Omg their faces. .

Cal is like ”Just smile, smile to the camera.”

And Jorge is like ”Damn that chick is finee..”

Dani is ”Why am I the smallest? I do not like that bastards around me…”

Marc is like ”I’m still the fastest. I’m not gonna let you win.”

Vale is just ”I’m proud to be the mentor of this small fucking bastard standing here with me. He’s a bastard, but we’re friends.”

And finally, Bradley is like ”Try not to blush. Oh Vale, why are you so perfect?”

In the wide realm of the world there are ancient forms, incorruptible and eternal forms – any one of them might be the symbol that I sought. A mountain might be the word of the god, or a river or the empire or the arrangement of the stars. And yet, in the course of the centuries mountains are levelled and the path of a river is many times diverted, and empires know mutability and ruin, and the design of the stars is altered. In the firmament there is change. The mountain and the star are individuals, and the life of an individual runs out. I sought something more tenacious, more invulnerable. I thought of the generations of grain, of grasses, of birds, of men. Perhaps the spell was written upon my very face, perhaps I myself was the object of my search. Amid those keen imaginings was I when I recalled that one of the names of the god was jaguar – tigre.

At that, my soul was filled with holiness. I imagined to myself the first morning of time, imagined my god entrusting the message to the living flesh of the jaguars, who would love one another and engender one another endlessly, in caverns, in cane fields, on islands, so that the last men might receive it. I imagined to myself that web of tigers, that hot labyrinth of tigers, bringing terror to the plains and pastures in order to preserve the design. In another cell, there was a jaguar; in its proximity I sensed a confirmation of my conjecture, and a secret blessing.

—  The Writing of God, Jorge Luis Borges

ppphbt scary monsters!jojo art that i did for rps, the first piece was the concept art and the last piece is the final design. overall im really happy about how this came out art and design wise? plus the fluffy mane is to die for!


also the context of this is that its obviously jonathan joestar set in some skewered jorge joestar level steel ball run timeline and he had to go to america for archaeology work and he came across the corpse eyes by accident whilst working on the cliff, and well,



Portugal é o país mais representado na lista dos 32 treinadores que disputarão a fase de grupos da Champions 14/15.

José Mourinho (Chelsea), André Villas-Boas (Zenit), Jorge Jesus (Benfica),Marco Silva (Sporting), Paulo Sousa (Basileia) e Leonardo Jardim (Monaco) conferem aos técnicos portugueses a liderança deste «ranking».

Ayer en una fiesta dije un chiste

 sobre la muerte de Jorge Ibáñez

y una chica se enojó 

y me dijo que Jorge Ibáñez

 hacia feliz

a las celebritys  

y que eso era un don

algo que pocas personas

no celebritys pueden realizar

y que además

era muy talentoso

y un ser

de luz

y después me empezó a empujar

 y me preguntó:

¿Vos podrías hacer feliz a una celibrity?

¿Si te traigo a Susana Gimenez  

ahora, le sacarías una sonrisa?

y después se fue.

y todos se me quedaron mirando


Y es verdad, si no puedo hacer

 feliz a mi gato

como voy a hacer para hacer feliz

a una celebridad.