• Louis:*digging around in his closet for a jacket. Hey, Haz?
  • Harry:*practicing his mascot moves in the bathroom mirror. Yeah babes?
  • Louis:Remember that like, long, dark greenish, jacket I wore like ages ago?
  • Harry:*hip thrusts and fist pumps. Kinda, yeah. Why?
  • Louis:Do you think it made me look tall? Like in the five, nine-ish sorta range?
  • Harry:*too distracted with dog costume excitement. Sure Lou, super.
  • Louis:*whispers to himself. Ace.
Effective Satire
  • Ask FM Question:"What, in your opinion, is the hallmark of effective satire?"
  • My Reply:"Black Twitter hashtags in response to racism and anti-Blackness in the media or on Twitter. Ones in the past like #WhiteHistoryClasses and #ABCReports. The show Black-ish. They are exquisite with this; like levels. Because I am so sure some of it White viewers miss altogether, as if the writers add that in just for Black viewers. It's so layered that there's something for every viewer. I normally don't watch sitcoms but this one is my favorite in a long time, perhaps since Girlfriends really. Effective satire has to actually be satire; not just White men with power whining about their fuckshit, demanding laughter and then responding with abuse if they do not get said laughter or are critiqued. If sociopolitical or political, it has to punch up, not down. Offers nuanced criticism with insight. Humorous, especially for the oppressed group if about an oppressed group. Not dominated by privileged voices trying to speak for the oppressed group so that when it comes out of their mouths/writing, it doesn't seem like they're just regurgitating what they would've said without a laugh track (as in, what they say when oppressed people aren't listening). Involves some hyperbole but not so much that it becomes too outlandish to connect to what the critique is really about. Not mistaken for a 'critical theory' when created by the privileged; not mistaken for 'praxis' when consumed by the privileged."

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Can you ever picture Percy smoking? Like sometimes I can because he seems punk-ish and rebellious enough to do so but then again I can't because Gabe smoked and it may bring back bad memories. And plus it's kinda gross.

No, I don’t. Sally and Annabeth wouldn’t approve. 

The Transformers Brainstorm figure doesn't’t come with his IDW briefcase...

…So I bought these together…

…and then…

Brainstorm grabbed it! Brainstorm is the new Mr. Money in the Bank! The crowd goes wild!

No but seriously, the second briefcase Damien Sandow came with will look very close once I shave off the lettering and paint it.  It’ll just be sort of large-ish.

greaser!dan and preppy(-ish)!phil (based of a picture from Grease)

please don’t repost thank you

all credit goes to kyleeandrea​ for this brilliant idea and credit to moreorlester for the tutorial on profiles and shading! (you’re one of my favorite artists so its hard not to take inspiration from you :D )

Lilly Pulitzer is preppy. It is part of a preppy uniform that announces itself from fifty paces. It is not so much a declaration of wealth as it is a perceived statement about class, lineage and attitude… Lilly Pulitzer suggests an advantage of birth. The clothes stir up scrapbook notions of ancient family trees, summer compounds, boarding school uniforms and large, granite buildings inscribed with great-great-grandfather’s name.
The clothes are, upon close inspection, not so terribly attractive. Actually, they are rather unattractive. And that is part of their charm. They are not meant to be stylish — that’s so nouveau. The clothes are clubby. Country clubby. One-percent-ish.
How To // Sophia Smith Makeup Everyday Look

So as some of you may know if you are a fan of 1D, Liam Payne is dating the lovely Sophia Smith.
She is amazing inspiration for a very nautral makeup look. She normally wears a very nautral dewy look, and for events she may add a colour lip etc. So here is a post on how to get her standart makeup look and in the next post some of her event looks! 

Everyday Look 

So her everyday look is a very nautral dewy/semi matte (sometimes matte) skin, with a very light dust of neutral pink/brown blush, a filled and shaped brow, a few coats of mascara and sometimes a brown pink-ish, neutral pink or a neutral brown lipstick. 

Since she goes for a dewy/matte foundation these are amazing! She is also going for a more light foundation look but still with a little bit of coverage. 
If you want a very light foundation the MAC face & body foundation, Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation, and the Maybelline BB cream are amazing for that. If you want more coverage you can build the MAC face & body foundation but if you want another foundation the YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation, Giorgia Armani Foundation, NARS Sheer Glow, Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is a great choice! 
It doesn’t look like she is wearing concealer because her skin is so even toned, but you can always apply and work your foundation in a little bit more where you need it! + I would recommend that you use a primer before you apply your makeup to make it last all day! Rimmel London, No.7 and YSL have great primers!

If you wanna go for a matte look Rimmel London has a great powder for that!

