absolute quantities =/= proportional quantities

“x is one of the least common types of c” does not necessarily mean that there’s a small number of [x]. it means that, okay, there are a group of things classified as [c], and among the various sub-categories, the one we call [x] accounts for a comparatively small fraction of all things [c]. 

if something only occurs among 1-5% of the population, this does not mean it occurs to “almost no one,” a small number of people. 1-5% of the population is millions of people. it is simply a small portion of the number of people in existence. 

fwiw, 1 in 20 or 1 in 100 is not vanishingly rare when it comes to human populations–in some cases, in fact, those would be considered an alarmingly high frequency. it all depends on the context. (if the incidence of tuberculosis in California was 1 in 20, it would be very alarming!)

(I see this come up in weird ways with, like, MBTI types or whatever. “Haha I constantly see people with INTP on their sidebar, how can it be one of the rarest types?” Because… most people who take the MBTI are not INTPs…?)

relatedly, a quantity need not be a majority to be disproportionately large. if 30% of what you’re doing focuses on a certain group, you could say that you’re not really focusing on them–70%, a clear majority, of what you’re doing focuses on other groups. however, if that group only accounts for 5% of what you’re studying, than focusing on them 30% of the time does look disproportionate.

note: “what I notice on Tumblr/Facebook/wherever” is not a representative sample of all populations

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Sometimes it's just really nice to know my kid isn't the only one who makes his parent want to go all HULK SMASH. I feel like less of a failure knowing other kids act like turds sometimes, too.

FWIW when I was a youth pastor, there was a family with 2 of the nicest girls I’ve ever known in the youth group. They were smart, helpful, funny, and generally a joy to be around. (Did I mention they were teenagers? That seems like an important detail.) They had a great relationship with their parents, who were also excellent people and good friends.

One day the Mom saw me and whispered in my ear “On days like this, I understand why some animals eat their young.”

Another extremely smart nurse/mother that I know told me that the part of the brain that deals with long-term, consequence-based thought doesn’t even fully develop until the very late teens or early 20s (I can’t remember which). She had two incredible kids, smart, athletic, attractive… but as she said “They literally _can’t think_ about some of the things they _really need_ to be able to think about.”

(I still think it’s important to try to teach responsibility and planning ahead, because I think learning to think about consequences has to be at least _partially_ learned behavior, but now we’re wandering into Dr. Rar territory.)

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And the unpopular opinion of the day is………… I don’t actually care that JKR made Slytherin out to be all bad in the books (I do object to the way she uses apperances to show moral fibre and intelligence etc). I think it works. FWIW I even think it adds depth to them. I don’t think it means they were ‘evil’ though that’s how a Gryffindor would phrase it, I simply think it was a calculated trade-off and a very pragmatic decision.

This is the hill I’ll stake my flag on and and I’ll die on it. I don’t actually care. It makes no sense for them to have fought in the battle or done anything to ‘resist’ because if there’s one thing ambitious and cunning people learn early in life its that you work smart and exert effort only in a way that absolutely certainly means you’ll get something out of it.

More unpopular ranting about this underneath the cut. 

Warning: this is really long. It doesn’t even express all my unpopular views on Slytherin, this is like one-tenth of all my unpopular views on Slytherin. This is also my ode to Slytherin aka what endears this house to me.

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Fwiw I’m on bretts side about the phrasing of that post. Mental illness is not the pathologizing of alienation. Like I would still have depression and anxiety under communism, I’m sure of that.

Some brahs at the gym were sorta mirin today and one of them asked how old I was

I mentioned that I was 22 and he said “yeah if I had been working out at 22 I would be using that weight too” (I was pulling 525 FWIW)

And idk. It’s not lost on me that being young has some very real advantages and has a lot to do with my progress, but to assume that it is the only factor that has contributed? Fuck outta here with that.

I wasn’t (and am not) really insulted or bothered, and hey maybe if he started lifting earlier and worked really hard he would be as strong as me or stronger, but boiling down success to one factor isn’t cool and kinda cheapens the efforts of the person who has worked so hard.

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I would cheerlead any version of this so hard….

FWIW there are some stories that might satisfy your itch (though I hope to satisfy you also someday!)  My favorite of these is probably:

It remembers you (13585 words) by often_adamanta

Summary:  When the Asset fails to complete his mission and kill Captain America on the bridge, HYDRA decides to take a more drastic approach to changing to world. The Asset is sent back in time to kill Steve Rogers before he becomes Captain America in order to erase him from history. Soon he’s dealing with failing his mission a second time and coming face to (masked) face with his own past.

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I'm curious how you ended up writing something for Playboy? Did they come to you to ask your opinion? Or did you pitch it various places and they were they one to bite? It surprising that a publication whose brand is basically "aggressively heterosexual" would ever be a good place to find cultural criticism from a queer perspective and I'd be interested to hear how that came about.

I pitched the Agent Carter piece to them; my editor brought the All-New X-Men piece to me.

FWIW: the old cliche of “reading it for the articles” rings pretty true if you actually bother. While I’m more broadly familiar with the magazine than the website, Playboy has always been a venue with a pretty strong progressive bent, and home to some really spectacular writing, especially interviews and op-eds.

(It also probably doesn’t hurt that my editor there is Marc Bernardin, a guy who has himself written some really powerful stuff about representation and diversity; and who’s been really encouraging WRT the directions I’ve wanted to take the pieces I’ve written for him.)

