You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story…Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.”

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Johnny was sitting at the diner, eating some waffles and drinking a lot water after he had a rough night as the Rider.
He looked up as a blonde man sat down next to him. As a pretty famous stunt motorcyclist Johnny was used to people just come to him and ask him for a autograph or something. But that doesn’t want he always like that. And for sure not after a night like that.
"Do I know you?" He asked annoyed.

*squints* Okay I need to make this a Lance fic somehow. *rubs chin*

This got way out of hand. I spent 800 words just setting up the scene I
don’t even oh just take it. Aaaand it ended up at nearly 2500 words. I

Bonus Round: “…Is there any specific reason there’s a sock in the microwave?” 

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Could I maybe get some HCs? I haven't had a good day today and I need to be cheered up. ^-^

hmmmm oki doki ^^”

  • eventually gaara finds out that he doesn’t know enough about his siblings interests, so he starts joining in whenever they’re fiddling around with their hobbies, asking them all sorts of questions. He doesn’t really find a lot of it interesting, and he only understands like half of what kankuro says when he tries to explain how puppest work, but seeing his siblings light up and get all excited is one of gaaras fav things in the entire world.
  • temari often invites baki over for dinner because he’s literally the closest thing to family they have left and also because baki is a real bro tbh. everyone likes baki.
  • sometimes when kankuro is supposed to do something he really really doesnt want to do, he’ll disguise one of his puppets as himself and sent it instead. (tho that doesnt work if one of his siblings are there…they always sense the difference)
  • Kankuro once burned of all his hair during a failed weapon experiment, but no one noticed because he never takes off his hat
  • temari has literally the worst taste in music (dont ask me why) but gaara and kankuro still let her rock out to her fav songs on max volume because they love her and family means sacrifising your hearing for the people you love.
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hello again my friends! i figured i’d give you an update on this post and this post and send out another plea.

the two posts i linked to before will give you the full messed-up weird-ass story but in essence i’ve been kicked out to live on my own and support myself in terms of food, rent, uni tuition and every other thing an adult has to pay for surprise i’m an independent adult hahahaaaaa what the heck

so yeah. this morning i moved into my new apartment.

at this point in time i’m currently unemployed and will be applying to all the jobs i can find in the next couple of days, and the youth allowance i applied for from the government was rejected bc i applied as an ‘independent’, and to qualify as an ‘independent’ there are some weird specific criteria that i unfortunately somehow do not fulfil???

i’m gonna try and submit another claim as a dependent away from home (as basic as possible) so that i can hopefully actually get some form of payment which even though will be much lower it’ll qualify me for scholarships and hopefully that’ll help take the edge off shksdjhfk idk i can’t afford all of this at this stage

so yeah after some more encouragement i’m nudging forward this post to say that if you’re willing and able and would like to help me out my paypal is open for donations?????? you can go here or go through the donation button on my blog (ღo////oღ)

thank u for takin ur time to read this pls have a lovely day

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Please tell us something about Tsurumaru, he's my white bunny lord huhu uwu

I’ll be honest I don’t have Tsurumaru yet so I don’t know tons about him, but I tried my best, so I hope you enjoy! :) interestingly enough, i did a bit of research, and his color scheme is white because the sword was famous for its snow-white nioi-guchi, a kind of marking on the blade. 

I got the basis for this drabble and most of my info from yue-ciel's lovely history posts!

He doesn’t sleep these days, not anymore. Some nights he stands watch, a crane perched upon the castle walls. Other nights, when the moon is a bright pearl suspended in the heavens, he sits in the gardens and writes poetry. His new owner fusses, but Tsurumaru just gives her enigmatic, close-lipped smiles, and assurances of health. Steel doesn’t blunt from lack of rest, my lady. 
He won’t sleep, not anymore. He remembers the court ladies, the brides with white hoods and black teeth, and the lovers who crept into their beds while their husbands slept. He thinks of his own awakenings, far less pleasant. Crane feathers caught in woven fishernets, and thieves falling in love by night. 
But maybe after this, when his work is done, he can finally get some rest. 

Not my best work I’ll admit, but this was an interesting challenge. Thanks, and I hope it’s still an alright drabble. 

the amount of communicating i’ve done in the past week is probably more than 3 years of my life combined and i’m so tired lol it feels kinda strange typing this rn because of all the typing i’ve done in the past few days 

but i’m free for about 3 hours so yey tumblr!!! but isn’t this normally school time lol my dash is super dead but if anyone is on and just wants to talk then let’s talk C:

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