My Parents Decided to Watch Transformers Prime PART 3

You learn a lot about people by watching cartoons with them


Mom: “I think Megatron and Optimus are two sides of the same being.”

Dad: “In some states, they can get married!”


*Optimus and Megatron are fighting*

*Optimus pins Megatron to the ground*

Dad: “Then they kiss, right? I’ve seen this movie.”


Knockout: “Breakdown may not look it, but he’s a maestro behind the rotary buffer.”

Dad: “Ew! I don’t need to… that’s TMI.”


Me: “That was pretty funny when Megatron threw those two guys off the ship, expecting them to fly away, then one of them turned out to be a car and fell to his death.”

Mom: “He does what we all wish we could do, but know we couldn’t get away with.”

Me: UHHH?? Mom…?!


G1 Transformers Episode 1 Season 1: More than meets the Eye, Part 1

Two days ago, this blog reached 3000 amazing followers , which is more than I could’ve ever hoped for. There is no way I could thank all of you for your support and kind words, but I’ll try to anyway.

As a thank you, I will go through with a project I’ve been meaning to do for some time now, and I will recap every single G1 episode.

Not every episode is easy to make fun of, not every episode is pure gold like “A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court” or “Carnage in C-minor”, but every episode is magical in its own way, and even the genuinely good ones have a whole bunch of nonsense and silly lines in them. This is both a thank you to all of you, as well as an expression for my appreciation and love for this cartoon.

Season 1 is relatively tame and I will try my best to make the recaps of those episodes somewhat enjoyable, because Season 1 is actually not bad and things only really took a turn for the fantastical nonsense in Season 2 and onwards. I hope you’ll enjoy these comics, and I will still make short G1 comics like I’ve done so far.

This is for those who have seen the cartoon and aren’t sure if this show really exists (spoiler: it does) and for those who haven’t seen it and just want to have a very short version of it. I will leave out things on purpose so you can still watch the show and experience a whole bunch of strange dialogues and horrible evil plans that go nowhere without having everything spoiled here.

Thank you guys so much for these past 10 months, they’ve been amazing for me and I hope you’ll stay for some more!

(btw I apologize for all errors etc, I’ve been making this for 8 hours straight and I’m a bit exhausted now)


Why do we have it and why haven’t we used it before?

Oh no, this was actually funny in my head.

I like to think that Megs sometimes loses himself in his hatred for Prime and he’s so focussed that he does things like these in his spare time. I just love that he had this fully functional model in his closet and never bothered to mention it to anybody.

Screenshots are from G1 Transformers “The Ultimate Doom Part 1”.