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dumb but serious question: do fat activists want to be fat (potentially lifelong desire) or are they just making the best of their life situations (not to imply that it is a negative experience for these individuals to be fat)? i hope this is as offensive-free as it can be :x plz direct me to or educate me on language if necessary.

not a dumb question, I think I get what you mean

I THINK (pls feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) that you’re asking if fat activists work to maintain their fatness, or if they’re trying to self-care in a world that is downright nasty to them about a bodily reality they shouldn’t need to change in order to be treated well

and I think that I can’t speak for all fat activists!

but for me, my bodily reality is that I am fat and always have been, and I don’t think that I should subsequently be treated as less than human. I don’t think any person should be treated as less than human, regardless of their bodily reality. 

in my experience and with my activism, it’s less about “wanting to be fat” and more about accepting yourself as you are, and loving the person you are, body included

honestly, if someone were to tell me tomorrow that they could wave a magic wand and I would be thin, that would be a really tough thing to turn down, just because I know that a lot of things about my life would be easier. but what I would RATHER is that all people, regardless of body size or race or gender identity or sexuality, were treated well and with compassion.

I hope this answers your question!



also I wanna see gifs of it plz, because it’s great. lol. 

It’s like he’s just throwing his keys in the air, wasting time, because he knows he’s got to go back and finish what he started.

For a moment, he thought he could just be happy with Lisa and forget about everything… but it just doesn’t work that way..

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Can i ask u a rec about sourin fic?

HI SURE!! i actually havent read many sourin fics that i like LMFAO T_T im rly rly picky i find that a lot of sourin fics are multiship… as in they include a lot of other pairings n stuff too AND I CANT DEAL WITH MULTISHIP FICS (most of the time… there r exception to rly good ones tho O_O) I NEED TO FOCUS IN THAT SINGLE SHIP WHEN I READ THEIR FICS……. i just find that multiship makes it feel weird n more unrealistic than it already is LOLLL 

rec me sourin fics also plz T_T