Halt's departure (how it really went down)
  • Crowley:*exhausted stare*
  • Halt:...
  • Crowley:*more intense exhausted stare*
  • Halt:...?
  • Halt:Cro-
  • Aberald:holy shit everybody hide your rangers
  • Crowley:*inhale*
  • Crowley:I mean jeez just fucking go get him and make this worth it.

I’m telling you, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a whole lot of fun if you’ve seen HTTYD1+2 and The Croods. I was. Laughing. So. Hard. At. Everything.

Verity’s Mountain Queen

I sketched up a rather sombre portrait of Kettricken recently, and had a bit of fun super speedily painting her. I put her in her purple and white, so at this point she’s still a very young and unsure. Out of all of Hobb’s characters, I think I’ve loved her best - I’d really like to do some proper art for her, at some point!

Summary: Sometimes, the most insignificant moment can change the course of a person’s entire existence. When renowned tattoo artist Erwin Smith agrees to take on Eren Jaeger as an apprentice, he believes that all the pieces of his life are finally falling into place. That is until he meets unpredictable Levi Ackerman, who just so happens to work at the same tattoo shop.

Angst, romance and—you guessed it—chaos to ensue.

30 songs thing

Sorry this took me so long to get to but I was tagged by mynameisbabyblue

  1. Bravado by Lorde
  2. Shots by Imagine Dragons
  3. Elouise by The Lumineers
  4. Reminder by Mumford and Sons
  5. Girl by The Heavy
  6. Shaker Hymns by Dry The River
  7. Homecoming Heroes by The Head and The Heart
  8. Loveland by Milky Chance
  9. In A Week by Hozier
  10. The Lament of Eustace Scrubb by The Oh Hello’s
  11. The Nameless Murderess by The Once
  12. 13 Sad Farewells by Stu Larsen
  13. Staring At The Stars by Passenger
  14. Rabbit Heart by Florence + The Machine
  15. From Finner by Of Monsters and Men
  16. Homesick by Sleeping At Last
  17. Ghost of Corporate Future by Regina Spektor
  18. Utopian Futures by Kimya Dawson
  19. To Dust by Helen Jane Long
  20. 160 BPM by Hans Zimmer
  21. Songs From Friday Afternoons, Op. 7 by Benjamin Britten
  22. Barlights by FUN.
  23. Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots
  24. I Don’t Wanna Pray by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros
  25. Where The Wind Blows by Coco O
  26. St. Peter’s Cathedral by Death Cab For Cutie
  27. Everything’s Not Lost by Coldplay
  28. Rose Tattoo by The Dropkick Murphy’s
  29. Mount Wroclai by Beirut
  30. Once There Was A Hushpuppy by Ben Zeitlin and Dan Romer

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Sneak Peek

“Do you think she checked girlfriend?” she asked

David sighed, “I hope…I don’t know. Probably not.”

Her brow furrowed, “Why wouldn’t she want to be your girlfriend?”

He shrugged, “I’m not really like other kids in my class…they all think I’m weird.”

She smiled softly, looking down almost embarrassed, a faint blush on her face, “Well, if she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend…I will…”

She’d said the last part almost too softly for David to hear, but he did, “You…what?”

She just smiled and looked away from him, not seeing the faint blush and smile growing on his face.

*Note: I was meant to post the first Bones/OC Star Trek peek today, but I’d like to keep that on the same day instead of split, so both Star Trek peeks will be tomorrow, and both Firefly/Serenity peeks will be the day after ;)*

chll020 asked:

Has Lemony ever ressented Bertrand? He clearly had reasons to, especially after the revelation on SYBIS that he was Theodoras beloved former apprentice. Even before Beatrice chose Bertrand over him Lemony already had people like B better. And then the love of his life left him to marry Bertrand. In his place i'd have killed the guy. But Lemony is smart enough to see that none of this Is Bertrands fault, he never takes the opportunity to attack him, and even calls him saint. What's your opinion?

This is something that I’ve always found really interesting! We expect Lemony to hate Bertrand, to hold a grudge against him as eternal as his love for Beatrice, to even want him dead. But Lemony doesn’t feel anything like that, or at least not that he shows in ASOUE.

He never says a bad word against Bertrand. Throughout the entire series he treats him with the utmost respect and acts as if he thinks Bertrand is an admirable and noble person, someone who’s really and truly good. Bertrand is depicted as not just a great father to the Baudelaire children but as a wonderful husband to their mother. I don’t believe Lemony ever writes that the Baudelaire parents were in love, but he does at least honestly represent their behavior towards one another, most of which indicates that they did really love each other. Lemony is the one telling this story, and if he wanted to he could portray Bertrand as an abusive drunkard or a hardhearted, callous man. But he doesn’t. We’re allowed to see that Bertrand was a wonderful man and a good husband to Beatrice, and I think this speaks very highly of Lemony’s character.

In ATWQ, specifically SYBIS, Lemony does seem to feel a little resentment towards Bertrand. But this is perfectly understandable if you look at the circumstances in which this resentment arises—he’s being berated by his chaperone about how he’s such a disappointment to her and is constantly compared to Bertrand, who’s portrayed by Theodora as being perfect in every way Lemony is flawed. (Story of his life, am I right?) I don’t think any thirteen year old kid is going to be able to help themselves from being a bit resentful towards someone like that, especially when he doesn’t seem to have actually met Bertrand for himself yet.

