my mother told me to peel off
my skin, remove any trace of him
from his scent to his warmth
to his sweet, sweet taste to his
gentle and fleeting touch to
his voice that makes my name
sound more beautiful than the
stars and moon combined.
                                    but tell me, mother, how do you
                                    forget someone who made you
                                    want to live again when all
                                    of you gave me reasons to die?
                                    how do i forget him when
                                    all i ever wanted was the
                                    truth and no more lies?
   how do i
   someone i
   loved with all
   my heart?
                                    how do i forget when his name
                                    is all that covers me whenever
                                    i drown in ceaseless suffering?
  tell me
   s   t    e    p
   s   t    e    p


*Rudy tapped his feet nervously on the ground as he sat in the restaurant. Usually he would avoid work functions, but this seemed like a good idea, the young man hoping to win their favor once again. The night had started well until the nurse realized just how much alcohol had been placed on the table. Rudy bit his lip hard, looking down at his hands in his lap, something in the back of his mind nagging him to have a drink, just one. But he knew it would ruin everything*