tigerboydean said:

Gabriel knows how much Cas loves cats, so he makes sure Dean wakes up one morning with cat ears. Cas can't stop stroking them and Gabriel gets a good laugh. (fluff or prompt. No idea. Just cuteness)

Oooo, always down for cat ears!! uvu 


yeederrr said:

Can our pops be friends?


Cas: *gaaaaasp*  You wanna be our FRIENDS??????


Cas: We could PLAY, an’ you could meet our NEW FRIEND, BITEY McBITERSON….

Dean: Now, Cas, hold yer horses there.


Cas: Hello, Dean.  What’s th’ matter?

Dean: Cas, don’t you know about makin’ friends over TH’ INTARNETS?

Cas: No, Dean.  Why don’t you give me a well-intentioned lecture about it that I’ll hardly listen to!


Dean: Welp, seems like you don’t know th’ first thing about folks you meet over th’ INTARNETS.

Cas: Oooo!

Dean: Why, for all we know, they could be into a whole buncha CREEPY, SATANIC STUFF!  In which case…



Cas: YAY!!!!

Sam: You could play with our doggie!

Crowley: She’s not your doggie.

Juliet: Wurf.

I was showing a friend fanart I found of the stardust crusaders cast as ponies and they were like “come to think of it, all the main stands in stardust have pretty pony-ish names” and I’m like :OOOO YOU’RE RIGHT, emerald splash, hermit purple, etc are all two-word names like pony names haha

Ödev molası diye salona gittim. A Me Ne Ke Oooo!!! Gitmez olaydım!!! Annemler kelime oyunu oynarken Kaçak'ı açmış. Koltuğa oturup Tv'ye bi baktım: Yağmur. Hemde yüzü tam ekran. Oturduğum gibi kalkıp odama döndüm. Ağlattılaaaaaaağğğğ

oooo lmao i might actually get rlly mad if people completely ignore or disregard the next episode just because its rin and haru and completely ignore the blatant character development thats going to happen in that episode just because its rin and haru oOOOooo man

anonymous said:

My sisters baby shower is coming up soon and i have no clue what to wear. We aren't having it out anywhere too special but i still want to look nice in most likely a dress. What kind of look should i go for? Thanks

Oooo I’d wear a maxi dress or a flowy dress or boyfriend jeans/tailored trousers and a white blouse! Depends on where you’re going but I think you should definitely go for a casual spring look? Something thats comfortable and an uplifting light colour. 

  1. Midi Dress with V Neck
  2. Midi Cami Dress (Super cheap and my fave)
  3. Botanical Scuba Dress
  4. Grecian Wrap Dress
  5. Jersey Midi
  6. 3/4 Sleeve shirt
  7. Kimono Blouse
  8. Ridley High Waist Jeans
  9. High Waist Slim Mom Jeans
  10. Mid Wash Blue With Ripped Knee

anonymous said:

M!A: Mario is punch-drunk and actually drunk for 3 hours.


" Oooo….Long hair and I get to walk on-a the air?"

Mario said with a light blush on his face. 

" Mumamia…."

The plumber began to walk forward in a daze. His movements were loose, free, and very….well, uncoordinated. Mario seemed to enjoy the feeling despite how sudden it was.