On this day, 23 years ago, Ayrton Senna was crowned a triple world champion after finishing second in Japan.

Senna had arrived in Japan 16 points ahead of Nigel Mansell. After qualifying, Berger had clinched pole position with Senna in second and Mansell in third.

The strategy for McLaren was to let Berger keep the lead, with Senna behind holding Mansell back. On the 9th lap, the Brit tried to overtake the Brazilian but couldn’t control the car and spun. His hopes were over.

Senna said: “I saw the whole thing through my rear view mirror and admit that I wasn’t sad. In that moment I thought, ‘yes, now I can race the way I like to: in high gear and to win’. I was focused on the title. That was the opportunity I had been waiting for. There was no better way to win the world title than that: winning the Grand Prix as I did in 1988, in Japan. And I was just about to do so when Ron Dennis called me on the radio. I asked him to repeat the message and, once again, I couldn’t hear it very well. Then I decided to take my foot off the gas and let Berger pass.”

What Ron had asked him was to let Berger win the race. Senna: “If I’d said I hadn’t understood the request, everyone would have believed it. But Berger gave a beautiful performance and deserved to win as much as I did.”

askbohemiancompany said:

Gwen was wandering around, still getting used to her dusknoir form when she spotted a sawsbucktaur. She remember Nigel had rambled on about some "sawsbuck freak" beating him senseless, so she figured she would at least investigate that. "I heard from an associate that a sawbucktaur beat him senseless after he was 'talking to some kid'. Would you happen to be that one? I'm not mad, just curious."

Cherub had been reading in the forest clearing when the Dusknoir approached her. She looked up at her with a smile, though that expression soon faded to disappointment when the topic of Nigel came up.


"Oi. You’re not talking about that Clefable asshole, are you?" She shook her head angrily, a heavy sigh escaping her snout. "Yes, I beat him up. No, he was not just ‘talking to some kid.’ The bastard was literally saying he would put my whole freak family out of its misery, like we needed to die to end our ‘suffering.’ Be mad or not, but he deserved every bruise he got for threatening my family. That was my warning that he’d best not show his face around here."


"Wait, you work with that douchenozzle? Arceus, I feel more sorry for you than myself, having to put up with him every day…”

‘Leaders committed a cardinal sin, opened the borders let them all come in,’ sings former Radio 1 DJ in faux-Caribbean accent

How can your fake Caribbean accent sound so bad that it sounds like you’re from fucking Yorkshire. Who allowed this to happen? Because it’s not very humorous; it’s not very ‘Jamaican’ as people (read: white people) have put it. It’s pretty much a blatantly offensive thing that exists.

So ah, Mama tried to call me and it went through to voicemail. She didn’t realize, and proceeded to leave me a 3 minute long voicemail of her talking to her friend about how they need to clean our dogs butt glands. 



Current favourite Mads Mikkelsen roles:

  • Lucas - The Hunt
  • Nigel - Charlie Countryman
  • Allan Fischer - Rejseholdet
  • One Eye - Valhalla Rising
  • Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal
  • Jon - The Salvation
  • Tristan - King Arthur
  • Johann Friedrich Struensee - A Royal Affair
  • Svend - The Green Butchers