Swedes Chase Suspected Russian Submarine in the Stockholm Archipelago

In a repeat of Cold War tensions, Sweden claims a Russian submarine has been spotted deep within their territorial waters on the Stockholm Archipelago. Photos (top) and a mysterious distress signal have come forth in the last week, along with suspicious movements of a Liberian-Flagged, but Russian-owned oil tanker just outside the limits off the Swedish coast (second photo - Twitter screencap).

The Swedes have reason to be paranoid, as the “Whisky on the Rocks” incident of 1981 (photo seven) saw a Soviet sub accidentally beach itself deep within Swedish territorial waters. Numerous other incidents occurred as the Cold War ended, and such incidents have increased recently. Additionally, Russian military aircraft have been harassing Swedish Air Force aircraft in international air space, such as a Su-27 Flanker coming within 40 feet of a ELINT Gulfstream jet a few weeks ago (bottom photo).

via Daily Mail, Foxtrot Alpha, and Vice

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—  En sus ojos, Joseph Kapone (Fragmento)

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