Chloe: “Get your passports updated ladies, because we are going to the beautiful Copenhagen!”

Everyone: *cheering*

*Awkward silence*

Fat Amy: “Where even is that?”

Chloe: “I don’t know, I failed maps.”

EUROPE! By; Chloe Beale.

Ok I think it's time for us all to have a talk

I’d just like to bring up a few things…

1. Stop going on about how Bechloe is a thing and has to be a thing and Jeca is pointless because if someone from another ship in Pitch Perfect said that Bechloe was pointless you would flip your shit.

2. Bechloe is not the only ship in this fandom as a whole. There is Jeca, Mitchsen, Chaubrey, Staubrey, and a whole bunch of others ok, (my apologies if I didn’t mention some), Bechloe is not superior to any other ship just because there’s a lot of us that ship it. The smaller fandoms are important too. Don’t belittle or look down upon or hate on them. That’s not fair and it’s making people feel like if they express their love for their own ship they will be attacked. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable on this website talking about whatever they want to talk about.

3. Just because Fat Amy calls them Bhloe in the movie, that doesn’t mean we should suddenly change it. It’s been Bechloe for 2 and a half years and it’d be stupid to change it now. I mean really if you want to call them Bhloe whatever but stop saying we should change it. It really could be either but we’re not going to make a group decision as to what we call them.

4. Can people please stop complaining about there not being a tonne of fanfic yet. The movie has only been out for like a week or two and the people that write fanfic do have their own lives and I’m sure will get to it when they have time if they wish to. I know there have already been a few written, they have all been amazing and the people who wrote them are amazing. Believe me guys, I love reading fanfic just as much as you do but remember, everyone has other things to tend to, they will write when they want and when they can. Remember to appreciate it.

5. I know it sucks that Bechloe isn’t canon, I hate it, I think it’s pretty obvious that this fandom hates it, but guys come on. Elizabeth has said that it wasn’t going to happen in the movie. I know there’s always that sliver of hope that it’ll happen but she said it wouldn’t. It’s frustrating because in a way it’s queerbaiting but then it’s great that they have their moments and it’s all just confusing! I know! Because you hate it and you love it and it’s horrible either way. Who knows what’ll happen in the future, but it isn’t canon now, and that’s the way it is.

5b. I just want to add, don’t hate on Elizabeth Banks. She did an amazing job on Pitch Perfect 2. She is an amazing actress and an amazing director and she does not deserve to be hated because of the relationship status of fictional characters.

I’ve written these based on what I’ve seen in the Bechloe tag recently, so you can agree with me or you can disagree. But just, I mean all I’m trying to say is you know, fangirl all you want, be excited all you want, be happy but don’t go overboard.. You have every right to be happy about your ship having moments but don’t hate on other people in the process… So yeah, if anyone wants to add anything please feel free! No matter what you ship, if you have something to say let’s have a discussion 😊

You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m gone)

Watching Pitch Perfect got me in the mood to write some more Triple Treble. If you have any TT (or any combination of them) prompts feel free to send them over. 

Chloe watched curiously as Aubrey paced in front of her, wringing her hands anxiously. It wasn’t abnormal to see the blonde so frazzled but as far as she knew there was nothing going on to make her so. She leaned into Beca’s side, frowning thoughtfully. “You’re making me dizzy.”

“I’m sorry.” Aubrey came to a stop in front of them though she couldn’t meet their eyes. Instead she kept her eyes focused on the ground. She was worried that if she looked at them she’d break down or else she wouldn’t be able to go through with her plan. “I have something to tell you both.”

“You said that already.” Beca said with a roll of her eyes. They had been there for almost an hour already, watching Aubrey pace anxiously back and forth in front of them. “Just spit out. What is it?”

“I’m leaving.” Aubrey explained. She’d told them that already and they had shrugged it off, assuming all would still be well between them. “I’m leaving Barden and I’m leaving…you.”

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I just love how Anna C was loosing her shit when Larry King mentioned Bechloe. Freakin' glorious

Camp was great. In fact she seemed more excited than Britt about Bechloe. Like, if Larry had mentioned Chaubrey or Mitchsen, Camp would’ve probably just ran with it.

i ship chaubrey and bechloe and mitchsen and triple treble and becommissar all at once and it makes my life so easy yet so hard at the same time

Fandom: Pitch Perfect
Pairing: Triple Treble
Genre: Romance|Tragedy
Rating: M
Summary: She has a thing for sappy romance movies; the cliche kind where people tearfully declare their love then kiss in the pouring rain. They make her wonder if love is really as intense as it looks and, if it is, what it will feel like when someone knocks the wind out of her one day.
A/N:  Enjoy these lighter chapters while you have them. In Pitch Perfect terms, you’re going to miss them when they’re gone.

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Pitch Perfect 2 officially comes out tomorrow

I’m expecting a flood of new fanfiction real soon..don’t let me down fam. Love you all. Peace be with you during this emotional time