In some pictures it looks like she is wearing a very tiny bit of blush, just for a light colour. Sometimes it looks like a pink-ish tone if you wanna go for that look Bobbi Brown, Clinique & NARS has some really lovely blushes. If you wanna go for her more brown tone H&M, Too Faced & NARS have great colours! 
But remember she is only going for a light dust of colour, so when you apply colour to your cheeks go for a very light and quick dust! 

In all the pictures I have seen of her everyday look she has very full long lashes. To create that look you can decide only to use one coat of mascara, if you wanna go for that YSL, Lancome, and Charlotte Tilbury has some great mascara’s for that. If you wanna apply a few more coats Maybelline and Clinique has great build able mascara’s.  

Her eyebrows are quite filled and shaped but not the instagram kind of eyebrow. Her eyebrows are big from the inner corner till the arch of her brow and then it goes thin. If you are a beginner a powder or pencil is your best friend! Rimmel London makes amazing pencils and H&M makes great powders, you can also buy a single eyeshadow in your shade, I know MUA makes amazing single eyeshadows! 
If you are more on the know how to side Anastasia, ELF and Topshop make super amazing gel’s! 

Sometimes it looks like Sophia is wearing eyeshadow. It’s always neutral brown & pink shades. Wet’N’Wild, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Chanel, MAC and H&M makes some amazing single and palettes with the shades you see on Sophia! 

So to finish the look, Sophia some times wear a light brown pink-ish and sometimes just a very neutral pink or brown shade lipstick. Burberry, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC & Topshop makes great pink and brown pink-ish shades! Clinique, Topshop and MAC makes great pink shades too! 

So this is how you can recreate Sophia Smith’s makeup look! The next post will feature a few of her event looks! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! x

Fanaccs from Thailand - 200415

150419 shinee were extremely cheerful esp when the fans were screaming. there were female extras (actresses/models) and most didnt know shinee. (cr: bromhk)

150419 - in the morning, jonghyun was drinking thai iced tea from the food cart. he was singing too. (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - taemin was really energetic as he was singing when he’s continuously walking around the set. meanwhile key keeps looking at himself in the mirror often hahaha (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - onew and taemin walked in front of the fans as they waited in the filming set. taemin’s clothes were so big that he looked like a kindergartner.
onew and taemin were extremely bright! onew’s hair is pink, taemin’s hair is violet/purple into white. taemin was singing and dancing to call me baby (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - shinee kept on buying fruits from the food cart.
key would go outside to eat then go back in again (?)
minho kept on fiddling with his handphone, sitting in an airconditioned car.
key tried to say ‘thai crab curry’ in thai. (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - key was eating pork and rice (something of thai cuisine) and would look at the mirror while eating! (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - the staffs who were right beside shinee called out the fans and told them not to yell. taemin waved his hand at the fans while jonghyun waved at them as he was walking (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - jonghyun and minho walked together for a bit then came back right after. onew and taemin are always seen a lot of times. taemin also said that he wanted to eat thai crab curry.
a staff gave key water and he expressed his gratitude in thai (cr: bromhk)

150419 key was exclaiming “oh traffic jam, hurry hurry!” “watermelon smoothie, quickly quickly!” key always finishes his sentences with the words “hurry/quickly” (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - #1 a fan who came brought bento (a thai snack).
taemin saw it first; right then, jonghyun and the other members have discovered about the bento snack the fan brought as well

#2 fans: “if you want this, come and take it”
they kept on shaking the snack (as to tease) and shinee would keep on going back.

taemin poked and talked to their manager, and their manager and the other staffs started laughing. a coordi wanted to bring the bento (to shinee) but a different coordi disapproved of it

#3 while resting, key was chatting with a coordi, and the five of them were all saying “i(we) want one of that!” but still none (of the staffs) went to get the bento snack.

