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I showed my mum that pic of "Caitlyn Jenner" & she was very disrespectful basically calling him a freak. she's not open minded & doesn't see what this represents to people. I'm not trans but I do respect, though I fear expressing homosexuality just so i get similar remarks. Why cant adults let adults be happy

Some people are very close minded and selfish.

my drunk ass just snapped to and i was holding a fucking chili cheese dog with some chips on it. where dafuq i get these chips though? why did i put them on this hot dog? why am i eating this in bed at 1 am? the world may never know

Curious if others do this with their Voltage baes...?

Just wondering, does anyone else use their baes as an way to stop people from either a) Asking the ‘are you dating/is that for your boyfriend’ question, b) When you are getting hit on or c) When you know they only want sex…I don’t know about you guys but one of the reasons why I get scared of dolling up is because guys like to hit on me and I really don’t like it and even get very scared. So I would most likely use the excuse, ‘I’m sorry but I already have my boyfriend Zain.’ And leave quickly as to get away from the guy. On a side note, I asked my mom is this was ok to do and surprisingly she said, “If it gets guys you don’t want to back off then that’s fine with me.” So is there a slight hope for Zain?…well she doesn’t mind me using him to prevent guys from hitting on me. I’m calling it progress.

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Ok I know it’s been said a lot and repeated by plenty of popular artists (especially on here) but. … just because an artist or writer is/was in the same fandom and you and made some stuff for it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to ask them to draw what you want. A lot of people either move on completely from interests, or find new things they’d much ratger draw because its -fun for them-.

The only time you would ever be able to ask an artist to draw something that YOU want them to be drawing, is if you’re commissioning them (or if they ask people to send in suggestions, but if they are not in a fandom anymore and do not want to draw stuff from it its up to them to decide).

So please stop. If you have tons of things you want drawn you could always draw them yourself and put in the time and effort and years of practice it took other people to learn how to scribble lines into a visually pleasing arrangement. If that isn’t an option you like though, just try and enjoy what’s there because there is plenty around to enjoy.