Some preview shots of my pic for Tales of the World: Memoria Festi, an illustration charity artbook based on the Tales of video game series!!!! I ended up drawing for Tales of the Abyss which has some of my favorite character designs aaaaa  ( ´ ▽ ` )

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All things considered life was pretty good for one Oliver Queen at the moment. Oh, sure crime rates seemed to be sky rocketing and his relationship with Dinah had fallen by the way side. And yeah, there was also that bit of worry that he had no clue where Red was, and usually didn’t for months at a time, but those things could be forgotten for the moment. Roy had agreed to stay with him for a few days, and that was virtually all Ollie could think about. 

Don’t fuck this up Queen!’ he thought to himself moving around in the kitchen; unable to sleep from excitement and nervousness the first night of Roy’s stay. ’Prove to him that you’re worth his time! You won’t get any third chances!’ Mentally wondering about what revenge driven teenagers who had been cyro-frozen for 8 years even liked, it took him a minute to realized there were sounds coming from Roy’s room. On closer investigation standing at the door he realized Roy was caught in the throws of a nightmare. Cautiously he tip toed across the room and stared at the tossing youth in the bed. Unwilling to try and wake him physically just yet Ollie called to him instead. “Roy? Kiddo? Wake up, you’re having a nightmare." 

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There are two types of JereMike shippers:

Those who are respectful and ship them however they like whether its platonic or romantic, do not force it upon people who do not like it and openly get along with other FNAF fandom goers despite differences because we are people defined by who we are and not by what we ship.

Then there are those who slam it into unwilling people’s faces and get upset when their ship is rejected.

Now, there is also two types of non-JereMike shippers:

Those who dislike it but don’t send hate or lash out on those who do because they realize that someone wanting to see interaction between two fictional characters does not stand for everything else they are and are open to converse with them and are friendly.

Then there are those who spit and bite at the shippers because of their own personal likes, and blame them for everything wrong in the fandom.

Please don’t mix them together. I’ve seen decent shippers and non-shippers get hate because of the other’s half’s actions. It’s a ‘one bad apple spoils the bunch’ kinda thing. This can go for other ships as well.

Remember that these characters have no set age, personality, or appearance in game. There is no canon for FNAF humans, just artist interpretations. It’s easy to make your own if you don’t quite find what your looking for in the FNAF fandom. It’s fun too.

I like all of you. I want to continue liking all of you, even if we’re at odds because we don’t agree on how certain fictional characters are used.

Gimme a hug.


A silence followed, as if Harry was slowly taking everything in, until he said a short and sharp, “Good.” I almost went to call him out and question why that was all he had to say, but then he continued. “Because, if it’s okay with you, I think we should change things up and go on Skype one day.”

“I think you raise an excellent idea.”

“Of course I do, I’m Harry Styles,” he quipped. “I’m full of good ideas.”

I chuckled. “You’re sure full of something.”

preview of oxford comma 19! the update shall be posted this weekend,. so be excited for that

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//How do you draw so well!?\\

((Okay I’ve put off answering these kinds of questions, but I have some people who say ‘Teach me how to draw!’ and ‘How do you draw so good?’. Thank you so much guys, but I am in no way good at art. ^_^; I will post a few tips similar to the one I posted at Halloween, except I have discovered much more tips since then.

1. Time
Drawing takes a lot of effort and patience. It also requires creativity and originality at times. I started drawing when I was at least 5 years old for my father. I am now nearly 17 and have been drawing nearly every day. Drawing should be fun for you, not a task. If it isn’t fun then you might have some serious problems with it.

2. Lighting
When I say lighting, I don’t just mean lighting in the drawing, I mean lighting in the room. Have you ever done a traditional drawing (paper and pencil) in a lamp light and was so happy about it, so you show someone in natural light (sunlight) and it looks terrible? Lamps and unnatural lighting can make hidden mistakes less noticeable and then you don’t notice them so you can’t fix them. If you’re in sunlight you notice the mistakes a lot better so I would recommend drawing in natural sunlight if you are using a pencil and paper to draw.

3. Position
So you’re on your chair and you’ve got your graphics tablet on your lap because you don’t have anywhere else to go, so you move your computer slightly to the left, not directly facing it. This can be pretty bad on your neck and spine, but also the way you draw. Your position of your body towards the computer may change the way you make strokes in the artwork.

4. Don’t run before you can walk
So you’re about to start drawing and you have BIG plans for what it is, but you’ve never really had much drawing practise… You fail at drawing what you wanted and get upset about it. It’s great to try new things that might help you ‘level up’ your drawing skills but try to be realistic. At the age of 12 I tried drawing realistic human portraits and since I was used to drawing manga and cartoon-ish styles, I of course wasn’t much good at it. I realised I needed to gradually get there and research into proportions, tips and shading. I am not a master at drawing realism, but I am getting there. Start of basic if you have to.

5. Artist’s block
If you suddenly find yourself not being able to draw anything any more that looks good then you probably have artist’s block. This is normal and similar to writer’s block. If you have this then that means you have taste and taste is what you nee to level up in drawing. When you have artist’s block you often try to draw as best as you possibly can until it’s gone. Usually when you do that you have leveled up and you have learnt something. It might be something small or big, but to me artist’s block can be a great thing to help you get better at drawing ;)

6. Food
Food can be a huge factor when drawing. Also chewing gum and general eating is extremely good for it! I like to eat some fruit before I draw and I take a break when I get slightly peckish. Anything uncomfortable in your body can distract you and perhaps make the quality of your work go down if they are bad. Eat something before you draw and if you want, chew gum.

7. Music and pulling faces
Music can help you with drawing if it’s appropriate, otherwise it becomes a distraction. I make playlists of songs with different emotions for the drawing. They are all instrumental as words to distract people very easily. If you’ve got a picture put on music that matches the mood of the drawing :3 It helps you get the feel of the drawing and helps you plan it better.

Now as for ‘pulling faces’. It sounds weird, but most artist’s expressions tend to change to how the character or mood of the drawing is. If I’m drawing something really angry, I automatically look angry to get the feel of it better.

8. Watch Speed paints and tutorials.
I cannot begin to say how helpful it is to do this. Watching the progress of another’s artwork will not only inspire you, but perhaps teach you some things that you perhaps didn’t know before! Speed paints and tutorials are good for the artist and yourself! Watch, observe and learn ;3 You might pick something up!
I have also got a speed paint of my profile picture of make.

I cannot teach people how to draw. Nobody can. You have your own art styles and there is no actual way to drawing things. You just learn ONE of the ways. There is no 1 way to draw anything. Believe you can draw and just go for it. Take your time and enjoy drawing. It isn’t a race and someone will love your work <3))