in a little while, the thai staffs told the fans that shinee wanted to eat the said snack. then the fans willingly bought the snack for them (and also bought taro milk tea for them). they were really cute!! their faces when they were wanting the snacks were like of children!!! especially taemin! (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - as shinee’s car passed by, the light illuminated the inside of it; taemin and key were sitting right next to each other. they were very happy and kept taking selcas among the other members (cr: bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - shinee’s (filming) in front of a building.
onew was walking and then suddenly disappeared. his hair is so pink!!!!
jonghyun is so tiny…T_T
onew is wearing the same pants lol
taemin’s wearing shorts which are til above his knees and a white shirt.
key and onew are wearing shorts (cr: chinchompoo, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - (my dad says) the staffs for today came from japan. theyre filming shinee for a behind the scene footage that’s why they came. (cr: jemeeni, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - because thailand is about 33°C, taemin’s holding his red mini fan while onew was holding a pink one! (cr bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - shinee are filming in a studio! the staffs asked the fans who were they waiting for. they couldn’t see anyone else except the pink haired guy(onew). (cr: bbeery_alcohol, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - the staffs went outside and asked the fans if they have food support theyre planning to give to shinee. shinee looked like they’re really hungry lol (cr myjk, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - good tidings! thai fans bought kfc chicken!!! for shinee!! the thai fans thought really hard… on what food they would buy to feed shinee… (cr inyoureyes, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - today shinee received kfc and dairy queen ice cream delivery! they realized they should’ve ordered from baskin robbins instead. shinee weren’t able to eat except a bit so the fans kept on sending them food. (cr maybe.print, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - !!!! early morning today, one fan witnessed onew and jonghyun peeling their clothes off because they were gonna apply lotion on themselves. that fan spilled her coffee…. (cr bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - during lunch, key was (acting) like a kindergartner while holding his plate. and he was calling jonghyun “jonghyun-ah~~” (cr bromhk)


Part I

The one before the last one, I hope the fan’s okay lol

4/20: Graduated! Well... Certified times 5!

So, today was my last day of class at my CNC trade school, Symbol Training Institute.

As of now, I’m certified in the MSSC (Safety), NIMS (National Institute of Metalworking Skills) Level 1: [Measurement, Materials, & Safety], CNC Turning Operator, CNC Milling Operator, and finally as a CNC Machinist by Symbol!

Other than waiting for my last certificate to come in from my last exam (the Milling one), I now look forward to the job fair at my school on Wednesday!

I’ll make a video soon-ish, depending on how busy I am to celebrate and update! I’m so glad I finally have something I’m genuinely interested in that’ll guarantee me a job in the trade just about anywhere! 

Also, this school and the county Workforce office that covered the school costs (that I DON’T HAVE TO PAY BACK) actually took the time to help me and listen when needed! Eat that, DeVry University! :D

He Saves You From Someone Yelling/Following You In The City (Calum/4)

Request: Hey can you do a 4/4 where you’re friends and you call them to come pick you up bc you’re out in the city alone and someone’s following/yelling at you?



“Can you show me your ID please” You say to a young-ish looking guy who just asked for a vodka and coke at the bar you work at.

“Why do I need to show you my ID?” He asks

“Because I need to make sure that you’re eighteen or over. Just regulations, that’s all.” You repeat

“Well I don’t have any ID on me. But surely you can tell I’m over eighteen” He spits

You’ve worked her long enough to know that this kid is obviously lying. You could tell the second he approached the bar.

“I can’t legally serve you if you have no ID” You state

“But that guy hasn’t had to show any ID” He argues

“I’m sorry if it seems unfair, but I am well aware that you are a young person which means I have to ask you for ID. If you are under eighteen then you should never have entered here in the first place as it’s after eight. If you are eighteen or over then I am really sorry but I can’t legally serve you if I have no proof of your age” You reply, as calmly as possible.

The boy hits the surface of the bar, “God, couldn’t you just serve me as a one off?”

And there it is, the truth is out. You were right to ask for ID because he’s just admitted to not being eighteen or over.

“No, sorry. I can’t. And now I have to ask you to leave because you’ve just admitted to being younger than eighteen” You say

He tuts, “Oh come on, my eighteenth birthday is literally in two weeks time”

“Well in that case, come back in two weeks time with ID and I will happily serve you. But for now you’re still not eighteen yet, and I’m still not allowed to serve you, and I still have to ask you to leave.” You continue “So could you please leave before I have to call security to escort you out. You’re making this far too hard for me and for yourself”

“No. I won’t go anywhere until I get my vodka and coke!” He yells

You discreetly press the small red button that is placed underneath the surface of the bar, which will alert security. Within two minutes, a bouncer is stood next to the boy.

You nod to him and he turns to the kid, “Come on kid, not today. Out you go”

He lightly takes hold of the boys arm and escorts him out.

“THIS ISN’T OVER!” The boy shouts as he his chucked out the premises.


You finish up your shift and head out.

“Bye Sean” You call to the guy on security

“See you later!” He calls back

You begin to take your walk to the nearest bus stop to the club; it’s a couple of blocks away.

You’ve had a pretty decent shift at work, but now you’re just happy you’re on the way home. You check your phone immediately, and realise you have a text from your friend, Calum.

Text when your shift finishes :) it reads.

You text him back to let you know you’re out the club, and the two of you are now having a full text conversation. You’ve known Calum since primary school, and you’ve always been really close friends. You’re also good friends with his best mates and band mates, but you’re still closest with Calum. You’re sure you always will be.

