Request Request Requestttttt~ (Part 1)

((Few requests I drew in  another site. They were amusing, so I decided to post it here as well~))

» A magical trio…

» Mr. Germany, Mr. Sweden and Mr. Netherlands

((I kinda imagine them quite a quiet trio if they meet))

» America-kun and Japan

» Romano and Prussia discussing about their younger brother’s heights

… I kinda made an alternate Romano face because I also imagine him about to cry when he is distressed haha


psicoterapiabarata requested: Sam keeping one of the photos of him and Dean together in Soul Survivor.

and asked: did he took it just as a way to feel closer to Dean, like not everything was lost ? or like something to help him keep fighting to bring Dean back, to cure him?

The photo Sam kept was from the day he got his soul back. it’s not an accident that he chose to keep this particular photo. It reminded him how Dean fought for (soulless) him even though he didn’t want him to. Sam was so grateful to have his soul back, and it gave him strength to face demon!Dean , who didn’t want to be cured, it gave Sam hope and faith that this is what Dean really wants.