumped into her lap by Venatori
too finicky to do their jobs. She slams the door
behind her with gritted teeth, stray hair coming
loose from her taut buns—the unraveling result
of a particularly stressful day. The last thing she
needs is one more task after she was certain
her day had been complete.

     The comforting scent of mint tells her she’s
wrong; a gentle correction that is not unwelcome.

     Calpernia sits down and leans back in her desk
chair to read over the note, a weary grin warming
her exhaust-drawn face.

     ❝Yes,❞ she said softly, aloud to no one. ❝Mint.❞

Turquois Crystal and Gemstone beaded Slave Bracelet. Perfect for Street and Beach Style. This Bracelet would make the perfect gift for her.
The chain look is crafted with metallic seed beads,and the bracelet closure is done with round silver plated tibetan bead and tibetan bead caps.

As this bracelet is not adjustable, please give us your wrist size for the correct fit.

This item comes free gift wrapped.

For a long lasting use please avoid contact with perfume,water,soap and chemicals.

Thank you for visiting my shop.

*Communication is key! Please do not hesitate to message me with questions about my products or custom requests.


I want New York late nights with you, a studio apartment and tips from a glass mason jar that glistens in the pitch, through the city lights and the busy streets, I want you beside me in my snow bed, counting nickels and glitter polish. There as my best friend, dancing in the living room to vinyl that plays Pearl Jam on repeat. New experiences and books, open relationships and take out chinese, standing on the fire escape and letting incense burn until the thickness clouds the  breeze and our laughter seems brighter than the billboards below us. I want to lend a dress for a date and gift wrap everything you’ve ever dreamed of, our futures twisted into one and glazed over feelings of hope and pride as I spot a publisher and you nail the audition. Sincerely, lucid dreaming.

HANDMADE AND HERITAGE Handmade and heritage are a British company who specialise in hand printing girft wrap and embroidery gifts. They use traditional techniques to create unique quality products whic h are inspired by the countryside. The image above is one of their many designs and personally appealed to me the most. For one sheet of this print would cost twelve fifty. The brown paper background on which the print has been position upon reflects a vintage/economically friendly vibe from it. I feel that with my off shore viking theme this could be a colour that could work with my images.


Suminagashi: the traditional Japanese art of paper marbling.

Originating from China, this form of Japanese art makes use of a special ink suspended on water to create geometric designs. Using a brush with black ink, one with water, and sometimes another with a different coloured ink, it is dipped into a tray of water in an alternating sequence, creating concentric circles. The artist then blows on the surface of the water to form geometric shapes. A sheet of rice paper is laid across the water to capture the image.

Suminagashi is used traditionally as a background for calligraphy or Japanese paintings. They can also be used for book binding or as gift wraps.


DIY Upcycled Vintage Playing Card Lampshade

DIY Upcycled Vintage Playing Card Lampshade

A while back I made a lamp shade out of old photo slides. It continues to be one of my favorite lamps ever! Back when I made it, I thought it would be a lot of fun to use the same technique using playing cards. I collect vintage playing cards. I love to use them when wrapping gifts, or sometimes I may frame one. The artwork on them captivates me! This lampshade is pretty simple to make and it…

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Persons Are Gifts

Imagine that people are like presents.
People are gifts that God send us wrapped. Some are wrapped very beautifully, with fancy bows and elegant wrapping paper; they are very attractive when you first see them. Some people come wrapped in very ordinary wrapping paper. Yet when opened, often the most beautiful on the inside. Some persons are gifts that are very loosely wrapped; others, very tightly. Tragically, some have been mishandled in the mail. But the wrapping is not the gift. It is so easy to make this mistake. It’s amusing when infants make that mistake and play with the ribbon and the box more than the gift. Yet, it’s not so amusing when we judge others only by what is int the outside.

I am a person. Therefore, I am a gift. God made me beautiful in the inside, but have I ever really looked inside my wrapping? Have I ever really shared the gift of myself with another? Maybe I have been afraid of what’s inside. Yet, could God’s gifts be anything but beautiful?

When other people meet me, do I only show them my wrapping? Will they ever be able to enjoy my true gift? And will I be able to unwrap the people around me so that j can enjoy their gifts…. their talents… their heart?

Never forget. Persons are gifts.


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Making the shots more festive

In each of the shots I’m going to be capturing the man on his way to one of the many Christmas parties that he will be attending. This will be shown by a wrapped Christmas present being held by said man.

Wrapping paper
At first, I was going to choose cheesy overly Christmassy wrapping paper. But it dawned on me that this won’t be the Mr Porter way. Therefor I have sourced premium wrapping paper to use.

The gifts
In each shot there is going to be a different gift wrapped up. I’m going to be keeping it plain and simple. Just a box wrapped up with a ribbon. I don’t want the gift to be drawing the attention if it’s wrapped up in a comical fashion.
For each of the 6 shots there will be a different size box wrapped up each time. I’m going to coordinate this with the outfit that the model will be wearing. Depending on the type of party he will be attending.

Reclaimed and Recycled Newpaper Yarn

Reclaimed and Recycled Newpaper Yarn

A little out of the ordinary for sure. This yarn needs your creativity. If you’re looking to knit or crochet with it, you’ll need a delicate hand. Otherwise, use this great yarn to wrap gifts, do rustic weaving or coiling. If you do have project ideas just be sure to spray a shellac on it so you know it stands the wear of time. This newspaper yarn comes from India so the newspaper used has a cool…

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