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ON THE TOPIC OF "ANTS" I have spent my ENTIRE LIFE knowing about red velvet ants and how much it hurts when they bite and that they are to Be Avoided even though they're p neat looking. I ONLY JUST FOUND OUT YESTERDAY THAT THEY'RE NOT ANTS. THEY'RE NOT ANTS AT ALL. THEY'RE WASPS. SNEAKY WASPS PRETENDING TO BE ANTS I'm so ???? over this how have I spent over TWO DECADES not knowing this about something in my life.

u ok Noel??

I’m having a mini breakdown over sirius and james okay because whether their relationship was platonic or not sirius black was so in love with james potter, he was his brother and his best friend his good when everything else was bad he was the first person he went to after he ran away from home and the first person to find his best friend lying dead. he was prepared to KILL a man who used to be a good friend for james and chances are he would have done the same to remus if it were him that betrayed the potters. james was probably the first time sirius ever felt loved and wanted and everything just hurts because THINK how much sirius lost that night think about how he never forgave himself even after years think about how he was ok with going to prison because it was probably better than ever living a life without james potter, he could have transformed into a dog a lot sooner and escaped but he didn’t because he felt like he DESERVED to be in that cell. he went from doing everything with james to doing absolutely nothing just over night

sirius and james’ friendship is so painfully sad I need to calm down and go make myself a cup of tea

  • Mum:Why are you making funny voices?
  • Me:Oh, I'm just reading up my dialogue.
  • Mum:With voices?
  • Me:Yeah, I have a Sherlock voice and a Molly voice.
  • Mum:...

Abdul Ndadi is an animator from Ghana and a graduate from the School of Visual Arts, NY class of 2013.  He’s created an animation film entitled Orisha’s Journey (2014) which will be shown at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan (21st August 2014 - 25th August 2014).

Orisha’s Journey is a fantasy tale of a girl’s journey through the spirit world (‘Orisha’ denotes a spirit in Nigerian Yoruba cosmology), who must learn about the importance of remembering one’s roots. The film, set in a mysterious walking forest, explores the power of a child’s imagination and the deep meanings and manifestations of Africa.

The film is based on African folklore. I want to show another side to Africa besides safaris, so I explore different aspects of different countries around Africa in order to give the viewer a pan-African experience. It’s important to me that Africans feel that no matter where they’re from, they’re part of my film. In the West, there is not a lot of exposure to real Africans  — most people only go as far as The Lion King.  I want to take people farther, to create a deeper meaning. There is a word in Ghanaian: “Sankofa” – it means to return that which was lost. It is a symbol for not forgetting your roots and learning from the past. It is said that a tree without roots cannot stand. - Abdul Ndadi


I think making Blitz with bendy arms was the most fun I’ve had making a figure in a long time. o3o 

I derped around with him quite a bit, but I think he turned out quite cute!! His arms are very fun to play with. These are some of my favorite shots of him~