As you turn a corner, you become aware of the presence of another person behind you. Your initial instinct is that they are just walking in the same direction as you, but you could literally cut the tension in the air with a knife right now, which is what is scaring you.

You pass a closed store and you take a look in the window, seeing your reflection and the person behind you’s reflection. You instantly recognise him to be the boy you refused to serve for behind underage. He got pissed at you and his words, “This isn’t over” play back and forward in your head.

You’re still texting Calum so you delete the message you were about to send before typing a new one up: Calum I’m in trouble. I’m walking to the bus stop and I’m being followed by some seventeen year old boy who I wouldn’t serve for being underage. He was mad and he did warn me that ‘it wasn’t over’ or whatever. What the fuck do I do, I’m really scared Cal :(

You continue to walk a few minutes down the path, the boy still walking behind you, when your phone beeps: Try and get somewhere where there is a lot of people and I’ll come and pick you up. Whatever you do, do not try and talk to him. Don’t be scared. Text me when you’re in a safe place so that I know where to find you.

You send him a text just to let him know that’s what you were doing. Then you had to think of where you could go. You look around, not so obvious for the boy to notice, to see if you could find a place to wait for Calum.

There’s a square not too far from where you are now, and there are bound to be people filling it.

Ten minutes and you, and you’re unwelcomed visitor, arrive at the square. You were right. There are loads of people walking around and hanging out, so it’s the safest place you could be right now.

You take a seat on one of the benches and text Calum your location, who replies to say that he’s not far from that square now.

“Fancy meeting you here” A voice says

You gulp, “What do you want?”

“An apology for humiliating me would be nice” He states

You roll your eyes, “I’m not the one who made the laws. I was only doing my job.”

“So your job is to make people look like an idiot?” He questions

You shake your head, “No. It’s my job to serve people, permitting they’re old enough and legal to drink. You aren’t legal to drink yet, so I wasn’t going to make myself

responsible for your underage drinking. I’m sorry if it humiliated you but that’s what I was trying to get across when I said that you were making it harder for yourself. If you hadn’t have argued, you wouldn’t feel so humiliated”

He tuts, “You know I think you just did that out of spite. I bet you just enjoy laughing at customers. You fucking bit-”

“Okay I think that’s enough” A familiar voice said sternly, from behind the boy.

The boy swings round, a shocked expression hitting his face, “Who are you?”

“I’m a friend of the girl you’re harassing and I would really appreciate it if you shut the fuck up and left her alone” Calum snaps

“I-I-I wasn’t harassing her” He stutters

“I don’t know about you but following her from the club to here and then verbally assaulting her for doing absolutely nothing wrong sounds like harassing her if you ask me” Calum replies

“S-s-sorry” The boy replies

“I’m not the one you have to apologise to” Calum states

The boy turns to you, a look of realisation covers his face, “I’m s-s-sorry”

You nod, “It’s okay”

The boy turns back to Calum, “Can I go now?”

“You should have gone as soon as you were kicked out that club. Get lost. Idiot.” Calum spits

The boy hurries off, and you jump up and hug Calum, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Honestly, you don’t know how scared I was. Thank you so much!”

You pull away.

“Don’t worry about it. What a dickhead though. I can’t believe someone would actually consider following someone around like that. What an actual creep. God, I’m glad I got here when I did. Imagine what he would have done if I hadn’t” Calum says

“Yeah, I don’t want to think about that Calum. But thanks for saving me” You reply

He shrugs, “It’s not such a big deal. I was terrified myself. Urgh. Well let’s get you home. You need a nice, relaxing bubble bath and a long nights sleep”

You laugh, “Yeah, I sure do”


Ash // Michael // Luke

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Apparently the main reason to come to Florida is to get cotton candy. Cuz the cotton candy in the northeast isn’t cotton candy-ish enough, according to the boy. #veryimportantthings (at Islands of Adventures)

  • Mashima:I like Gruvia.
  • Mashima:Gruvia is kinky! Yeah, it definitely is... Juvia would make the perfect submissive partner...
  • Mashima:Okay I like this idea a little too much, I need to share it
  • *Juvia asks Gray to punish her*
  • Mashima:Huhehuehue I love it!
  • Mashima:Maid Juvia tho...
  • Mashima:*draws maid Juvia*
  • Mashima:niiiiice
  • Mashima:Damn I need more maid Juvia in my life
  • Mashima:*draws chapter 394 cover*
  • Mashima:No...this is not good enough! Everything is from Juvia's side, where's Gray's view of it in all this?!
  • *Gray has a kink for maids*
  • Mashima:Aaaaand plot twist! Gray actually has a hidden mazochistic side!
  • Mashima:Gosh I love kinky Gruvia...