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Errrm they say in the books that Ginny’s name is…

hi yea sorry I know I’m totally aware of that haha it was literally just a lapse in judgement and my inability to remember what ‘diminutive’ meant. it was all such a stupid oversight on my behalf sorry, but if you want to reblog the correct version with ‘ginevra’ on it you can click through on the link to my profile and the original post and it should be there to reblog

7 Surreal Double Exposures on Film

Double exposures are perhaps one of the few remaining techniques where film truly reigns and no amount of Photoshop or filters can produce that same magic. We love double exposures for that very reason, and here we’ve put together 7 of the most surreal, dreamy, Photoshop-free images we’ve featured on ISSF. Click through to the original post to view the high res versions and full photographer’s info!

In-camera double exposure by Me-In-FilmLife

In-Camera Double Exposure By Jon Duenas

Double exposure made in the darkroom by Karl Davies

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psycho-sis asked:

HI, the picture is not from that natalie girl on instagram, the actual picture is from instagram username @a.y.m.a.n please will you change the source or her tumblr is @woahayman

girl bye , I posted that pic on tumblr the 17th , your “cousin” posted it the 25th. The original owner which is in the click through link posted the pic on Instagram the same day I posted it here. Your so called “cousin” posted the pic on Instagram on the 22nd. Don’t come on my page with your fuckery and try to claim that me or anyone else is stealing pics as if the truth won’t found out smfh.

it’s the cutest thing ever that the face Owen makes at Cristina during the Harper Avery Awards ceremony

(gif credit to queenyang)

is the same face Kevin McKidd makes at Sandra Oh when they’re talking about her leaving the show.

(hat-tip queenyang)

No one is more distraught about this being Sandra’s last season than Kevin.