I really hate to join the debate over the dress, but I’ve never found it explained as easy to understand. mostly I’m here to say:

Some people are steadfastly insisting it’s not one way or another:

Some are a little too strong in their position:

Some people are closer to:

I’m in the position of

But too many marriages have been ruined by this dress. I decided to make it a step simpler and took away the background:

And it is clear now that the two dresses are the same color. 

It is merely the contrast of the sunlight from behind and the blue shadow, it cause the mind to see different things based on the assumption of what the light is doing to the picture.

It’s an optical illusion. Like the illusion above, your mind makes assumptions and you see different things when you look at it. Above is not a perfect example but hopefully you understand.

Here is another that might hep you see:

Despite how it looks, Square A is the same shade of grey as square B. Like in the dress photo, your brain compensates for the lighting, and it appears a different shade.

Your brain refuses to agree with the photons on a picture like this because the shadow makes it appear darker in real life, and you compensate and think it’s a lighter shade. 

You might not understand completely, (lord knows no one does) but basically all I’m really trying to say here is



Doctor Who Gifset The Impossible Planet- This episode and the next are the two episodes that made me realize Ten was my Doctor, even though I started with Nine, don’t get me wrong I liked Nine a lot, and I’d already was loving Ten before this as well, but I just didn’t feel like I could really say okay Ten is definitely my Doctor until these episodes. 

In this moment right here during the Impossible Planet, the Doctor just lost his Tardis, Rose and him are stranded on this planet that shouldn’t even exist, but actually it can. That is because I took astronomy and technically anything caught near a black hole with equal or lesser mass doesn’t get sucked in it just orbits it like how the Earth orbits the sun, and the planet or anything would have to be really close to the event horizon before it is sucked in or even starts to fall apart due to the gravitational pull. 

Yay science, but anyway back to the topic on hand, Rose realizes the Doctor is scared even though he is trying to keep a brave front, so she tries to be brave too, but after feeling an initial quake from the planet being ripped apart by the black hole; she all of a sudden notices how much trouble they are in. The Doctor doesn’t say anything when she changes her mind because he knows that they are literally fucked at the moment, but instead he just grabs her pulls her close reminder her that it isn’t much, but at least he is there with her, and that they are together. And that to me, speaks on so many levels about Ten and why I knew he would forever be my Doctor. Even though he has no clue what to do next, he still tries to reassure Rose that she and everyone will be alright. He doesn’t even say anything he just holds her, and that is enough. Sorry this turned out to be really long excessive rant about this gifset. 


                                               I’m C l a r a O s w a l d

                                              I’m the impossible girl

                                          I was born to save The Doctor.

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