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I always looked at any instrument as just a tool, an expressive voice to write with. It even differs from guitar to guitar. Some guitars demand that you play them delicately and really respect the instrument, and some beg to be abused. Same with piano. I know with guitar, I’m intimate with it enough to know when I put my fingers here, it will sound like this. I prefer writing on piano because it’s always a surprise.


Finally! Someone put it into words.

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once i touched annie clark's leg and then she crowdsurfed over me and looked me right in the eye

u have been Blessed by the Leg

hey goodnight I don’t know if anyone is here but I hope everyone all my friends here had a good day and I hope you all sleep well.. listen i am in bed and I was just listening to sufjan stevens and I’m emotional.. Im feeling so many mood swings lately but right now I feel pretty good about everything? it’s been a while since I really felt like this honestly I am happy there is so many beautiful things in the world and I want to Hug so many of them…. I love so much and I love annie clark I can’t read? I honestly can’t read lately because I keep thinking about annie like my mind always goes to her and I drift I don’t know why I am like this honestly it’s a lil annoying but ok anyways.. 💕💕💕🌚


3 years ago I shot my first show. I’m beyond grateful for all the bands/artists who have been cool with me taking photos. It’s been so rad to not just see my favorite bands but being able to photograph them. This past weekend I shot Boston Calling for the second time. It’s opportunities like this that make me feel extremely lucky. Especially when I get to photograph artists I really admire and appreciate. Thanks to anyone who has shared photos/told me you like a photo. It’s legit the only reason I haven’t given up. I’ve become confident with my work as of recently but its hard not to be extremely critical of shots and not catching the right moment. Anyways thanks, Here’s a shot of Killer Mike of Run The Jewels​ and Annie Clark aka St. Vincent​.


watch this.