You are at war with yourself, with the intellectual you. I say, let the intellectual alone, the savant, the philosopher. Enjoy life. Intoxicate yourself with life. Describe it. Do not comment on it, or draw false conclusions. You have had your cerebral winter—your mental fervors. You were not happy. I beg you, give up cerebration. You are in rebellion without knowing why.
—  Anaïs Nin, from a letter to Henry Miller

'Sheer Delight' by Robert Fimmano for Interview Magazine, March 2015

I love it when lingerie editorials reference what is happening in fashion. Too often the lingerie market seems to fall down it’s own somewhat- when it comes to the overall sartorial picture- irrelevant rabbit hole of staid looks (how many times can we see strappy details or retro pin-up style?). It’s also nice when you can find lingerie that aesthetically or thematically relates to the clothes you are either wearing right now, or want to wear next season.

This story photographed by Robert Fimmano for the March edition of Interview is the perfect intimate apparel counterpoint to the late 60’s- early 70’s period a lot of designers have been showing over the past few weeks as fashion month goes on (See Carven, Jonathan Saunders. Miu Miu, Pucci, Paco Rabanne and more). The nude stockings and tonal, yet mismatched, palette definitely suit the mood of these collections as well as provide a dreamy visual treat all of their own.

Should I ever find the perfect vintage 60’s Burberry trench, watch out. This is all I’ll be wearing underneath.