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Hey there! I love your blog, and thank you for making me want to journal more! I was wondering if you have any tips for beginners @ journaling? also, will you have a challenge in February?? I hope you do because I want to try it! Also, tips on bullet journaling? I want to do it as a way to keep up with everyday life but I'm not quite sure how to go about it, and the video by the creator of it isn't very clear... Thanks for everything and keep up with the awesome blog (you can make this public!)

Hi there, bee! (I occasionally give my friends endearing nicknames sometimes. I hope you don’t mind!) Thanks for stopping by and sending me this sweet (like honey!) message. 

I do have a lot of tips for journaling for beginners. Look here and feel free to look through my FAQ page whenever you’d like.

For Bullet Journaling, This is an amazing link I reblogged not long ago that should definitely answer your questions. Send your compliments to the original creator, because I think it’s fantastic! 

As for the February Journal Challenge, I guess since the January Journal Challenge is over, I’m very happy to announce THERE WILL BE ONE!!!

Cat’s outta the bag. If you missed the very first challenge, this one’s for you!

Hope you’re well today. :)

Commissions are OPEN!

Commissions are finally open, guys! I have a hectic schedule this semester because I am working on my thesis. But a girl’s gotta eat! I will be accepting only 3 SLOTS currently, to make my workload more manageable. Please message me via Tumblr Ask if you are interested!


2.) OPEN!

3.) OPEN!

For more information on how things are done, take a look at my shiny new commissions page! Please do take the time to read through this page first before commissioning me!! :D

As always, you guys are the BEST and ily okay? Okay. <333

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WOW how GENIUS you two figured out how to fucking put TEXT on PICTURE aren't you just the next Einstein why don't we all fall on our knees at your feet??

hi there! thanks for taking time out of your day to look around my page for nearly 20 minutes (x), i hope you enjoyed yourself. c: i’m not quite sure how you got the idea that i think i’m brilliant because of how i’m deciding to do my reply formatting? i had two people come to my inbox and compliment me and i said thank you, but that’s all that has been said on the matter. never once did i brag or make myself come across like i was better or ‘smarter’ than anyone else because of how i’ve chosen to do my replies (a method that i clearly said that i didn’t come up with and never once took credit for). i’m not sure why it’s an issue that concerns you, but if something as simple as how i’m choosing to do my replies offends you then you should probably step away from your computer for awhile and reevaluate your life choices.

thanks to a handy little thing called statcounter, i know that your IP address is and that you’re located in Bossier City, Louisiana (x). unfortunately, i can’t exactly narrow down just who you are with the information i have, but any further trips to my page will be tracked and make it easier for me to figure out who you are.

if you were trying to offend or hurt me, i’m sorry to say that you failed. better luck next time. i’m here to do something i love and that’s roleplay. how i choose to do it is absolutely none of your business. i suggest you worry more about your own page than mine. have a nice evening!

To that person from Bergen who often looks at my page: Yes I will marry you, I don’t care if you’re 900 pounds and 80 years old. When can I move in

so i think, just like everybody else in the phandom, i am 100% terrified of how many people there now are

but i think

my favorite thing 

would be

the amount

of new

and fucking amazing


that now


so even though

i am scared of the phandom’s size

the art is flawless

and i just wanna say

thank you so much for that


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