Ignore the poor anatomy and quality

I got at my pencils while I was cleaning my old bedroom or the box room as we call it because it’s so fucking tiny

Not relating to any AUs of mine just wanted to draw a dragon Pyrrha

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HEY YOU. YOU BEAUTIFUL TALENTED AS /FUCK/ MOTHERFUCKER. I love you. A lot. Like, a lot-lot. And you're FUCKING AMAZING AND YOUR ART IS ILLEGAL AND YOU'RE ADORABLE AND JUST FUCKITY FUCK SO MUCH WONDERFUL IN ONE PERSON I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, so never forget that, alright? No matter what, I want you to know how amazing you are, and how loved you are. Have a super duper amazing Christmas, and remember that you deserve more love and praise than I could ever give you in a hundred lifetimes. <333333333333

I do not deserve this much kindness from an incredible person, so it’s only fair that I give you something in return :3


she’s waiting for you to kiss her

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Heeeeeey, I jus' wanted to let you know that no matter what happens, you're always going to be an incredible, amazing, beautiful person with a wonderful heart and insane talents, so don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise! You deserve every single compliment and hug that you receive, and more besides! Have a super duper amazing Christmas (or equivalent), and remember that we all love you! (I love you a little bit more ;3) <33333


aww~ thanks! this is so sweet~~ merry Christmas to you~ ^w^/ and to all who celebrate it. have a good day/week hehe

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first of all YOU BETTER HAVE YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE IN CHECK D< Secondly I wanted to remind youuuu that you're talented as FUCK and that watching you improve has been one of the best things ever, you're beautiful and amazing and wonderful and your heart is incredible and I just really really love you despite your lack of care for your own health, so don't forget that okay? Have a super awesome Christmas! <3333

Firstly, let me just say that this message was the first thing that I saw in the morning earlier and what a way to get started! Man, XL I’ve told you this many times before but I really really appreciate your feedback. To be completely honest, you’re one of the reasons why I keep drawing! I’m still thankful for that time when you complimented my very first RWBY fanart (which Ive deleted since it was really really awful)

Secondly, don’t worry! I promised to you and Chit, didn’t I? If I post anything at a weird time, it’s cause I scheduled them (like the RWBYxMH fanart. Hell, Chit messaged me on Skype and I only read it at like 10am lol). Except for the Weiss redrawing though. I think I uploaded it myself at around 3am but only because I had to be up that early cause we had to leave by 4am for the resort.

Lastly, I love you too. I really really do. Like I said, you’re one of the reasons why I still draw. So here’s something for you xDDD You’ll probably be all like “BUT I DONT DESERVE SUCH THING AAAAAA” Let me tell you that YES YOU DO AND YOURE WONDERFUL AND TALENTED AND JUST FUCKING AWESOME CAUSE OF ALL THE SOURCING AND COMPLIMENTING AND WRITING AND DRAWING AND EVERYTHING YOUVE EVER DONE SO SSSHHHHH YOUR FACE AND JUST ACCEPT IT <3


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Arkos Office Cubicle AU

"How did you even get this job without learning how to use Excel?" Pyrrha asked, looking down at her (admittedly kinda cute) coworker in confusion.

Jaune rubbed the back of his head as he realized that telling Mrs. Employee-of-the-Month boss’s pet Nikos would wind up getting him fired, and yet there was something about the innocent curiosity on her face that made it impossible to lie.

"Uh, well…. I kinda… faked my resume.”


Awwwww hacía muchísimo que no iba a pchat *v*! Anoche estuve con okamipanqueques y si bien me costó readaptarme con la presión de la wacom, la pasé bien (?)

Les traigo Ritzys! Tengo un par más de bocetitos pero me gustaba como quedaban estos tres (?) Los dos primeros son como un mini cómic (el cual el segundo lo retoqué un toque en SAI para dejarlo como mi wallpaper ;D) y… una Ri que me confundí en las layers y quedó con las bases y el lineart en el mismo lugar… pero no me desagradó el efecto xD

La frase del segundo dibujo es “No matter what you do, you will belong to me”… si, la N está rara (?) y la saqué de la canción de In This Moment, "Big Bad Wolf" (es muy Ri la letra, por cierto (?))

Y eso, espero les guste ouo

(A la próxima creo que puedo ayudarles a solucionar lo de pchat, subiré el archivo de java que tienen que descargar!)

… Adivinen qué máscara dibujó Okami de las del bichito (?)

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Hey there! I'm not sure if you'll be busy over the next few days so I'm sending this now! I wanted to make sure you know that you're an incredible person, with amazing talents and a wonderful heart, that we're all lucky to have! You're beautiful inside and out, and don't you ever forget it! You deserve the best Christmas ever, and I hope that's what you have! We love you, and I do too! <333

I don’t think I’ll be able to express just how happy this makes me—how much i need it too. 

Thank you so very much for this, i saw this as soon as I got up and a nearly cried—no, wait I think i did a little bit. From there I was trying to think of a way to say thank you, yet wish you a seasons greetings/merry Christmas as well.

So here’s a little doodle with Pyrrha and my two OTPs.


We have the grumpy tall as hell Adam there just for some well rounded out emotions.

Also, did not think of this but just noticed that the Christmas colours are at the end. Huh!