May 3rd, 2015: Pre and Post-T self-duets!!

Finally, I got my mic and audio sorted out, and I’m posting up some singing! To kick it off, here’s something special:

A year ago, I recorded ‘Love is an Open Door’ using my chat mic at home and sang as both Anna and Hans. I was a mezzo-soprano, and I could mimic the ‘Disney princess voice’ (Anna’s vocals here are not my natural singing voice!). Hans’ vocals however, were a real strain on my vocal chords in order to maintain a masculine enough pitch and tone. It was a lot of fun, and I used it to fool a lot of people into thinking that I did a duet with a friend or with a fan dub… but you know what I really wanted was to sound like Hans all the time (not really but you get my meaning).

And now, here’s the good stuff: I have been on testosterone for almost 2 months! And I gotta say, there’s a marked change in my singing voice which I’m quite happy with so far. I retained the exact same recording I did for Anna last year, but did a retake on Hans’ vocals with my current singing/speaking voice. Finally, what I’ve been wanting to do for a year: a pre and post-testosterone therapy self-duet!!

Do excuse the sound quality, these tracks are recordings of recordings so I don’t get blocked by the copyright detectors. xD