With Bill Cosby in the news for sexual assault, I was reminded of the time where 30 Rock sort of addressed that same situation.  Also, I know that Hannibal Buress was a writer but I’m not sure if he was writing on the show during season 3.


how do people draw steampunk outfits? i sure as hell cant >:T (also i ended up forgetting to draw mystery. whoopS)

but please imagine a steampunk au. its for the sake of the world

(click on the individual characters to see captions!)


Gayoon of 4minute - 12:30 (Cover)

cr: United CUBE@yt


30 Days Challege
Day 6:
Favourite celebrations

"You see them celebrate goal number 5,868 like they’ve never scored before. This is what you should always feel – until you die.”