First love, my unforgettable love
Why does it hurt so much? Am I the only one who remembers?
First love, I call out to you with this desperate voice
Until it can reach you, until always... I close my eyes in this moment, tears flow in this moment
Why am I so pathetic, still not over you?
Without a choice, I’ll pray for your happiness...♡
Caps by lovely sakuraboobs ^^

Looking through old pictures on my hard drive from back when I used to admin a popular Legend of Korra facebook page called Mako’s Scarf. I would post under the name “Aunt Jay” and spam feeds with shippy fanart and bad screencapped meme jokes. The page only existed for the original airing of Book 1, as a different owner deleted the page (and wouldn’t transfer ownership to me… along with some weird stuff).

In any case sato-mobile cuz yeah


一樹らい draws the absolute BEST fluffy kagehina doujins (always full length as well, god bless) but I never knew she once did a super angsty Oikawa x Kageyama x Hinata story (“そのイロのカケラをひろって”)!!!! 

The plot is so freaking tight (+ the art is on point as usual!!! There is nothing I love more than canon looking fanart!!!!!), it 100% misleads you into thinking a ton of awful nasty shit happens between them and that Oikawa is a massive jerk manipulating Kageyama/assulting Hinata etc (I totally gasped at the volume 1 cliffhanger and was ready to smash Oikawa’s head in), but then the truth comes out and he is still that secretly sweet idiot we love and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY HEART CAN’T HANDLE THE ABOVE PAGES!!!!!!!!!! 


Scanlations for the 2 volumes of this doujin are available here, but Oikawa x Kageyama angst feeds my soul and my life will not be complete unless I have the hardcopy in my hands…. but OF COURSE THEY ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT. God fucking daaaaaamn why good things never get restocked in Japan??? :(((((((( It’s a real case of yelling TAKE MY MONEY into a black hole sobs

5sos ships (☉‿☉✿)

hey hi ho, it’s shipping time with jade! (because there’s people coming over and i need something to look forward to).

here’s what u gotta do:

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what you’ll get:

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A brief overview of vaporwave as a whole?

Where can I download vaporwave albums?

Favorite vaporwave albums on Dream Catalogue?

Any tips for a beginner vaporwave artist?

What else does the genre have to offer besides slowed down shitty 80s samples?

What does a bad vaporwave cover look like?

Where do I even begin with James Ferarro?

What do you think is the future of vaporwave?

What is your opinion on Macintosh plus? (1) (2)

Top 5 vaporwave albums?

saideschain asked:

Hi Joe, about two-three years ago I finished a first draft of a novel as part of my MA portfolio. The director and the external evaluator liked it and told me I should redraft it but I've been struggling with that because when I try to edit I feel like just deleting everything because of crippling self-doubt among other things. What's your approach in redrafting a novel? Looking forward to The Fireman, by the way

I do at least one draft in which I rewrite every single page, every single line, from scratch. No cutting, no pasting. Fuck that.

I ask myself relentlessly, what’s awesome in this scene? On this page? In this paragraph? If I can’t find something awesome it has to go. I’m an impatient reader myself and can’t stand to be bored.

I remember I was on Tumblr when I found out Davy died. I think dgrace29 was the one who told me, she said she saw something about it on Twitter and we all didn’t believe it was real at first.

I also remember crying the rest of the afternoon at work in my cubicle. There are like, hundreds of pages of my blog I can’t even look at anymore because they’re all from the weeks after Davy died. I miss Davy so much, he was such a great guy and was so full of life and sass and energy and honestly, it’s just not the same without him.

I wrote a tribute for him when he died and I’ll reblog it again today, I think it’s important to recognize his role in the Monkees and what he was willing to do for the other guys, his brothers basically. Davy Jones was the “Justin Timberlake” of the group in the sense that he was above and beyond the most popular, most famous member in the 1960s, and Davy in his actions never showed that. He never tried to go solo. When the boys needed him to back them up in their Kirshner fight, he was there for them at the cost of what would have been easy pop music success. I love ya Davy and I really miss you. 

adurot asked:

I'm opposed to shiny pink weapons. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm obviously a fan of pink, but making weapons look like toys is a bad idea.

I kinda think it’s a worse idea to allow them to be seen or accessed by those who would view them as toys.

Like, if I have a pink hunting rifle, and I leave it out for some kid to think it’s a toy, it’s neither the kid’s nor the gun’s fault if little Sally paints the wall with what used to be her temporal and parietal lobes.  It would be my fault for not having that gun locked up and secured so that it couldn’t fall into stubby little child hands.

Sex toys are all sorts of colors.  We get Carol Wright catalogs in the mail, and you can be browsing, looking at tacky table covers and bogus weight loss pills, and then you turn the page to see a whole section dedicated to sex toys.  Some are pink, some are purple, some are blue—some are even glittery!  Some look sort of like rockets, and others look like something that you’d expect to find hunting for krill at the bottom of the sea.  Maybe it’s not as dangerous as a gun, but it’s something else for adults that could easily be mistaken for a toy.

Just saying.  It’s not what the weapon looks like:  It’s whether or not you’re responsible with it.

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I mean…the real issue here is the appropriation of real religious and spiritual practices, but the word “witch” is just another word for a female mage and it’s prevalent throughout fantasy as a whole. Not just Harry Potter?

well there’s always sorceress. but i only use HP bc i’m saying HP-esque magic, i.e. patronus, turning ppl into toads and stuff. they r completely fictional. but these ppl r actually pulling from ACTUAL witchcraft with runes & other shit like that n that’s my point.like have fun with ur frogs and cauldrons and whatever u dont need to borrow shit from the actual craft


currently looking for blogs to follow, so please LIKE & REBLOG so that i may tell you about our lord and savior suicune check out your blog!
as a sidenote—my about page is currently a work in progress as i am still doing a bit more research into eusine’s character and replaying soulsilver! it should be all up this weekend! )

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hi i'm sorry to send you an ask but i was pretty deep in the archive (at about 550) and i accidentally closed my browser and now i cant get back. Is there any way to get to an the page other than the search bar? i dont want to have to press next 500 times. I looked through the FAQ several times and i couldnt find anything about this. Thank you for your work on the blog

see this link


change the ‘8’ at the end to what ever page you want to go to



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Ok so I asked you a while ago if you would make an online comic book or have all your pictures of the darkpath au on a separate link but now looking again I realized that yOU NEED TO MAKE AN ONLINE COMIC OR A SEPARATE LINK LEADING TO ALL OF YOU PICTURES OF THE DARKPATH AU PLEASE OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH

You’re in luck because I’m currently working on a page on my blog dedicated to it with reference sources, info breakdown of each character, and a backstory. It’s gonna be up eventually (not tonight because i’m super tired and may go pass out soon), along with a new blog theme. :>

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m looking for some new friends and maybe something more if it presents itself. I’m a queer ftm living in GA and am going to school to be a school counselor. I’m also big goofball softie who loves music and dogs (as you could tell if you look at my page). I’d definitely be happy to entertain good conversation from pretty much anyone who might want to talk. :)

You can find me at jrnyofmylifetime.tumblr.com