I’m seeing articles on the criminal charges against the officers who killed Freddie Gray like

the charges to be levied include involuntary manslaughter, assault in the second degree, misconduct in office and false imprisonment

…and murder. They’re being charged with murder.

(Some of them multiple counts, as they should be.)

Is misconduct in office really of greater interest or more relevant?

Although I love and respect many Sansa/Tyrion shippers, I have to admit I kind of agree with what silversarcasm said, even if I greatly disagree with their tone. 

I’ve never thought about it before, but there’s a very good chance that Sansa’s thoughts about Tyrion in the Eyrie–“he was kind”– could be another form of the same coping mechanism she used with Sandor after the Blackwater, where she imagined kissing Sandor, had sympathy for him, etc.

Sansa is an empathetic character, who grows deeper into her empathy as the series goes on, although we don’t know Littlefinger will affect her character development…. I think the jury’s still out. But strictly speaking about ASOIAF, and what’s already been published from Sansa’s POV:

Her natural empathy is twisted by her encounters with these men– she ends up feeling sorry for them and attached to them. Developing sympathy for an abuser is a known side effect of abuse. 

FWIW, I don’t think either Sandor or Tyrion manipulated her into developing those feelings, especially Tyrion, since we know from his POVs he does respect her on some level. He– and probably Sandor too though we can’t know that– acted naturally when confronted with Sansa’s empathy, which both of them deeply crave. (The word ‘abuse’ is very strong I know, but it fits the actual sequence of events if not the intention.)

fuck-me-barnes replied to your post:Oh, and also, FWIW, I look “Jewish” but HOLY SHIT…

I look Irish as all hell and I get the “you don’t look Jewish!” from EVERYONE constantly. Those four words get me from zero to spitting mad in about .5 milliseconds.

“Oh? What do Jews look like?”

Small Sandwich is more Ashkenazi than anything else, if you work out the numbers, but good grief does she look generically white/northern European. (Also, her great-great-grandfather was a slave and his son passed for white to go to med school, and gosh race in America is complicated.) 

One of my best friends from college is marrying a guy who has a classic Jewfro, light olive-y skin, and an Old Testament name, so I was a little surprised when it turned out he’s black. 

There’s a (mild, easily treated) genetic disease in my mom’s family that only ever shows up among Swedish people. Like, not even Norwegians. Just Swedes. And random Jews, apparently, which we think must go back to when Gustavus Adolphus’s troops were in Lithuania during the Thirty Years’ War.

Dear Anon...

…whose question ended “even though I’m never going to show the story to anyone”:

We’re most likely going to address your full question at more length later (and when we can do so without spoilers for an upcoming comic), but here’s a quick answer in the meantime, because I think this is really important:

A) Yes. That is absolutely okay. And it would still be okay if you were going to publish. See below.

B) FWIW: Can’t speak to stats, but anecdotally, the experience you described is a pretty common one. For a lot of people, sexuality is not a simple and direct path from point A to point B; whom we want and whom we love is complex and confusing territory even without throwing in the impact of growing up in an aggressively heteronormative culture. Talking frankly about your personal experiences and identity–or portraying them in fiction–doesn’t and shouldn’t mean erasing anyone else’s, as long as you’re careful to avoid generalizing or situating your own path as universal.

Much Love,

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FWIW: That Zinbeil-fellow that reblogged and commented on your post is one of those non-fan-trolls that was mentioned before. If you're in the mood of answering the fellow, who has two tumblrs (he changes the names often, currently it's zinbeilsatb tumblr and the-zinbeil tumblr, do so by all means, just don't take him seriously. He 's been trolling BC-fans (ALL camps even on IMDB) since Summer 2013. so this fellow seems to be over invested and trying to do some smear campaign against BC.

To be perfectly honest, I have no interest in entertaining trolls or nannies that are merely out to pick fights.

As you are the fourth person today to verify that zinbeil is a troll, I will acquiesce and not engage anymore.

However, before I close the book on zinbeil, I have to be fair and state he is very articulate indeed!

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From the perspective of another woman of color meanmisscharles does have a point. I thought people were going to back off of her due to her age but it seems that people have doubled down on it? Talking about calling CPS is way out of line and people of color are more prone to have their children taken away or CPS called based on trumped up charges. There's plenty of actually vile grownups in this mess and I think it might be good to chill out on TFOE . (okay to publish)

Well I can’t speak for others on what their intentions are. Fwiw I do not agree with anyone who outs a minor (I knew who she was for a good while before she was outed), nor do I agree with people contacting her family and school - if they have. The girl in question has serious issues which need help and support from professionals. However TFOE has brought a lot of this on herself. Her actions have consequences and at 15 she is old enough to know that. That said, the middle aged women who are encouraging her are the worst of the worst. You expect impulsive behaviour to some extent from a teen. From a 40 year old woman? Not so much.

Oh, and also, FWIW, I look “Jewish” but HOLY SHIT do I look nothing like the Jewish side of my family and exactly like my Greek grandmother. There is a marble bust somewhere in the Met that, I swear to God, has my nose. If you saw me next to my mother, sister, and cousin, you would assume that I was the odd one out. And yet in college, whenever Sukkot rolled around, Chabad would not leave me alone

“Excuse me, are you Jewish?”