PLEASE REBLOG AND TAG TAYLOR! (she’s not following me so it would really mean a lot)

So, taylorswift​… I’m Ewa and I and I can’t wait any longer to show my tour outfits to you. Of course it’s not everything - there’s gonna be a lot more (fairy lights, neon body paint and so on). I’m attending 3 shows (Cologne x2, Amsterdam) and I hope I’ll get a chance to hug you and show you my tattoo for you!

You can’t even imagine how much you mean to me. You saved my life so many times. My parents divorced when I was little, because my dad had a drinking problem. My mom had the same problems too, but she went to rehab and she was not drinking alcohol till now. I lived with my grandparents in Poland when my mom moved to Germany, because of work. It sounds weird, but my grandparents had problems with alcohol too. They drank too much and always said bad things about my dad. It was hard for me. My dad died and I had some problems with school, my grades were getting worse. So I moved to Germany 7 years ago to have a new start and it was even worse… I was bullied at school because of my accent. They called me a bitch, a slut, just because Im from Poland. I had no friends, at least no real friends near me, only internet friends. That’s when you appeared in my life. Your music was like medicine to me. Your story. Everytime someone was making fun of me I thought: “Taylor made it. She was getting through the same. You can do it too.” Yes, I had thought about cutting, but I NEVER did, because of you. You were there for me when my favorite auntie died; you were there when my best friend died. You were there every time I needed you. I was always listening to your music and that’s why I’m still there. You’re a big part of my life and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wanna tell you how much you mean to me and get another tattoo with something written by you. 

Thank you for writing music that means so much to us, for spending times with us and everything you do. I can never thank you enough.

Love you forever and always and I hope you’ll see this!

My seats are:
June 19, Cologne - Section 106 (floor), Row 18, Seat 18
June 20, Cologne - Section 106 (floor), Row 17, Seat 20
June 21, Amsterdam - Section G (floor), Row 44, Seat 1

PS. my friend has the other part of our matching posters, but she’s in poland and we can’t take pics together, haha.

itsjustinyourwildestdreams Hey CAM!! so I’ve seen that you’re getting A LOT of hate for this picture you posted. BUT if anyone has a sense of humor they would find it funny and cute which is exactly how you meant it, I know you didnt mean it as an insult to taylorswift 

keep your head up :) those people sending you rude blogs are cowards because they keep sending them anonymous.  

taylorswift I really hope you know itsjustinyourwildestdreams didnt mean it as an insult AT ALL!!! <3 

Taylor Swift’s 1989 zooms 9-2 with a 146 percent unit gain, following her eight wins on the Billboard Music Awards and the premiere of her “Bad Blood” music video as the Awards’ opener. The set vaults to 91,000 units (this week)..
—  Billboard