Just think about Stan being the protective twin.

Stan leading the way for his brother, to make sure he wouldn’t trip and fall.

Stan staying up at night, keeping watch, because his brother was convinced the Jersey Devil really DID live in their closet.

Stan trying his best to keep his brother of trouble, no matter how much his curiosity still made him climb trees and scrape his knees.

Stan hearing the bullies threatening to beat up his brother after school, and pretending to be his bro so that they get away with their dark satisfaction, and his bro never has to endure that kind of pain.

Stan hating boxing but getting better at it; for the sake of protecting his brother.

Stan being upset when his brother started drifting away, going to college, while he was stuck trying to make a living selling vacuums.

Stan calling his brother every weekend, just to make sure he was okay.

Stan bitterly resenting his brother for leaving him behind, even though he always tried to protect him from the world.

Stan hating himself for being unable to stop his brother when he leaves him, seemingly for forever.

Stan terrified his brother is actually dead, even though his dreams tell him otherwise.

Stan throwing away 30 years of his life, all working towards what could end up just being a pipe dream.

Stan hating himself because he can’t keep the twins safe, just like he couldn’t keep his brother safe.

I mean, just think about Stan being the protective twin.

Just think.

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All I could think about earlier when I saw that post about Harry making Stevie Nicks a cake, was he totally does that stuff for Louis. He knows Louis is having a bad day, so he makes him his favorite brownies. It's their anniversary, and he spends the day baking a cake that says "Happy Anniversary Baby" in chocolate. He just bakes for no reason sometimes because Louis slept in and he looks cute while he is sleeping, so he deserves muffins for being cute. He puts H + L on them with icing.

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solackson headcanon: when percy first thought he was not straight he asked will for help

I don’t know who you are, but you are my favourite person right this moment c: 

  • Percy and Will have always been close, like really close
  • They fought two wars together, Will understands Percy struggle with having to carry a lot of weight on his shoulders (He became the head counsellor of the Apollo cabin at what… 12?), they help each other out with things the other just doesn’t seem to be able to get done
  • So of course it’s Will who Percy asks when he thinks he might be attracted to not just girls (hell yeah for pansexual Percy)
  • Will has been over this with so many people, it’s not even awkward when he gives Percy the “there are many sexualities & genders”-talk 
  • He takes the chance to come out to Percy then too, it’s not that he was afraid of doing it earlier, but the topic never really came up and Will is a strong believer of making people realize that they need to stop assuming everyone’s cis and straight  unless they come out
  • Percy asks Will if he can kiss him
  • Will says yes
  • It’s a bit strange for Percy for a second, not because he’s kissing a boy, but because this is Will, one of his best friends
  • He puts that thought past him the second Will’s teeth graze over his lower lip
  • and holy hades Will turns out to be an amazing kisser
  • they end up making out for endless minutes, Will only breaks away when their hands have already found their way underneath each other’s shirts
  • It’s very, very quiet for a while, both breathing heavily and resting their foreheads together
  • then Percy starts giggling, Will joins in
  • they kiss again, just a peck this time, and decide that if they ever happen to both be alone and unattached at the same time, they can give this a try
  • (Annabeth knows, she’s fairly amused, not even a little mad when Percy tells her what happened. as it turns out, she had a fairly similar experience …. with Clarisse maybe. I can see that.)


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What are thoughts about The Future is Wild?

Oh my stars, I love it. I love it so much, because it makes me want to shriek and laugh myself sick at the same time, and I love speculative evolution, no matter how silly. But let’s be real, it is very silly. 

What I love the most about it are the absolutely ridiculous common names they come up with. CARAKILLERS. THE LURKFISH. D E A T H G L E A N E R S

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Idk if u do requests but could u pls do something where d&p r holding hands and swinging them a bit then Phil accidentally flings Dan into the sun

i sort of do i just compile them into my mightdoodle tag until i feel like doodlin them but holy shit this is hilarious i dont even know how i would go about drawing this but imagining it is making me chuckle so tysm for this request ahah

MARVEL FANCAST MEME (1/?) Callan Mcauliffe as James Steven Rogers

You’re always gonna be my baby boy, my love.” Her red lips pulled into that beautiful smile as she kissed his cheek. “Sixteen years is nothing, it’s not like you’re already so close to leaving me and going to college and  starting your life.” Peggy softly chuckled as tears fell from her brown eyes.

James smiled at his mother and took her hands. “Ma, don’t say that.. I know you gave up a lot. Raising me on your own, putting your work hold, it was hard I know and I just wanna say … I love you. I don’t know anything else that could explain how much I do.” He hugged her tightly as she silently cried. They pulled away and James wiped the tears that stayed on his mothers cheek. “I’m always gonna be your son and you do good to remember you’re always gonna be my favorite girl, ma.”


After Steve had supposedly perished in the plane crash, Peggy had found out she was pregant with her super soldiers baby. Peggy stays a working agent of the SSR until she became too pregnant to continue but went straight back to work when Jamea turned one. Peggy often wished Steve were there to see their son. Their handsome baby boy. Peggy made sure James grew into the kind and selfless man his father had been. Peggy is a hardworking single mother until James turned ten. She married and has her second child by the time James turns twelve.

On James’ sixteenth birthday, a group of heavily armed men in black clad suits kidnap James in his home and Peggy helplessly watched as they took her boy from her. Peggy didn’t know then, but that was the remnants of HYDRA who’d been dead set on creating more super soldiers to carry out their heinous deeds.

James was experimented on numerous times by Dr. Zola and others where he was held in a HYDRA facility then frozen for future use. In another twisted turn of events, James was shipped off for other HYDRA scientist to evaluate but the frozen cargo was lost somewhere during delivery, never to be found.

Peggy never stopped searching for her golden boy. But after many years of dead ends and no sign of her oldest child, she once again lost another part of Steve and Herself.