Arkos genderbent AU where Team RWBY + NPR have a Host Club

Pyrrha is Tamaki (Prince Type), Yang and Ruby are Hikaru and Kaoru (Little Devil Type), Blake is Kyouya (Cool Type), Nora is Honey-senpai (Lolita Type), Ren is Mori-senpai (Wild Type), and Weiss as Renge bossing everyone around

Jaune stumbles upon Music Room #3 and promptly breaks a 800,000 liens vase

Progress has been made on Pyrrha’s design! Sketch and general colors.

Was going to go with plate armor but… didn’t really feel like that was the direction her character was going towards. Gotta chat to xekstrin about that, the design will probably change accordingly.

This was a fun balance between simplicity and ornamentation, something that I can draw easily many times but is still eye-catching.

Since it’s Pyrrha, I tried to think of a practical reason for everything in her design - for instance, the draped cape of her shoulders? Woven with steel mesh. With her polarity semblance it can be as tough as plate, and can be tugged to lend herself greater agility.


[ still at my ask limit and I’m not really going to do this one by one, i can get tired too ;3; I am truly sorry but a lot of people dared me to make Glynda kiss a lot of people ]


" I’m very truly sorry about this but I was dared to do this and I am not sure why I signed up for this. " Glynd then proceeds to kiss the people she was dared to kiss. Most of them were on the lips, cheeks and forehead.


After a rather disappointing show at the 2014 world cup in Brazil, Croatia faces new qualifications for the European championship in France. Coach Niko Kovač published the list of players for the new representative actions where we’re supposed to watch a “new” Croatia. The 2016 EC qualifications are in front of the cubed ones.

Alen Halilović(Huhleelowich) and Andrej Kramarić(Kramarich) have been invited to the team, but surprisingly to many, so were Marko Pjaca and Anas Sharbini.

The injured Ivan Perišić(Perishich), Mate Maleša(Muhlesha) and Ivan Močinić(Mochinich) have not appeared on the list of candidates for a game against Malta as a part of qualifications for the Euro 2016. And it seems like Kovač crossed out Milan Badelj as well.

Gordon Schildenfeld and Sammir have also been crossed out, while the young Tin Jedvaj(Iedvai) got invited. Ante Rebić(Rebich) has no right to play in the opening of the qualifications because of his red card in the game against Mexico at the World Cup, and let us not forget that Stipe Pletikosa(Steepe Pleteekosa), Eduardo da Silva and Ognjen Vukojević(Ognien Vookoieveech) have left their cubed jerseys behind.

"it’s time for the younger ones“

-there is plenty of new faces, the time has come to change things and bring in the young players. I know some people will be disappointed, but we move further with the young ones- stated Niko Kovač after revealing the list for the qualifications for the EC 2016. In France.
-no qualification is easy, but our goal is getting into the European championship- stated the Croatian Coach on August 1st in Zagreb.

„Rakitić(Rahkeeteech) will still be playing“

Kovač considered Ivan Rakitić’s commonly mentioned position.
-Rakitić can play in any position. Despite his positions in his club, our silver lining was the game against Iceland in which he was brilliant. In my opinion no mixing up is neccessary if the idea passes at once- said Kovač and actually made everyone very sad because they had hoped to see Ivan closer to the other team’s goal.
For a brief moment Kovač looked back at his job and his experience made in Brazil.

-the WC was a big experience for all of us. What I learned in a month and a half makes a man. I saw what it meant to be a coach in the good and the less good moments. In my opinion, there was too much criticism after the games, but that is in the past- Said Kovač. [x]

**translated by annicorny