[ still at my ask limit and I’m not really going to do this one by one, i can get tired too ;3; I am truly sorry but a lot of people dared me to make Glynda kiss a lot of people ]


" I’m very truly sorry about this but I was dared to do this and I am not sure why I signed up for this. " Glynd then proceeds to kiss the people she was dared to kiss. Most of them were on the lips, cheeks and forehead.

Arkos genderbent AU where Team RWBY + NPR have a Host Club

Pyrrha is Tamaki (Prince Type), Yang and Ruby are Hikaru and Kaoru (Little Devil Type), Blake is Kyouya (Cool Type), Nora is Honey-senpai (Lolita Type), Ren is Mori-senpai (Wild Type), and Weiss as Renge bossing everyone around

Jaune stumbles upon Music Room #3 and promptly breaks a 800,000 liens vase

Progress has been made on Pyrrha’s design! Sketch and general colors.

Was going to go with plate armor but… didn’t really feel like that was the direction her character was going towards. Gotta chat to xekstrin about that, the design will probably change accordingly.

This was a fun balance between simplicity and ornamentation, something that I can draw easily many times but is still eye-catching.

Since it’s Pyrrha, I tried to think of a practical reason for everything in her design - for instance, the draped cape of her shoulders? Woven with steel mesh. With her polarity semblance it can be as tough as plate, and can be tugged to lend herself greater agility.

The Boss [Niko Kovac Fanfiction Part XIII]

(Sorry for the lack of updates! This scene takes place after the second game against France)


She was sniffling when he saw her at the bench. Her eyes were red making a strange combination with her pale skin. She tried to look better when she realized that he was staring at her.

- How is she?

- Recovering. - he stared at her until she blushed and broke the eye contact - Were you crying?

- I’m just nervous.

- I must tell you that Zigic is out of football. She can’t play for the next months.

- Why? Is it that bad?

- She broke her ankle. - he watched her eyes widening - I thought she had only screwed up her nose. We were to concentrate on stop the bleeding that we didn’t realize she had broken her ankle. I think she herself dind’t notice it instantly.

- Is a serious injury?

- Two months of rest and some physiotherapy. And she must do a surgery to fix her nose.

- Is she in pain?

- Sleeping. They gave her some medicine. - he kept looking at her as she bit her lip - You must sleep. To be honest you don’t even have to be here that hour…

- I can’t calm down. It was my fault. 

- Why her injury must be your fault, Eighteen?

- I was pressing her during at the lockers before the second half… I was so afraid of losing that I almost yelled at her… I told her to block them, to avoid another goal…

- That’s called football.

- You don’t…

- I know. More about football than you do. And that was pretty normal. Of course the french girls were to agressive, but football is a game of body contact. Shit happens. - he shrugged - Zigic did a great job. Her injury is not that bad. So keep calm and go back to the hotel. I’ll spend the night here. Tomorrow at afternoon you all can take a break.

- I can…

- No, you can’t. You can’t anything. Go to the hotel, you stubborn little idiot. - he smiled - You’re not a doctor to cure her or a witch to change the situation. You’re an awful midfielder that just qualified to the World Cup and can’t even be happy about this.

- Yes, we did, but how can I celebrate anything if Sandra is injured? She’s my friend! It’s disrespectful…

- She herself ask you all to celebrate. I’m not lying. She’s happy. With a broken ankle and a wrecked nose. But happy.

- I can’t sleep…

- Take some medicine or alcohol. It helps.

- You idiot…

- You’re an weird girl, Nina… - he smiled and sat next to her - You annoy me.

- I don’t care.

- I know you don’t. - he put his arm over her shoulders - But I seriously hope I can annoy you even more.

- Be happy, you can. - she smiled briefly, feeling her muscles aching. Her whole body was destroyed after the game - What are we going to do now?

- You go back to hotel.

- No, about the games. The World Cup.

- Practice. You girls sucks.

She laughed smoothly and he smiled at her.

- So what we did was a miracle?

- I’m pretty sure it was. You’re the worst of all.

- I’m really glad to know - she looked at him in the eyes - Thank you.

- Stop. No sentimental talk, please.

- I’m an educated girl.

- I see. - he messed her hair - A stubborn, annoying and worst player ever educated girl.

- You’re envy.

- Dying inside. - he laughed - Look, go sleep. Or I’ll tie you to some pilaster here and you’ll need to sleep standing.

- Got it. - she stood, yawning - Tell me if she need something… Or if she start to feel better…

- Go, Eighteen.

- Okay. Good night to you. - she watched him nodded and it makes her smile - Come on, say it.

- What?

- “Good night”.

- But if I won’t you to have a good night?

- It’s educated. And polite. - she was trying not to laugh.

- I’m your boss. I do not need to be educated or polite over you. Now leave.

She just smiled and left the reception room of the hospital. He smiled briefly as he watches her leaving.