Charles Bukowski | A3 | Charcoal on Paper

Something else is hurting you - that’s why you need pot or whiskey, or screaming music turned so fucking loud you can’t think.

Charles Bukowski

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you’re waiting on the side of the street for your bus.  cars line up on the street in front of you.  it’s a red light.  it turns green. 1 second passes. HONK goes a car.  A loud honking from a mean old lady in the red sedan.  its warm and theres an egg in your hand.  scared, you grasp it tightly.  it cracks and the yolk falls a few centimeters from your shoe.  desperately, in tears, you reach down to scoop back the innards into the shell

Addressing the hate

Normally I wouldn’t even bother with this sort of thing but seeing as it just doesn’t seem to be dying down I figure I may as well give people who dislike me something to think about

Let’s start off bluntly, I don’t care what you have to say about me- my self esteem is so far off the charts I don’t even know where the chart is. I love who I am and I always have, this may be mistaken as me being a cocky bastard but if that’s the case then how low is everybody’s self esteem? I don’t know if these people are jealous of me or just don’t like someone they probably can never be but I feel like this creature fan base consists of suicidal fragile people who can’t handle someone being successful/happy and knowing about it

Sure I’m loud, I can be cocky and I’m harsh with the banter but I can’t recall knowing someone personally who hasn’t liked me or enjoyed my company, why do you think the boys wanted me to join the company and fly me out there to be work full time? Oh right of course because I’m the spawn of Satan forgot about that

If you are someone who dislikes me, at least give me a real reason other than “I hate his accent” or “he dresses like a douche” as these sounds like the ramblings of a sheltered 12 year old. If you’re someone who dislikes my humour e.g my dead baby jokes then again, I don’t care.. humour is subjective and it’s what I find funny. If you think I’m asshole then that’s cool- just don’t call me out for something I did on a video whereas if someone else did the exact same thing e.g Aleks or James you’d find it hilarious, makes you look dumb and hypercritical

Aside from the minor gripe above, say what you want because I’m here to stay- none of you know me personally so nothing negative you say matters or ever will

"I’d rather be hated for who I am then be loved for what I’m not" - some random dildo


Chanel SS 2015 

With all the talk on feminism in recent days (see: Emma Watson’s UN speech and Beyonce’s MTV performance), it was hard to ignore the statement that Karl Lagerfeld was trying to make with his latest Chanel SS 2015 Presentation in Paris. Models trooped down the runway in outfits that were both loud and proud, subtle and functional. Altogether, everything a girl might need in a powerful working woman’s closet. 

The feminist protest on ‘Boulevard Chanel’ served a fitting finale for a collection that showcased both femininity and strength. As a feminist myself, the quote by Coco Chanel on my blog rang especially true after the show: “A fashion that does not reach the streets, is not fashion.” Fashion quite literally took to the streets at Chanel with the protest to “make fashion, not war.” Hear ye, hear ye! 

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What was your first ship?


Volcanoes seem to be a common topic these days. Yesterday Nautilus published a great piece by Aatish Bhatia on the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, which tore the island apart and unleashed a sound so loud it was heard more than 4800 km away:

The British ship Norham Castle was 40 miles from Krakatoa at the time of the explosion. The ship’s captain wrote in his log, “So violent are the explosions that the ear-drums of over half my crew have been shattered. My last thoughts are with my dear wife. I am convinced that the Day of Judgement has come.”

In general, sounds are caused not by the end of the world but by fluctuations in air pressure. A barometer at the Batavia gasworks (100 miles away from Krakatoa) registered the ensuing spike in pressure at over 2.5 inches of mercury1,2. That converts to over 172 decibels of sound pressure, an unimaginably loud noise. To put that in context, if you were operating a jackhammer you’d be subject to about 100 decibels. The human threshold for pain is near 130 decibels, and if you had the misfortune of standing next to a jet engine, you’d experience a 150 decibel sound. (A 10 decibel increase is perceived by people as sounding roughly twice as loud.) The Krakatoa explosion registered 172 decibels at 100 miles from the source. This is so astonishingly loud, that it’s inching up against the limits of what we mean by “sound.” #

Those are some mindbogglingly enormous numbers. Aatish does a wonderful job of explaining the science behind an explosion whose effects ricocheted through the atmosphere for days afterward. Check out the full article over at Nautilus.  (Image credit: Parker & Coward, via Wikipedia)

In their first class of scare school in Monsters University, Mike and Sully’s teacher writes ‘scare school 101’ on the chalk board. With the ‘101’ written like the abbreviation for laugh out loud, ‘lol’ could be intentional to point at the fact that laughter fills up the yellow scare-meters much quicker than screams.

Trying to destigmatize feminism by rendering it entirely toothless and turning it into a soft option by throwing angry women, lesbians, protest activists under the bus is shitty and counter-productive

Stop trying to make feminism palatable to the masses by attempting to reassure people that feminists “are totes not angry hairy bitches who are soooo unreasonable and violent! Feminists love lipstick too! We just wanna get paid a little bit more pwetty please uwu” and won’t picket or scream or be loud and those who do are like, totally crazy and not ~real~ feminists. Yes, yes they are.

That kind of rhetoric isn’t gonna get us far. Sure, we need polished and digestible feminists who make lovely speeches at the UN and feminists who love baking and makeup and have pink blogs about how they’re shaving for women and that’s cool, it absolutely has its place, but so does protesting, angry feminists, women who hate men, women who are loud and angry and express those feelings, women who picket and fight and who aren’t going to say please anymore. Stop throwing those women under the bus in your rush to reassure the masses that feminists aren’t angry bra burners - some of us ARE. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll remind y’all that nobody ever got their owed rights in this world by asking. Battles are won because they are fought.


Music is loud but I love this song.

i once had a customer that called me a bitch, and her expression was one of anticipation, as though she were sure i would start bawling my eyes out.

i raised my eyebrow and informed her. “i’m 5 generation bitch on both sides of my family. people that are my blood kin have called me worse.. try again.” and went right back to work, checking her out.

the customer behind her had to cover their mouth they gasped so loud.

it was a good day