So. This little number popped up in my newsfeed on FB. While I can’t agree with it more I’m just dumbfounded that people do this to him. I get being caught up in all the excitement, but please don’t cross the line :/ I’ve been lucky enough to meet Jim Carrey and despite my internal freak out I still respected him enough to ask for his autograph, a hug, and a picture with him and my husband. I asked for those things, I didn’t just outright do them.

(I sat outside watching them film Dumb and Dumber 2 for hours for the chance to meet him. The production company allowed people to watch. The sunburn was worth it.)

And as far as insulting his friends goes why do it? Why honestly do it? They’re great people who don’t deserve that at all. I absolutely hate it when I see people do this online.

At the same time though this makes me worry about if I ever meet him or any of them for that matter. Approaching them scares the crap out of me (However I live in Ga and I don’t see any of them coming to any of the cons down here. Le sigh). I want to treat them as normal human beings and not act like an awkward freak. I don’t want to piss them off or annoy them ;-;

Sorry, I started rambling. Anyways. Just remember to be respectful guys. With anyone.

Things seemed to have smoothed over with the kin hate, everyone! Both blogs (killwckin and destroywckin) have been taken down. But always be on the lookout in case more of these issues pop up. If any of you need any support after that short ordeal, please contact someone (either in real life or on tumblr). I am always open to private conversations if you want. Thank you for all your insane amount of support, though! It was all greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a better day!

On Oikawa Tooru and “Tobio”

So I was rewatching the Haikyuu anime because I couldn’t fall asleep and noticed something peculiar during the Seijoh vs. Karasuno match. It turns out Oikawa always calls Kageyama by his first name. To his face, it’s “Tobio-chan”, a sort of teasing meant to clearly be humiliating/condescending, since high school-level boys don’t normally refer to each other by their first names, much less using a suffix that’s reserved for girls or children, unless they’re extremely close to each other. He doesn’t even call Iwaizumi, his best friend since they were kids, by his first name, granted he does have a cute/silly nickname for him. 

But that’s not all of it. 

Oikawa also refers to Kageyama as simply “Tobio” when talking about him to others. 

Which leads me to my original reason for writing this: what if Oikawa slipped up and referred to him as “Tobio” to someone who doesn’t know Kageyama’s first name? For example, someone who hadn’t been present during the two matches they first played against Karasuno? Someone like Kyotani Kentarou. 

Now, just picture the Seijoh team having a meeting right before their last match against Karasuno, and Oikawa mentioning something like “Beware of Tobio” or whatever. And Kyotani’s there looking puzzled and wondering out loud just who the hell is this “Tobio” that Oikawa talks about so much? 

“Is he your boyfriend or something?”

“What?! Why would you say that?!”

“Well, for starters, you call him by his first name, and you talk an awful lot about him. And you also call him your ‘cute underclassman.’ You’ve got to at least have a crush on him.”

Silence fills the room. Everyone seems to slowly realize the truth in Kyotani’s words. Oikawa runs away crying. 

Forgive me for making this so long and silly orz. Y’all already know I’ll forever be OiKage trash, and even if you don’t ship them, you gotta admit those two have a very peculiar kind of relationship.

I’m in a terrible art/writing slump. It feels like the worst one ever. It’s difficult trying to find the energy and inspiration to draw and write after working all day doing things that don’t remotely interest me. I just feel so drained and usually, I turn to art for relief, but everything I draw lately ends up looking like I drew with my feet. And everything I write is absolute drivel. Not even drivel. “Drivel” is generous. It’s more like fever-induced poo. 

Logically, I know this isn’t the case, but I’m incredibly neurotic so my brain translates “I’m tired and therefore incapable of drawing at the moment” to “YOU LOST IT YOU WILL NEVER DRAW AGAIN THAT’S IT PARTY’S OVER.”


Creative constipation is the WORST.

………Okay, actual constipation is probably the worst, but GRANT ME MY MISERY AND PERMIT ME TO WALLOW.

I’m starting to get really tired of Italian Youtube. I have adblock installed on my laptop, but whenever I use my phone to watch stuff on Youtube I get ads. Those ads are ALWAYS some pregnancy test/baby food/baby stuff ads. Google must be like “hey, you’re a 20-something-year-old-female, here’s something for you!”. Not only that but Youtube has also started to put cheesy Italian songs in my autoplay. One moment I might be listening to Amon Amarth and the next moment it’s Amore Amore something. Seriously.

anonymous asked:

i honestly dont see how dean can make a full 180degree turn on 'accident'? i feel like if dean acttually intended to murder sam it wouldve been addressed. this spec rn i hate to say reminds me of "dean only told cas he needs him so cas can heal sam"

The thing is though, if you check my ‘Brother’s Keeper’ post from before I read that meta, I already thought Dean had hit Death by mistake even without understanding it completely. The only thing that makes sense to me now, is the rest of the explanation, the contextualization of the mistake. But I already thought he’d done it by mistake simply by the way it looked.

It wasn’t addressed because as soon as we’re done seeing Sam and Dean’s horrified and surprised faces we switch back to Rowena&co. She casts the spell, we go back to Dean who is near his bag/the table and Sam who still looks kinda out of it. Keep in mind that Death was supposed to take Dean to somewhere he couldn’t hurt anybody nor go back on his own, so the problem is not just that Sam is still alive, it’s also that Death is no longer there for the second part of the plan. Dean is hit by the spell a second later, at which point the priority becomes gauging the damage and then, well, running for their lives.

Rewatching the scene, that explanation is the one that makes the most sense to me, especially because both Dean and Sam explicitly agree to killing Sam right until the moment Dean swings.