ok so i think it’s the tracklist i think i cracked it

C= colors/control

hmd = hold me down

Na = new americana

D = new song off album?

H = haunting

Rh = roman holiday

G = ghost

c = castle

c2sLC dHG = ??

C = colors/control

yg = young god

W TLc = ?? 

I had one hand cuffed to the bed throughout everything: When I was pushing, when I was in pain, when my daughter was actually coming out. When they finally gave me my daughter, I could only hold her with one hand for a few minutes before they took her away.
—  Maria Caraballo, who was more than nine months pregnant when prison guards at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York handcuffed her wrists, shackled her ankles, and drove her to give birth.

Read: Report Finds ‘Shockingly Substandard’ Reproductive Health Care in New York Prisons, by Zoe Greenberg at RH Reality Check

Nem vagyok nagy robogófan, de ez oltári cuki és nagyon kéne.

A szín, a formák, a részletek, a design, a feliratok, a fehér falú gumik, a krómok valami elképesztő összhangot adnak ennek a kis gyösznek.

Nyílván a két ütem miatt huhognak majd a környezetvédők, a forgalom ritmusát meg nem biztos, hogy lehet tartani egy ilyen kis aprósággal, a kettő darab dobfék hatékonyságában azért kételkedem, a pótkeréktől meg lehet nem férne el a térdem, de semmilyen más járműről nem lehet kanyarodás közben hitelesebben odakiáltani a kávézó teraszán sütkérező kis barnának, hogy ‘ciao bella!’


Jef Geys
Kempens Informtieblad installation views at Cubitt and Institut d’art contemporain, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes

“Since the 1960s, Geys has used the newspaper Kempens Informtieblad – once a local news organ but now fully owned and edited by Geys – to organise and disseminate information, analysis and documentation relating to his work and its socio-political context (one recent example is his Flemish translation of the interview with Julian Assange by Hans Ulrich Obrist). Geys has a longstanding interest in superimposing economies of meaning that run counter-intuitively to the pervasive structures of the art world. This process of superimposition can perhaps be best understood in Geys’ ongoing insistence that his own context of Balen be situated centrally not just in the material of his work but also in its distribution and reception via Kempens.”

If you're every wondering why I put Jack and Blossom together, here's a list

.both brilliant
.both leader types
.both have been tempted to crossover from good-evil and vice versa
.They have very different yin/yang personalities that work well off of each other
.they’re Color schemes Tho! Red and Pink. Dark and Light. like, how do you Not like the idea of drawing them just so you can Color them together??
.They’re both well off but Not completely spoiled? Like jack whines but he makes everything himself and hates his parent’s fancy parties.
.Jack LOVES cute things. This is a fact. He’s a dork.

If the Same Age, in Any Universe, in Any show, I could still see these two together for these reasons.
And that is why they’re a ship in RH🌼

Elkezd fájni a fejed,hányingered lesz,szédülsz,kiver a víz és ráz a hideg. Már csak foltokat látsz,egyszercsak elsötétül minden és kicsúszik a talaj a lábad alól. Végül egy kórházi ágyon találod magad,infúzióval a kezedbe.



It always comes as a surprise to me when I see myself on the screen, or read something that identifies me as a star. When I was a little girl, I always worried that no one would ever love me, and that I would never find a man willing to marry me. My nose wasn’t pretty and I was terribly thin. I was sickly too, with asthma and quite miserable about my prospects… But at least, I was lucky I got off the shelf. Audrey Hepburn


Trying out something new for you guys with the house backgrounds I made, using my love of both Harry Potter and Taylor Swift. What do you think? I have plenty more Taylor Swift lyrics if you want me to make more ;). Any other ideas about what to use the house backgrounds for are welcome as well.  -Kerrie