Was walking across the old traffic bridge in freo last night when two girls told us this guy that was with them was being really weird and seedy and asked me and my mates for help to keep him away from them. After we told him to chill and leave them alone he turned to one of the girls and said: “im going to rape you” and started running before jumping over the railing into the river….he was fine, swimming to the side when we walked off to turn around and see the girls he was harrassing waiting on the side to make sure he was okay

Honestly everyone talking about breaking the vevo record for SLSP is kind of annoying me because as much as we all love the boys and want them to do well. I want them to do well and break records because people listened to their music and not because the fam spent days sat behind their computer screens replaying the song. We aren’t Directioners or Smilers and I don’t think we need to break the record, idk I’m just mad.

The hug in the film, and the hug in some of the books seem a little bit different.

Because in the film it’s all intimate and snuggly.

But in some of the books, it looks like someone told them they need to ‘leave room for Jesus’

So I decided to make it slightly gayer.

You always forget something...

During my last computer transition I forgot to backup my fonts. Before that I forgot bookmarks. One time I formatted the wrong drive and lost all my Batman: TAS episodes.

It never fails that when you switch to a new computer you will forget something. 

This time? Photoshop brushes. I probably had about 10 years of brushes saved up. Ugh.

I didn’t have anything too fancy. So if anyone knows of a set of brushes that has a wide variety, that would be nice. I don’t want to install 80 different brush sets. Just a couple that cover all the bases.

You know like how they have those variety packs of tiny bags of chips? And you eat all the ones you like and then end up with nothing but Cool Ranch. And then it’s late and your desperate and you’re like, “Fine, I will eat the Cool Ranch.”

I need the brush version of that. 

That’s really one of my favorite things about Carlos. He’s actually remakably unfazed by most of the stuff in Night Vale.

Like the mountain disaster? He wasn’t even the guy who showed the station crew a real mountain, it was someone else.

During his and Cecil’s first date he waited until his date was well and over with to deal with the fact that the entire town had become malevolent entities. 

And in fact, during that same date he said that he had participated in the ‘recreational event’ of screaming in terror at the sky before.

That one’s my favorites. Just think about it.

He hears citizens shrieking in terror and rushes over and asks someone what’s wrong, and they’re just like “nothing, dont you ever yell at the terror of the void for fun”

And he just looks around at the screeching populace for a second

And then he joins in

This is Rusty🐱 Today, he passed away. He was 19 years old (almost 92 years old in human years). I didn’t get to say goodbye to him, but I hope he knows that I love him so much and that I’m happy he’s not suffering anymore❤️ My favourite memory of this tough son-of-a-bitch was when I used to sit at the computer, printing stuff out for the next day, and he’d lie on the calendar and I’d rub his tummy with the pencil that I was holding. I don’t know why, but he loved it😊 I love you more than anything, Rusty. I hope you’re having some more awesome adventures on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I’ll miss you. ❤️