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Outfit reference for Diabelle Yuen, kick-ass transgender magical girl of the mortal sisters and girlfriend of Liling! <3

anonymous asked:

Who is afterhrs? I thought it was something to do with Julian? Pleaaaase explain x

Liam worked with Afterhrs to remix Steal My Girl and I Don’t Care, and they have a few producer credits on Four: No Control, Spaces, and Change Your Ticket.

Afterhrs is a production team consisting of Ian Franzino and Andrew Haas, both of whom do work with Julian. Ian has worked with Julian for a couple of years as an assistant engineer, so he’s been credited on a bunch of 1D stuff before (all of which I got from Discogs):


  • Assistant engineer on five tracks - C’mon C’mon, I Would, They Don’t Know About Us, She’s Not Afraid, and Loved You First


  • Assistant engineer on ten tracks: Story of My Life, Diana, Midnight Memories, You & I, Strong, Little Black Dress, Little White Lies, Better Than Words, Does He Know, and Alive.
  • Backing vocals on three tracks: Best Song Ever, Story of My Life, and Does He Know.
  • Instruments on one track: Midnight Memories.

Andrew doesn’t have any prior credits with 1D that I’m aware of, but he and Ian did work with Julian on Alex & Sierra’s album earlier this year. Outside of the joint Afterhrs producer credits, both of them have a bunch of credits on Four (credits from here, I thiiiiink I got all of them but text-wise there is a LOT going on there):

  • ASSISTANT ENGINEER (IAN, 11): Steal My Girl, Ready to Run, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Girl Almighty, Night Changes, Fireproof, Stockholm Syndrome, Clouds, Illusion, Once in a Lifetime, Act My Age
  • ENGINEER (IAN 3, ANDREW 2): They’re both credited individually on No Control and Spaces. Ian’s also credited on Change Your Ticket.
  • PRODUCER: Ian has an individual producer credit on No Control in addition to the joint Afterhrs one.
  • INSTRUMENTS (IAN 3, ANDREW 4): Where Do Broken Hearts Go (Andrew/bass), Girl Almighty (Ian/live drums), No Control (Ian and Andrew/general “instruments” credit), Spaces (Ian and Andrew/general “additional instruments” credit), Change Your Ticket (Andrew/general “additional instruments” credit).

It also looks like they wrote a song with Julian that didn’t make it onto Four:

SO BASICALLY, what it seems like is that while Liam was spending a frankly obscene amount of his free time immersing himself in Four’s production, he ended up getting along with them well enough that they decided to actually make some stuff together. AND THUS THE PAYNO/AFTERHRS PARTNERSHIP WAS BORN AND I CRIED MYSELF TO SLEEP FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE ABOUT LIAM GOING FROM LEARNING THE ROPES TO MAKING CONNECTIONS AND FINDING COLLABORATORS AND JUST GENERALLY HAVING PEOPLE HE LIKES TO WORK WITH.