Title: Cold Feet
Author: mareena
Word Count: 2,300+
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: JayTim
Warnings: Piercing Mention(s)
Link: (AO3)

Summary: Based on a non-cape au by winterysomnium, wherein Jason is an apprentice tattoos artist and Tim offers to let him practice with a tongue piercing. Also, Jason is out of ice so Tim get’s a popsicle instead.

(note: I think I deleted this?? So sorry for the repost)

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So, I was really, really bored and I remembered a scene in The Burning Bridge where Gilan is describing how he became an apprentice, and wrote out my own depiction of it. Sorry for any inconsistencies there may be.

Gilan frowned as he glanced over at his father and Halt speaking. He couldn’t resist any longer, he would do it today. He set the practice sword that he was using to to side, and watched as his father and Halt bid each other farewell. Gilan waited until his father left the practice grounds before darting after the mysterious ranger wearing the mottled gray and green cloak. He followed at a distance, careful to keep Halt in sight. He wondered where the Ranger was heading, and if it was important. Halt was certainly walking at a brisk pace. The trail was familiar, it led to the village. Halt’s pace had slowed, and without Gilan noticing, the distance between them was lessening. Gilan was lost in thought, wondering if he was actually talented enough to follow a ranger. Halt stopped suddenly, and Gilan collided into Halt, stumbling backwards. Before he could hit the ground, Halt grabbed him by his shirt front, and hefted him to the side, into the stream that ran next to the trail. Gilan, sopping wet and spitting water out of his mouth, stood up. “What was that for?” He exclaimed. Halt raised an eyebrow, “For trying to sneak up on me.” Halt studied him for a moment, then spoke again. “Follow me, I’ve got a plan for you.”

Not the best, but I had fun. :D

Full disclosure, people:

I’m going to reblog a lot of information related to many branches of magick, regardless of what the specific source, religion, or practice may be.  I believe that I have something to learn from everyone, so you will see information from a vast collection of sources that may not always reflect my personal belief system, or yours.  Please do not assume anything regarding my path from the varied information I post and try to remain open-minded.  As an apprentice of chaos, I believe there are little pearls of truth in many different perspectives, and it is my goal as a wizard and my duty as a spiritual being to learn the lessons of those perceptions.  Perhaps you may have something to learn from them as well. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

Hey Bob! What's the dumbest thing you've ever seen Dresden do?

Everything that Dresden does is usually stupid. I think he gets lucky. But the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen him do is not tap that while Molly was his apprentice.


Writing Prompt: Bruno

((From fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment's prompts: Your antagonist has to look after your protagonist’s pet(s) for a week! How do they treat them? Is this different from how they’d treat a stranger’s pet(s)? Do they even like animals?))

“And what exactly am I supposed to do with this… thing.” Idra stared down at the small, fuzzy reptile. Its two tails wagged back and forth and its eyes peered in opposite directions.

“His name is Bruno! Just feed him, play with him sometimes maybe. You really won’t even notice that he’s here. Thank you, Idra!” Zimina whirled and sped out of her mentor’s chambers, while Idra’s calls of protest nipped at her fetlocks.

With a huff, Idra stalked back to her office. She sat, and utterly ignored the tiny thing. What possessed her apprentice to think she’d be a suitable care-giver? For such a horrible—-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a snorting, breathy sound as the pet ambled into her office. As she glared forward, she heard it travel distinctly from the door, around her desk and then under it. She lifted her hooves off the floor and tucked them underneath herself to avoid any incidental contact. The snorting paused, and then the snoring began.

“By all the Naaru I will step on you if you do not shut up.” Idra threatened.

The creature huffed and woke, turned a few times, and then bumped against her chair. Idra tucked even more into herself.  “Go away.”

The snoring renewed.

“Agh!” Idra slid from her chair, and gave her annoying charge the most imperious and disapproving look she could muster. “I do not want you here!”

Little legs ran in the open air, as though the pet’s dreams consumed it with chase. It wasn’t leaving. Now Idra felt she had no other option. Zimina would just have to understand later that Idra wasn’t going to be used for this sort of menial task. The tall woman dragged the creature out from under the desk and carried into the next room.

A week later, the younger Auchenai returned. “Idra? I’m back. How was—“ Zimina stopped in shock.

Idra held out the fuzzy reptile, complete with a freshly groomed coat with both her hands. “Please take him. I can’t stand him.” Yet emotion trembled beneath the old soulbinder’s voice.

“Oh… I’m so sorry,” Zimina apologized and retrieved the happily wiggling critter from her mentor’s grasp. “I won’t impose on you like that again, I promise.”

“See that you don’t,” Idra snapped. Her robes rustled with a brisk step away. After she slammed her office door shut and sat again at the desk, her hooves stretched out underneath it. Ah, to have space there again for her long legs. No accidently bumping into any clingy, completely dependent, adoring little…

A knock tapped on Zimina’s door. When she opened it, the soulpriestess blinked with surprise. “Idra? What can I do for you?”

“Where did you get it.”

“Get… Bruno, you mean?”


“Oh. One of the breeders had some stock left from the last world we left. There aren’t many around anymore.”

“I see.”

Zimina narrowed her eyes at the disappointment she thought she saw on her mentor’s face. “You know, I’m busy more and more these days. Maybe you could take him off my hands now and then?”

Idra sniffed. “It would still be a terrible imposition, but I can do that.”

While they spoke, the creature snorted and shuffled his way over to them. His tails both wagged and his eyes looked in opposite directions, one for each draenei.