In one of the most iconic images of the Korean War, if not the history of the United States Marine Corps, 2nd Lt. Baldomero López scales the seawall at Inchon on Sept. 15th, 1950. Mere minutes after the photo was taken however, Lopez would be killed in action, jumping on a grenade that he had dropped, after being struck by North Korean fire, in the act of throwing it. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

(National Archives)

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Just because someone else finds some topic important and you don't, doesn't give you the right to dismiss their concerns as pointless drama. And it being his birthday doesn't excuse his behavior or make him immune from criticism for one day or whatever.

It’s pointless drama in my opinion. There’s seriously no reason to make drama out of it. You guys find anything to get attention and start shit out of it. Mainly when it’s not your fight to began with. Seriously stop stepping into other people’s shit, let them deal with it. You guys are making it unnecessarily bigger than it has to be. I honestly don’t see him hurting anyone or being offensive, but apparently people like you make a big deal out of nothing. Seriously grow up. If you’re so angry at him or you’re starting to hate him, just ignore him and move on it’s not that hard. However you think you’re always “right" because you’re safe in your little home. This is NOT your fight.

You might think you’re all high and mighty because you’re sitting behind your computer screen and no one can attack you or see you, but it literally makes you nothing. Since you’re hiding behind anon it just makes it sad and pathetic in my book. How are you even going to survive the real world, when you take one little thing, even if it’s not your problem, and create a big show out of it. Once you finally step outside of your house because hun, outside there’s a lot of assholes and say worse things. You crying and whining about it isn’t going to change anything because people don’t give two fucks about it or you. Learn to not take things so personally.

We all know that compulsively checking Facebook everyday may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but it turns out it may be doing more damage than we thought.

According to new research, if you are exposed to homophobic content on social networks it will threaten your well-being by eroding your trust in the rest of society.

Scientists from the Sapienza University of Rome and the Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg surveyed data from 50,000 people in 24,000 Italian households which looked at internet and social network use, as well as self-reported levels of happiness and self-esteem.

Social networks increased the risk of being exposed to ‘offensive behaviors’, they found, which could have a harmful effect on people.

'In online discussions with unknown others, individuals more easily indulge in aggressive and disrespectful behaviors,' the researchers said.

'Online networks also are a fertile ground for spreading harmful, offensive, or controversial contents often lying at the verge between free speech and hate speech.'

The results also suggested seeing such comments, as well as racist or misogynistic posts, decreased people’s happiness and general satisfaction with their lives overall.

As part of the research, an experiment was done using a group of 82 people who were sent text messages five times a day and were asked to reply explaining how they felt at that moment, and how satisfied they were in their life.

If they used Facebook, the results were more likely to be on the unhappy end of the scale.

'On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection,' said Ethan Kross, a social psychologist at the University of Michigan.

'But rather than enhance well-being, we found that Facebook use predicts the opposite result – it undermines it.'

am I actually being offensive or are they just being over dramatic and need to grow up - a novel by every tumblr user that has ever posted anything or expressed an opinion 

Can white girls please stop backing up Jennifer Lawrence on the whole nude pic thing? It’s her fault the entire thing happened because rule number 1 of naked pics is if they exist, someone will inevitably leak them. It’s naive and immature to expect, especially with the fame she has, that they wouldn’t be leaked at some point and to get upset that the anonymous leaker is not being shamed is ridiculous. There is no possible way to shame someone who is anonymous and to get all fucking heated about it is irrational. Additionally, getting upset and calling this “a perpetuation of rape culture” is also bullshit. It drives me crazy that women and feminists see nothing wrong with, or complain about, Man Crush Mondays yet as soon as some girls boobs pop up it’s an offense against all females. It’s human nature to enjoy the human form and if a famous person is dumb enough to take or send naked pics, they should be prepared for something like this to happen.

I think about this Sister Souljah interview a lot and how much I despised Cornell West’s response and overall attitude towards her. Like she only dropped knowledge upon knowledge on all of em, especially when she said all the institutions in place today do not really help the black people that need help including those that Cornell West aligns himself with (where’s the lie?) and Cornell took great offense to that and basically looked like he was trying to shut her up and make his point without even letting her finish. Idk, it rubbed me the wrong way seeing him react like that. I guess I’d expect a little more of a cosign from him considering how on point and relevant she was, like her points still make sense today..

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Your URL is offensive. Just because people are pro-life and you are not, doesn't mean you should tell them that they should "shut the f*ck up." Freedom of speech means that they have every right to share their opinion, whether or not you agree.

Freedom of speech actually means that you are within your rights to speak or publish what you believe without the Government punishing you.

I’m not the Government.  I can tell people to shut the fuck up if I want.  Because freedom of speech, you know~

hi okay so basically this is a request (and reasoning) for all of you to stop calling 5sos daddy.

and before you say anything, no, i am not saying that daddy kink is weird or creepy or any of those things. to each his own. but there’s a difference between having a daddy kink, which is established between you and whoever you’re having sexual relations with, and calling a band member that you don’t know “daddy.”

if 5sos didn’t know about fans doing this, maybe i wouldn’t be asking people to stop, but they’ve noticed and ashton said that he (personally) finds it offensive and weird. he asked people to stop.


but did people respect his wishes and stop? no. people continue to tweet him and indirect him calling him daddy, and dozens of people on tumblr post things doing the same. he asked people to stop.

this is almost the exact same situation we were in a few months ago with calum and racist jokes, but that time people stopped (for the most part). this shouldn’t be any different. we should all be respecting ashton and just stop.

and to people who say it’s okay to call ashton daddy because calum did - calum did it as a joke. not to mention that he actually knows ashton, which makes it a hell of a lot less weird.

and just to clarify once more, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a daddy kink. but a daddy kink is established between two consentingindividuals, and if one of those individuals requested that it end, it would.

none of the boys have stated that they’re okay with being called daddy, and so we should assume (or, in ashton’s case, know for a fact) that they’d prefer that we didn’t. unless they blatantly say that they’re okay with it, no one should be calling them daddy.

so, basically, please stop calling 5sos daddy. the end.

someone has leaked at least 4 celebrity’s nudes today, without their consent or permission, and is attempting to sell them to the press. this is a disgusting epidemic. these women are being preyed on; their private property is being hacked and their bodies are being violated. they are victims, and yet i’m still seeing people joking about this serious criminal offense and slut-shaming these poor women for doing something that isn’t anyone’s business but their own.

grow up and realize that women are human beings, and that using their bodies against them to suppress and persecute them is some seriously foul shit.

do you guys have that friend, that like, is always negative? literally all they do is complain about their life (and like, you hate thinking this way, but compared to yours their life is great) and all they talk about their life issues so it really gets you down and flat out annoyed but you can’t stop being their friend for whatever reason??

When people ask my why I’m a feminist it’s because when peoples extremely private photos get leaked by some sick fuck, people respond like this. They are not hoes or narcissistic for taking such photos or is it something for you to creepily jack off over. They are women who took these photos in the privacy of their own home, perhaps to share with a loved one. For whatever reason just because they’re a celebrity doesn’t make it ok to leak and spread such sensitive photos. So let’s be proactive about this - unfollow and report any blogs that post these offensive images and show people that this is not an alright thing to do.