Japanese Lesson: Basic Phrases

ようこそ (yokoso)  -  welcome
すみません (sumimasen)  - excuse me 
お元気ですか?  (o genki desu ka?)   - how are you?
はい、元気です。あなたは? (hai, genki desu. anata wa?)   - I’m good, and you?
お名前はなんですか? (o-namae wa nan desu ka)   - what’s your name?
初めまして (hajimemashite)  - nice to meet you
さようなら (sayōnara)  - goodbye 
いって来ます (ittekimasu)  - i’m off! (to school, to work etc, you’ll be back) 
良い一日を (Yoi ichinichi o) - have a nice day
トイレはどこですか (toire wa doko desu ka?)  - where’s the toilet?
わかります (wakarimasu)  - i understand
ゆっくり話してください (yukkuri hanashite kudasai)  - could you please speak more slowly?
もう一度、言ってください (mō ichido, itte kudasai) - could you please repeat that again?


[On superstitions] “I think No. 87 probably takes the cake there. It’s like a walking encyclopedia over there. You can see what he’s doing every day. He’s got a few things that are pretty funny.”

"I noticed he kind of walks around the one garbage can in the dressing room, the same one all the time,” said Sutter.