Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes they use “respect” to mean “treating someone like an authority”

and sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say “if you won’t respect me I won’t respect you” and they mean “if you won’t treat me like an authority I won’t treat you like a person”

and they think they’re being fair but they aren’t, and it’s not okay.

it's 2015

-respect gay guys
-respect gay girls
-respect bisexual people
-respect pansexual people
-respect asexual people
-respect transgender people
-respect genderfluid people
-respect genderqueer people
-respect hufflepuffs
-respect black people
-respect white people
-respect green people

“Few realize how critical dress was in establishing and maintaining the social order of the South. The Jim Crow system was built upon a hierarchy that placed wealthy whites at the top. They portrayed their status through their clothing. African Americans who dressed in fine wears were accused of not ‘knowing their place,’ thinking they were equal to middle-class whites and better than working-class whites. The punishment for such an “offense” was often a beating, or even murder.”

Source: Selma Costumes Reveal Class and Consciousness of the Movement 

I respect fit runners and I respect overweight runners. I respect fast runners and I respect slow runners. I respect people who run 5 miles and I respect people who run 25 miles. I respect people who run in group and I respect solo runners. I respect shirtless runners and I respect fully clothed runners. I respect walkers, joggers, and sprinters. I respect female runners and I respect male runners. I respect young runners and I respect old runners. I respect winter, spring, summer, fall runners. My point is this: the first step out the front door is the hardest, and I respect anyone who takes it.
Stop telling minority teenagers that they could prevent being harassed or even killed by the police if they stop sagging their jeans and dressing like "thugs"... Because the majority of photographs involving black men being hung during the slavery and Jim Crow era, the men were wearing suits...