Exciting Announcements!!

1. We’ve randomly selected the winner for our Gift Card giveaway. Congratulations, mcjillym! You have been chosen to receive a $5 Amazon Gift card! you will receive an email shortly with your code. Thank you everyone who participated and for supporting Smash Bros. Legacy.

2. We’ll be streaming a special Smash MELEE tournament tomorrow around 1:00pm (Pacific Coast Time) that’s raising money for Northwest University’s Concert Choir to go to Ireland! Make sure to tune in to http://twitch.tv/smashbroslegacytv and watch! We’ll have some of the top players in the state such as Bladewise, Oreo, and others! More details can be found on the Facebook group.

3. BONUS: Reddit-famous comedic commentators will be commentating early sets at tomorrow’s tourney, Niko and Donald! You are not going to want to miss this. The video below is an example of their commentating: