“You gave up your love?” Kira breathes.


The word hits Derek so hard he feels it rock inside him like a physical force. The thing that Stiles had given up three months back… he hadn’t gotten to choose what it would be. He hadn’t gotten to sort through his feelings and pick out the one that wasn’t that important, that he wouldn’t miss. The witch had demanded the most powerful emotion inside of him.

The most powerful emotion inside of him had been love. For Derek.

The Price by theroguesgambit

sometimes i like to think that everyone in bleach is living in some sort of parallel world compared to the pilot chapter (since there are a few things that changed from the original story, like rukia being small or orihime living with her father, etc) because that one line of orihime’s that goes ”I wish I could live life five times over! (…) and then for those five times… I’d fall in love with the same person.” keeps popping up in my head like… what if this was planned purposely? what if, even though orihime obviously doesn’t know it, this is actually her second time loving ichigo? why does my brain have to work in these complicated ways i’m a mess and i want to lie down and cry for my next 5 lifetimes because this headcanon makes me so happy adiós

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The sunlight played over the slanted buildings, casting long shadows, and it was in one of these shadows that Ayato stood, eyes scanning the street.

He’d heard rumors of a certain dove making an appearance in this area; CCG’s Jason, their resident ‘problem child’. Ayato was dispatched by Aogiri quickly after to confirm the rumors.

It was now that someone bumped into him, nearly knocking him over.

"Hey, say sorry when you bump into someone!" Ayato turned on the other, only to be stopped short by the strange appearance of the other.


I was going across the bridge to get home and the cars weren’t moving so I was like “what’s happening” and I noticed people kept looking over the bridge and freaking out and a ton of cops showed up. I guess someone just jumped off the bridge right when I got there.