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Maybe Secrets wanted Melody to live. Which is why he made Finnick a deal. Which is why she got reincarnated first. Which is why he made Finnick and Terry suffer, jealous they could be with Melody, and he couldn't be with his beloved Meridith...

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Hey, I need some help. I just realized the dangers of leaving amethyst in the sun, and one of mine became pretty faded. Do you know if this is reversible? Also, which crystals besides amethyst shouldn't be left in the sun? (I normally keep my crystals on a windowsill)

Hi! Oooo yes. With time of leaving it in the sun the color can fade and unfortunately you can’t reverse it! Basically any crystal with color will not do good in the sun. The first few times it might look okay but with time the color will fade. You can leave it in indirect sunlight or in shade and they should be fine :) Also selenite doesn’t do good in water so I assume that it wouldn’t do good in the sun either because it is a very fragile specimen! :) 

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oooo. whats about sexualizing yhe robots in genersl is that bad? because if u take away the school uniform yhing theure. robots right. i know nothing abt this

im posting this publically and saying its ok to reblog to clear stuff up for people!!

-its ok to sexualize robots! fuckening do it. more power to you.

-it’s not ok to sexualize school uniforms and underage relationships. thats bad and pedophilia. dont do it!!

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I had dream that I was in the movie 'Jennifer's body' and I had just saved Colin from Jennifer and we were driving away from that creepy area we went over to the bijou and seen 'rocky horror' like he wanted and I went down on him while in the theatre to get his mind off of things: hottest dream ever

sounds like a nice dream???? but one time i had a dream that i was on fire and THAT was the hottest dream ever i was burning oooo hot


“Lana, as refreshing as it is to see you letting your hair down for a change, I also don’t want to get a phone call at two in the morning asking me to come pick you up. Maybe I should make you some coffee.” 

          ‘ N——oooo. No, no–I don’t need coffee.
           You just need a drink.  And upon those
           words, she’s offering  her  half-finished
           beer out to him.